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Great Winter Flips You Must Try Right Now

I talked about this secret search criteria for flipping right now on the forums. It's so simple you'll be face palming yourself for not thinking of it! I made around 2 gold from it in the time I spent writing this post!

Small, Medium and Large Wintersday Gifts (but not Giant)

These are pretty straight forward flips, but you're not going to want to try 250 buy orders. It's just too competitive and I preferred going with 5 at a time of each.

Pristine Toxic Spore Sample

What happened here? It's STILL rising!

"Giver's" Weapons and Armor

Only flip one item at a time, but still worth it in the long run. Most profitable flips will net you around 2-3x your investment. Use varied search criteria for the best results, instead of just searching for "Giver's" alone.

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