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Turbulent Economy Shifts Further

Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm are linked in the Guild Wars 2 economy since one can be salvaged into the other. I watched both rising last night and I honestly was not 100% sure whether it was due to mystic forging silk scraps into gossamer scraps or the need for Ectoplasms in Ascended crafting. Regardless of why they are rising, the fact is that they are, and will probably continue to do so. I think buying both of these right now and hanging on to them for a little bit is a good play.

Gossamer Insignias are a seriously underrated market right now, as the prices have only gone up by around a gold since gossamer started exploding. I can't imagine that things will remain stagnant over the weekend when more people buy these. Keep in mind that they are still profitable even now in most cases for flipping. The cheaper you get in the more you'll make when prices rise.

Yesterday I made a post about making gold from the Gossamer Explosion, but I didn't mean making gold today. Although with a few of the strategies you could have. I was instead hoping that you would hang on to your purchases for a bit while waiting for markets to continue to evolve. Realize short gains now or hang on to your hats for big profits later.

Try to learn from how I showed various connections in the game, as other players will always make those links into profitable strategies. Once the profit is dried up and the markets "correct" themselves, watch out because then your window of opportunity could close completely.

The globs of ectoplasm and piles of crystalline dust are expensive items with the potential for large gains, so if you're tired of putting your gold down on thousands of cheap buy orders (like I told you to do with silk scraps), then maybe these two roller coaster markets are more worthy of your time.

Gold is also continuing to increase, and really hasn't stopped since the update-every-two-week strategy was implemented by ArenaNet. I predict that things will get a little out of hand during Christmas, even to the tune of 10+ gold for gems. If you buy in now then you can actually turn a profit once my hunch turns true. Even if it doesn't happen right away, ArenaNet is working hard to continuously increase the value of gems, so it should occur eventually. Remember, gems have a 36% cut on profits, so you need to sell at 10 gold if you bought at 6 gold 39 silver to turn a profit.

Last market, since there are just so many that I could sit here and type all day. Mithril Ore appeared to be making a slow move into profitable flipping ranges yesterday. Which makes me think that the price is going to rise even further over the course of the weekend. Instead of 27 copper buy order and 28 copper sell listing, Mithril was up to 27 copper buy and 32 copper sell. I placed buy orders at 28 copper and am waiting to see if things continue in this upward direction.


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