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Super Box Skin Investing: Great Sword and Beyond


Early on in the month I said that the Superbox skins would be worth far more after the event, and I asked that everyone not sell their entire stockpile of skins. I also predicted that prices would dip at the very end of the month (last two days - ish) due to all the people who wanted the skin having farmed it already or bought it over the past weekend. I wasn't right about that last part, as the skins continue to rise in price, but I was right in telling you to hold on to them.

At the moment, I would recommend selling 1/2 your stock of superbox skins, especially the more popular ones. But hang on to the rest for a big pay off later on down the road. They will only increase in price, just like the halloween skins. But they won't sell as quickly as they can now.  Hence my decision to sell half now and half later, slowly over time.

How you sell them is important. Do not undercut by a copper. Instead, post a healthy 20% lower than the nearest skin. If you were smart and invested early on, then you will be able to post the skins for massive profits even at 1/2 of the current price. The 20% undercut will ensure that you are purchased quickly, and if you go down as low as 50% then other investors will buy you out.

I am likening this market to exotics, the numbers are very similar. Definitely put out some buy orders before the event ends, and see if the price does dip like I thought it would at the very end of the event. I could be wrong, but it's worth at least investigating even after the buzz around these items dies down.

FYI: I have a new strategy that will go live on Friday, and private forum members already have access to it. Might want to join if you've been on the fence about it!

50 Gold, 1 Week, No Pressure


How much gold can you make in a week starting with 50 gold? That's what I'm trying to see as I go about creating new videos for the private forum. While I have a few strategies that I'm going to stick to for simplicity's sake, how much do you think that you could make if you started with 50 gold and worked at it for a week?

Perhaps you can take this challenge with me and see how you do. It's been a lot of fun picking the markets I will try and deciding on how best to utilize not just what I started with, but also the new gold coming in before the week is over.

How would you approach this problem, and what would you do differently than you already do now?

What results would you expect?

Hey, Where's the First Gold Making Strategy?


Playing any game's economy is about how you think, not which strategy you're following to the letter. With how fluid Guild Wars 2 can be, after all this is a multi-million player trading post, you can't just follow a step by step guide to making gold. You need to learn how to think, and that's exactly what I'm trying to teach you here.

So how does one think their way to hundreds or even thousands of gold? Well it starts off by being able to play the simplest markets and moving on from there.

Where can you make a lot of gold without much effort? Low level markets. Particularly armor.

How much can you make? Well, here's your first lesson. It's not about how much you make total, but what percentage you take in for your time spent. So the real question is.... which items can I play that will make me a high percentage back of what I invested in a reasonable amount of time?

Armor will do just that. If I purchase (using buy order, don't forget that!!!) a 20 copper pair of gloves and sell it for 80 copper in two hours, that's a big deal. PS: You will probably never find a 20 silver or 20 gold item worth 80 silver or 80 gold. When you get into the silver and gold trading, it's all about the 5%-20% markets. But to make copper worth even trying, you need to focus on really high profit percentages.

Don't overlook the copper markets, even if you're an awesome trader. For the newer traders who are scared to lose money... focus on these copper markets 100%. Armor is a good spot, vegetables and other trading materials should be your next step.

I'm Losing Gold on the Trading Post


You should almost never be losing gold on the trading post. Here are a few reasons why you are (if you are).

1. You're over-investing.

If you look at your balance and it's unsettlingly low, then it's going to be tempting to cancel a few auctions/bids in order to get back some liquid assets. One reason for getting low on funds is over-investing. Keep things on a smaller scale, especially if you're new to a market. You will lose a lot of money very quickly canceling too often.

2. You are afraid to wait things out.

There's going to be times when undercutters go crazy and you need to cancel in order to make a sale in the next week. But those times are rare, and more often than not, you'll want to just let the market play itself out. There are millions of buyers and sellers, so markets can jump up or down randomly due to unforeseen changes in either number for your item.

3. You post too many at once.

This is a huge problem that I see in emails almost daily. If you buy 250 of an item that only sells 50 per day, then you will really struggle if you post all 250 at once. You're creating a wall of items which other auctioneers will notice and undercut heavily. How do you see how many items sell per day? You can get an estimate using tools like Gold Wars 2.

Doing it Right

So how can you avoid those three mistakes?

