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From 0 to 2500 Gold in 5 Months

The following email will highlight the exact posts this person used to go from 0 to 2500 gold in just 5 months. You can see how his thought process changed and how he applied these concepts to steadily increase the amount of gold being made for time invested.

"Hey Chris,

I used your site's tips to go from literally less than 1 gold to over 2500 in 5 months of trading.  I've been playing since release and loved GW2.  It took me around 9 months just to buy my T3 cultural + craft to 400 + outfit my main in exotics.  I wanted to play the TP but I was too scared without guidance, convinced that I didn't have it in me to actually succeed.

When I found your site, I didn't think it could be that easy, but I decided to trust your instincts.  I wasn't disappointed.  Just about every item you've called on your website ended up with huge gains.  For example, karka shells were practically minting coin for the last 5-6 months.  I never got greedy and never made buy orders that I wasn't afraid to take a 50% hit on.  However, with the tips you've given on trading, crafting, supply and demand, I was able to get a good feel on 95%+ of the items I bought and sold.  Way back in May, karka shells were dropping like candy; it was a piece of cake buying up a bunch of them and waiting for a few weeks after the madness died down.  I was making double my money back on karka shells alone for several weeks.  The biggest mistake people make is getting too greedy.  Early on I made myself some hard and fast rules about where I wanted to exit in materials.  For example, if I bought full venom sacs at 75 copper, I'd settle for selling at 1 silver 25 copper.  I never got too greedy because I was burned before on a few investments before I actually thought about the demand for the items.

One of the more influential posts you made was regarding those who level alts and want to gear up as fast as possible.  That advice alone made me branch out of the crafting materials trade and into player needs.  I made a killing off low level greens, yellows, foods and armor.  It also gave me valuable experience.  Before that post, I figured that everyone that was still playing the game was either level 80 or simply craft-leveling their toons to 80.  That post opened my eyes and I was enjoying great returns for a long time, far longer than I thought would be possible.  I still trade low level greens/yellows because they are a great, reliable source of money.

Finally, the thing that really drove up my holdings was the advice to try the exotics market.  You can easily find 15-20 items that have at least a 2 gold return on them.  Now, I can put in less than 20 buy orders, have 50% of them filled in 24 hours and sell them right away for 15-20 gold returns a night, essentially risk free.  Your gains will cover your losses if you ever have any.

All in all, you made me go from rags to riches in a couple months and now I have more money (and still making more money everyday) than I know what to do with.

Given enough time, I hope that all of you will share a similar experience to Omar. Makes writing this blog so worth it!


  1. I'm still so damn nervous to start though.

    Great blog!

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