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Silly Speculators; I Buy Your Gossamer Scraps

Markets are down across the board except for a handful of items (like pristine toxic spores and these two not surprising items!). This is not a time to panic, it's another opportunity to buy.

Gossamer is the hardest commodity to come by of its tier. Think about it... how many ways do you know of getting Gossamer? If you read my previous post, then you already know.

Why is the price of Gossamer tanking? Because speculators want money now. Not a week from now, not a month, but right now. We've seen this before with several different markets, including Karka Shells, Tier1-5 Materials, and now Gossamer.

I know this advice is going to sound like white noise, but the same reason people can't make gold in Guild Wars 2 also explains why they sell their Gossamer Scraps the moment they see the opportunity to; they want their gold immediately.

Instant gratification in students is the hardest hurdle for me to overcome as a teacher in every game economy I've written guides for.

Numerous people email me daily and I want to bring it up today on the blog when we have such a great teaching tool in Gossamer Scraps. Now is actually the time to buy Gossamer Scraps, yet everyone is selling them. Silly speculators! I buy your Gossamer Scraps!

When you try to flip an item, how many times have you bought it and then waited numerous days to watch and see where the price ended up? Well you should start doing that. Maybe only sell some of the items you bought, keep track of what you originally paid, and look for opportunities to make way more profit. In many cases with fast selling items, you can get back 30% of your investment waiting instead of just immediately flipping.

Patience people. I know you want gold today, but knowledge is a lot better for you. Go play a few markets by purchasing buy orders, winning the item, and then practicing your patience. Like I said, just sell a few each day and see if the price changes significantly over time. It could go up or down, but you should learn from this! Prices in this game are so fluid, I can't possibly give you a straight up guide for types of items; I'd literally have to give you charts for each one. So go out there and start experimenting instead of trying to instantly get your cash.

Buy Gossamer Scraps, sit on them, and reap the benefits. Also buy Pristine Toxic Spores, they are exploding. I bought them last week and sat on them watching the price go up and down. I felt confident that I had the hang of things until this patch threw all my numbers out of whack. But because I was patient, now I have the unexpected benefit of doubling my money on them.

Hardened Leather Sections could be a great sleeper play as well. They've dropped significantly in price during this patch.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    hi Chris, I'm stocking up on the Gossamer scraps, and was wondering what the appropriate price range to buy order them. I got a little bit over 1k of them stocked up, which I bought for around 4s3c each, is that an alright price? How far do you the price for them would go up to? Thanks a lot!

  1. Markco said...:

    I don't like to give a price range to buy and sell because things change rapidly in this game.

    Part of the reason they tanked is speculators, but what if bots found a way recently to farm them up when they noticed an increase in their demand? Could be a lot of factors at play here, but all I know is they will likely get higher so I invest!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Though they are most likely not making any profit but losing tons of money selling their gossamer. Only if they stocked up their gossamer since september, they still make profit( or if they farmed it all). Anyway for Gossamer Scraps the number of people selling them are higher than ever. Which either means, that bots are back, or a big part of the population just dumped their whole bank and will need some mats really soon, if they want to craft stuff.

  1. Markco i wanted to ask for your opinion on Bolt of Damask ,it's quite high at the moment,would it be reasonable to say the price for it will drop?

  1. Unknown said...:

    Bolts of Damask are definitely going to come down. They'll be similar to Deldrimor/Spiritwood materials where you pay a small premium (50silver to 1 gold) because it's time-gated. Right now, the demand is crazy high because there's only been a few days worth of materials out there. Within a month, those prices will stabilize to reasonable levels.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey Markco, I've also invested in gossamer a long time ago and have about a bank tab and a half worth of stacks. I've been trying to figure out the best time to start leaking it slowly back into the TP and it seems that the supply of gossamer is not dropping by much. How long do you think it will take for the supply to start decreasing and demand to spike slightly? Just looking for your opinion ^.^

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