1. Invest a small amount into each market you play.

2. Let markets go for at least a few days if things get dicey.

3. Post a small number of auctions each time, and increase the number only if those particular ones sell.

My Spreadsheet is Too Big!


"Hi!  I really enjoy your blog, and you asked for questions/places we're having problems.  Here's mine:
I feel like I spend more time looking things up/updating my spreadsheet than buying/selling or playing the game. I don't have a subscription to any of the trading post sites that ask for them, though several of them allow you a free list to save of your favorites anyway. My big problem is that my buying/selling spreadsheet (simple open office doc) is a mess. I'm not sure how I should set it up - currently I have one line per item per transaction 'group' (i.e., buying a bunch of items), but it's hard to find info I want and some of the data gets obsolete fast.  For my usual purchases/sales it's not too bad, but any time I want to try out something new or diversify, it takes forever to keep the data updated.

Any advice?


My answer:

First off, figure out what data you actually need. What gives you a real edge that makes it worth keeping? You definitely need to reduce how much you track, and you can replace some of the data with sites like gw2spidy.

Second, you probably need to simplify the data you do collect. All I personally write down in my spreadsheet are the name of the market and then two columns to the right: day + profit. That's it. And the profit is a percentage, not a copper/silver/gold value. This allows me to track real progress in markets based on different days.

I used to track the high and lows for the market, but what I quickly learned is that when there was a low profit amount, the market was also usually really low (or the price dropped quickly thereafter when nothing sold due to competition).

But How Do I Flip Armor?


"Hey Markco,

I have not been having much luck with the trading post, armour flipping in particular. One of the things I am not sure about is how you choose which armour items to purchase, and also how many of them to buy. Are lower priced items (below 1 silver) better to invest in than higher value ones such as over 10 silver or a few gold and how can you tell if the item that you are buying is going to make you a good profit, or just not sell at all? Any help on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks, Fraser"
 My answer:

I stick to the low level fine and masterwork items (sub level 30). Anything with attack power or vitality will always sell, but in actuality I haven't found an item that didn't eventually sell. Remember that everything scales in WvWvW, so there is more incentive to buy items with good stats.

I used to place buy orders on the ones that made me a few silver, like 1-2 profit each. I would take whatever I managed to buy (usually buy orders of 5) and sell 1-2 at a time.
Honestly, at this point in the game, I almost don't care what stats they have, I just care about how much I'll make selling them. Definitely look into buying the ones that make you like 20-60 copper because they sell really quick.

Preventing Trading Post Disasters


You can prevent your own economic demise by planning your markets properly. Here are some tips to help you prevent trading post disasters:

1. The markets you focus on need to have small demand with big profit margins or large demand with small profit margins. Here's two great examples. Vegetables sell very fast but with small margins of profit. If you post and are undercut, odds are you will still eventually get bought out. Armor sells slowly but with huge margins. If you get lots of undercuts, then you can cancel and relist for a small loss, but the large profit margin makes up for each undercut.

2. Always purchase with buy orders. There are very few exceptions to this. One of them being buying on Monday and selling on Friday, for a very select few markets. Or like special event items such as the greatsword skin.

3. Play a market by listing only 1-2 items at a time. Judge how fast they sell and then to determine how many more you will post. Some markets you never want to post more than 1 or 2 of the item at a time (like exotics) because canceling takes too much out of your profits.

4. Understand the Trading Post fees. Don't play blind!

5. Diversify. Even when you're testing, try to test a lot of stuff at once. Keep notes too, that always helps.

6. Never take my advice and follow it to the letter. Except right now with this rule. Kind of like the "every rule has a catch" rule.

Where are you stuck currently?


I want to get this week going with some Q&A. Where are you stuck with learning to use the trading post? Are you failing at any of the following strategies:

Mystic Forge
Flipping - Armor vs Vegetables
Basic Flipping Strategy

Even if you have basic questions, I will gladly answer them both on the blog and via email (or live in a post's comment). Feel free to email or comment, and the subject matter for the next few blog posts will be your emails.

Thanks for your questions, hopefully I can give you insightful answers!


I Love Arrow Carts


Now that was a good time! Dealing tons of damage to large groups of enemies, while slowing them at times as well, I had a blast playing with Arrow Carts in WvWvW last night. While I still am new to doing the objectives, I have to admit that this is a very entertaining aspect of the game. Definitely will help to get my attention back to Guild Wars 2 for more than just playing the economy.

