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There are a number of helpful websites and posts out there besides the ones on this blog, so I'd like to take a moment today to share three of my favorite gold making links. Research is key to making gold in this game, so be sure to spread your knowledge base beyond this blog. Just remember to come back afterwards ;)

1. PwnInversity Guild Wars 2 Guides
A collection of several different guides for making gold in Guild Wars 2. I especially enjoyed the crafting leveling tips! Solid advice that includes discoveries and everything you need to level quickly for cheap. Part of making gold is saving gold after all.

2. Reddit's Moderately Awesome Guide to Make Money
Good collection of tips. The most useful article is probably the Mystic Forge "Dailies" one.

3. Guild Mag
Every week they come out with tips and articles for all aspects of Guild Wars 2. I tend to browse through it for videos, podcasts, and articles like the ones you find on this blog.


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