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Buy Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm Immediately

Remember when I told everyone to buy silk scraps? Well today will be another "Buy Immediately" post, and the clock is ticking even faster this time. In my sights are two already expensive items known as Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm. These are currently rising from the Gossamer Explosion and speculation for Ascended crafting. They truly have nowhere to go but up.

Let me remind you that the Ascended Weapons and Armor Crafting is probably the most anticipated patch since the release of Guild Wars 2. Every item in the game will be effected, and getting on board now before prices naturally rise during the Christmas holiday may be your last chance. Do NOT miss out on the three items most likely to explode after the Ascended Crafting patch: Gossamer, Globs of Ectoplasm, and Piles of Crystalline Dust. Speculators are currently bringing up the value of these items on their own, but imagine how much further prices will spike when millions of players purchase them.

Check out Ascended Weapon Crafting. The inscriptions cost 10 Piles of Crystalline Dust and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm each.

In just one week Ectoplasms have risen 7 silver and Piles of Crystalline Dust by 3 silver. If you look at percentages, that's an increase of 23% for Ectoplasms and 19% for Piles of Crystalline Dust. You only need a 15% increase to make a profit, and if you bought one week ago then you're already in the green. As I said already, these truly have nowhere to go but up, as they are still being used in game for other purposes while we wait for Ascended crafting.

If you aren't rich enough to invest in these two markets, then maybe glance over at the items on the right side of this list of orichalcum inscriptions; Karka shells, viscous claws, ancient bones, elaborate totems, armored scales, powerful venom sacs, passion flowers and viscous fangs.

You can also try grabbing the orichalcum inscriptions themselves, just as I did with Gossamer Insignias when I saw the price of scraps increasing. You will likely see less profit than with the Gossamer Insignias, which have already doubled in value after a few days. I'd expect the orichalcum inscriptions to increase by 25-50% over time.


  1. youkai said...:

    Ehi Markco, what do you think about Orichalcum ore? Should we buy a good amount of it?

  1. Markco said...:

    I already have, and you might be taking a risk buying it now. You would need the price to go up a good 2 silver to make anything from it. If you're going to risk it, maybe don't spend more than a few gold on it.

  1. youkai said...:

    Thanks for the answer.
    Luckily I bought 2000 of them when the price was still around 5,5s for each ore, looks like I'll focus on the material you mentioned instead.

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