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Gossamer Exploding: What it Means for You

As predicted on our Secret Forums many moons ago, Gossamer has exploded. You're probably wondering, has your chance to make gold from this shift in the marketplace expired?

No, it has not. Read on to find out how you can make gold from the Gossamer explosion!

By the way... Silk Scraps just exploded... who told you to buy those Nov 18th? Yup, that was me ;) Time to sell a few thousand for almost 4x my investment!

0. Flipping

Obviously you could just flip Gossamer; buying it now with buy orders and waiting until the price settles over the next couple of weeks to list again. But wouldn't you like to think outside the box with a few more methods since you missed the initial explosion in price?

1. Opening Bags

Bag of Stolen Goods - For 3 silver buy order this is profitable to just open and hope for gossamer scraps.

Heavy Bags - Any "heavy" bag can contain gossamer. Shop around for the best buy orders! (search for container, "heavy", common quality).

2. Salvage for Profit
Salvage the following two items for easy profits. Know that a single gossamer pays for 6 rags/discarded garments!
  • Discarded Garment
  • Rag

3. Gossamer Insignias

I picked up a ton of these bad boys last night and am excited to make an absolute killing on them in the near future. As gossamer scraps rise, so too will the items made from them.

4. Bolts

Don't just place buy orders on the Gossamer Scraps themselves, as the bolts will also go up in price. If you pay attention to the price while the scraps go up, you'll notice that bolts are cheaper (with buy orders) than two scraps! Since every two scraps equals one bolt, this is a steal! I was able to buy bolts at 14 silver when the scraps were 8 silver.

5. Mystic Forge

250 Silk + 5 Crystalline Dust + 5 Philosopher Stones = 16 Gossamer Scraps
92 Silver + 5 Philosopher Stones  < 128 Silver

(I've noticed that Crystalline Dust suddenly rose along with Gossamer Scraps... I wonder why?)

6. Panels and Linings

Just another way to diversify your flips. Pick up gossamer panels and linings used to create armor while leveling the tailoring discipline.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Don't take this offensively, but weren't you recommending back in October to sell any Gossamer Scraps you had? I believe it was around 6.5s, + or -, per scrap at the time?

  1. Markco said...:

    Yes, and then they dropped back down so I recommended buying in November.

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