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Market Flood Watch: Hardened Leather Sections

I received a note from a reader of this blog about Hardened Leather Sections and how their sell listings have quintupled since the holidays began. I find this very interesting, and agree with the reader that this is an excellent time to buy.

Do not, I repeat, do not buy these if you want to make gold today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month. It could take months for these to recover. But mark my words, they will recover.

For now, buy a few stacks and sit on them to see what happens. If you notice sell listings starting to drop or buy orders going up, buy more in preparation for a spike.

I know that the following screenshot is hard to read, but the point is to look at how the price (green/orange colored lines) dropped heavily as soon as the sell listings (blue bars) started rising. You'll also see that the buy orders (red bars) did not alter enough to counter the increase in supply. So you have the same demand with much more supply making the price tank to unthinkable levels.

Expect prices to start recovering after the holidays, and I predict that they will do very well over the summer when more people return to the game.


  1. Tom Conijn said...:

    Do you think we should buy the leather sections now. because the price already doubled since yesterday?

  1. Tom Conijn said...:

    What do you think about the current prices of the leather? They went up from 30 copper to 68 copper do you think it is still worth to buy them?

  1. Markco said...:

    I didn't think it would go up so fast! Could be speculators... I am away from my computer for the day so I cannot give analysis sorry!

  1. That was great advice. Especially with all the speculators, reading your blog. Bough about 4k of hardened leather section for 33 copper, next day sold everything for about 60 copper each.
    Today price went back to norm, and I'm able to buy them again, this time I can wait longer, because I earned my share already ;)

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