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What Happened to Silk Scraps? Buy Thick Leather Sections

I'm going to take you through the GW2Spidy version of what happened to Silk Scraps. This will hopefully show you how to interpret diagrams from GW2Spidy as well as get on board the next speculative item before it's too late.

In this picture I have selected to show the Sell Listings Volume (Blue), Buy Listings Volume (Red), Sell Listings Raw Data (Green), and Buy Listings Raw Data (Orange).

Think of the Blue as supply and the Red as demand. As supply dropped, you could see demand rising slightly. Just look at December 13th to 16th. As supply dropped and demand rose, the price (combination of green and orange lines) rose sharply.

If at any point you see a diagram where the blue lines sharply begin to decrease, as is the case with Dec 13th to 15th, then you can predict such an increase in price. In fact, if you were watching this market then you would have known to immediately buy like crazy those first few days, even though the price did not go up at all.

How did I know to tell everyone to start buying these? A month ago the same thing happened, though not as much, and I thought that maybe things were about to spike. Then sell orders recovered so I was technically wrong about buying silk scraps back when I first recommended them. If you stuck things out and waited for the next drop in supply then good for you!

Thick Leather Sections are next... over 8 million have been sold in the past week and now the price wall of 9 copper has finally been breached!

Hope this helped everyone! Let me know if you have questions.


  1. Aralon said...:

    Thanks for this tip, already bought some before the Ascended Armor patch. I think Thick Leather will go up eventually, just like silk did. And if it doesn't you can always sell back at 13c and make no loss :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just gonna ask here since I'm not sure where to email you.. is there going to be another Monday cyber deal or something like that? Especially around Christmas?

  1. Dorian said...:

    i think prices of scraps are determined by the quantity of silk bolts needed to craft spool of silk weaving thread. ppl just smell the business and bought hundreds of them. i have a guildmate who bought 35k of scraps, hoping to make a big profit on that. i'm farming scraps to not enrich speculators who are taking advantage of anet shitz, if they had made ​​necessary only 50 silk bolts and didn't change the number of silk scraps needed for it, this wouldn't happen. moreover, armorsmith and leatherwork have an advantage on tailor because the needed mats for ascended armor were craftable before the patch. it's like anet hates light armor classes.

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