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Tripled My Gold in One Day

"Hi Markco,

Your blog is so awesome. Yesterday I was able to increase my wealth from 10 to 30 gold over a single day! I've been following your blog since I heard you on the MMO Reporter Guild Wars Reporter Podcast. Your tips on the flipping the blue-quality dye market, and mystic forging the masterwork runes were the most helpful. I've been seeing an anywhere between 20 to 100% profits per stack of runes depending on how lucky I am. Of course, I am not relying solely on those markets - I found 2 that I am pretty comfortable in and am slowly expanding to some food markets in crafting.

With about 600 more gold to go for my legendary Quip, I'm sure I can get it by the end of January (just the precursor and t6 materials left).

Thanks again and thanks even more as I continue to read through your blog posts!
- Sentinel"

I'd like to thank Sentinel publicly for once again bringing up that awesome podcast. I know it says Fractals on it, but the podcast was really about every aspect of making gold I could cram into the time I had with MMO Reporter's Guild Wars 2 team. They were kind enough to let me take over the vast majority of the podcast to get as much information as I could in front of your ears. So do me a favor and don't let that advice go to waste!


  1. sentinelark said...:

    Hi again,

    Just wanted to update what has been going on since I sent that email. The following days I made about 20 gold (not counting ongoing investments) per day. With minor runes, I kept the soulbound on acquire ones and forged those for a chance at superiors. On my 6th try with those, I ended up with a Superior Rune of Divinity! Just yesterday, I reached 130 gold (the highest I had since saving for Icy Runestones) and splurged it on my Engineer for 20-slot bags, new equipment, and transmog crystals - going down to 50. Though, this morning I ended up with having 106 gold from all the markets I've been playing in.

    Just don't do what I did and have buy orders for over 90 different dyes and 3k minor runes. It's a bit too much.

    The podcast is amazing. The hosts are very casual players and I am able to relate to them very well.

    At this point, I'm satisfied with how much gold I've been making and will take things slower - enjoying Wintersday and the holidays.

    Thanks again Markco for your tips and wisdom!

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