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Lost 19 Gold and Loving It

Dave wrote me an interesting email...

"Hi Chris, first I would like to thank you for the info on the Trading Post. I started out with 23 gold , am down to 4 gold now. Don't get me wrong , am making money . The other day I logged on and had 5 gold waiting for me . ( an other 6 gold today )I just lost track of how much gold I have spent and how much I got back ,and how much I have coming to me. I seem to be hooked on this. Couple questions if you don't mind. How can any of my other toons use the TP now for let's say to pick up food buffs . Is there a way to pick up one item from the list at the TP.( I only see a take all button ). Should I wait until every I bought is sold , or is it better to reinvest? Is it better to flip lower level items or as you make money flip higher level items that are worth more money.


Basically, he's taking in a lot of gold but quickly spending it (probably most of his earnings are sitting as investments that haven't sold yet). Sorry Dave, you cannot "Take One" from the Trading Post. You can, however, use your bank to hold items between characters.

Regarding the flipping question, you should never lose track of your most profitable markets. If flipping a few hundred cheap items is working for you then don't give up that strategy for the sake of discovering a new, more expensive, investment. Instead, try to split your time between stuff you know works and things you haven't tried yet. I cannot say that one is better than the other because I know people who only flip expensive items and others who solely flip for a copper profit per sale.

I believe that the more you experiment (sounds like you're enjoying the process) then the better you will be able to answer these questions for yourself. A lot is pending on the play style that you settle on and how frequently you can explore the trading post.

Thank you Dave and everyone else who purchased forum access last week for Cyber Monday (that ended up becoming Cyber Tuesday and Wednesday due to technical issues switching the price back). Over 100 people joined the secret forum during that 72 hour period! The discussion, especially with regards to Ascended Crafting, has been phenomenal, and it's nice to see a few of the wiser folks from months past getting back into the game. Here's to a profitable patch!


  1. Unknown said...:

    I haven't kept track of how much I make other than the fact that I know I made money.

    That said, this site has been amazing. Not so much for the items, but the strategy that Chris lays out. I was able to go from essentially broke after buying my T3 cultural + exotics to well over 2500 gold today. I was literally flipping 50 weak blood at a time because I didn't have enough money otherwise. That slowly grew until I checked last week that I had over 2000 gold in the bank with ~500 gold worth of items still listed on the TP.

  1. Markco said...:

    Great story! Could you email me a little more info, maybe some tips you have for people who want to do something similar? Terrific job, better than 99% of players for sure.

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