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Ascended Armor is Upon Us

Check out this great post showcasing the different options you have for crafting ascended armor. You can make quite a bit of gold right now crafting! So get leveled up fast if you haven't already and start printing gold for yourself.

I you'd like to speculate... take a look at the following items, all of which I definitely called on the forums or this blog in the past!

Bolt of Damask
Silk Scrap
Glob of Ectoplasm (buy orders on the rise)
Wool Scrap
Linen Scrap
Cotton Scrap
Mithril Ore
Copper Ore
Unidentified Dye - This will continue to rise in price as long as ArenaNet continues to add new dyes and new content. It's a staple and a great indicator of the economy.
Elonian Wine
Pristine Toxic Spore Sample


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    Great article.

    Hey I have tried sending you a few emails by replying to your newsletter, but I have not gotten any responses. What's the best email address to email you at?

  1. Markco said...:

    Sorry I was away for a few days over the holidays. Trying my best to work through the emails now and get a post up as well... I always respond though, even if it takes me a week.

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