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Can You Track How Many Items Sold

No, you cannot. I've received a decent number of emails from the newer members of this blog (traffic has doubled in the past few weeks) regarding this topic. In order to save time, I decided to put the answer on the front page.

Why would we like to see the volume of items sold? Well, for starters, we could use this statistic to see if the reason listings were disappearing was due to sales or cancellations.

Predicting trends (and justifying those predictions with these kinds of stats) is the hardest part about playing the Guild Wars 2 economy. Knowing that a price is low now but will go up soon is key to every strategy I use.

Even something like utilizing the mystic forge or crafting requires the ability to predict when materials will be low and the created items will be high.

Unfortunately, the number of actually sold items is not a statistic we can track.

You can, however, track your own sales, strategies, links, etc in the new "My Journal" area of the Secret Forum. Check it out!


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