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Discarded Garment Going Up Up Up!

Remember my post on Gossamer Scraps exploding and how I recommended buying Discarded Garments, among other items? Well now you can profit from salvaging those garments! Just look at the following salvage math with the values as they stand today on the Trading Post:

Initial Cost

250 * 2 Silver 50 Copper = 6 Gold 25 Silver

Salvaging Results

393 Silk Scraps * 1.79 = 7 gold 3 Silver 47 Copper
22 Gossamer Scraps * 2.23 = 49 Silver 6 Copper

Total Salvaging Results

7 Gold 52 Silver 53 Copper

Take the Fees

* .85 6 Gold 39 Silver 65 Copper

Profit = 13 Silver 35 Copper

But wait... I didn't buy these garments for 2 silver 50 copper, but rather, for 62 copper! I made a hell of a lot more than 13 silver ;)

Keep an eye on these items, and consider investing in them as long as silk scraps continue to rise. Since each salvage turns into around 1.5 silk scraps, that's the value you want to place on these discarded garments.

Learn the lesson of this post... when items are rising, always pay attention to related ones, such as things you can salvage to obtain the item.


  1. BarGamer said...:

    Does this apply to Heavy Bags as well?

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