Speaking of the economy, how about those Great Sword Skins, huh? What do you believe will happen to their price? I'll go first, then you chime in ;)

There are generally two lines of thought:

1. The price will decrease and then explode at the end of the event, due to players trying to get the skin on their own while the event is still live, then giving up and buying it themselves after you can no longer get the chests.

2. The price will balloon now, while the event is popular and people want them before the next big greatsword skin fad. Then when the event ends, nobody will want to buy the skins and the masses will forget until next year.

I believe that #1 is going to happen, but I totally can see why people would pick two or create another scenario.

Either way, I bought a lot of the skins early on in the event, and now I'm holding out for it to end before selling.

The Margin King


Here is a little story about a king and his profits:

I bought 250 pieces of armor with buy orders for 20 copper. I listed all of them for 1 silver 20 copper. 40 sold, but then the undercutters started coming into the picture. So I used my sword and hacked the items off the market, then undercut all those jerks trying to enter into my kingdom! At 99 copper, another 75 of my items sold.

More undercutters came, and I once again had to cancel and relist. At 86 copper, I made all but 62 of my auctions sell. Finally, I beat the last of the undercutters at the 40 copper range.

Cancelling cost me a significant amount of my profit, as it would have been nice to sell all of them for 6 times the initial cost (before fees), but I still managed to sell 250 pieces of armor super fast (3 days).

This was one market, imagine how great this strategy works when you have 20-40 of the same kind of thing going on. Posting can take time initially, especially because all the different items come in jumbled up. Also sucks when you get that error.

Just be careful and don't screw up your margins! Cancelling too much on too many items will reduce your profit down into the negatives. Also, all your markets to recover back up to around where you started!

Where's the Gold in Guild Wars 2?


One of the challenges to making gold in Guild Wars 2 is the lack of reasons to spend it. A lot of the gear you need is obtained through the gameplay itself, instead of from gold acquired while playing the game. This has its advantages and disadvantages: people have more gold to spend, but demand for items is not as great. A large portion of the economy is based on gambling, which is why you don't see the value of gold dropping like a rock. When you do want items, you're often tempted to gamble for them in order to get a deal. Like a legendary, which is really just a skin. Do we need it? No, but when we do want it then a large portion of gold is needed. Since there isn't much use for gold beyond vanity once you hit end game, that's basically all it's used for.

A pattern I'm seeing, especially because I'm focused on three games now (WoW, D3, and GW2), is that leveling items continue to be a backbone for earning gold. Especially when the end game is lacking, then leveling items really shine.

In Guild Wars 2 things are no different. The bulk of my sales are non level 80 items. So if you want to craft something valuable using the quick method I revealed previously on this blog, then perhaps you should focus on the leveling items that are profitable and not the exotics.

Here's another tip: players need excuses to spend their money. When they don't have any, they hoard it knowing that something will come along. When it does, such as a special event or holiday item, then they spend like crazy. Prepare for these events as best you can, and never spend all your gold on the TP so that you have some capital to work with.

Playing Just for the TP


I don't know about anyone else, but I am slowly but surely weening off typical play on Guild Wars 2. I would much rather log on for an hour, play the trading post, and then log off.

I'm not ok with this, however, because playing the game like a normal player is how you learn what's best to sell to that type of person!

Seriously, think about how often you appraise items in game based on how you would have bought them while leveling or at level 80.

I need your help, to get me interested in other aspects of the game. What would you recommend? Are you in this same predicament, or have you ever experienced something similar?

I'm thinking of buying some crazy PvP gear for a bizarre build or something fun like that.

Your help is appreciated!!!

Best Items to Flip by ROI


There are two titans when it comes to flipping for gold: Vegetables and Armor. This dynamic duo are so very different in terms of the style of how you play them, but both have phenomenal ROI (return on investment). I can invest 3 gold into low level armor and get back 8-10 gold reliably, but it can take upwards of 3 days for them all to sell. I also have to relist on occasion if there are too many undercutting players, so that takes a percentage out of the possible profit, but they all still sell eventually. Vegetables, on the other hand, sell very quickly but you only get back a small fraction of what you invested. Often times I am putting up to a silver in per vegetable in order to get back 1 copper a few minutes later on each one.

Both markets play out very differently, but you still end up getting similar returns on your investment in terms of time and cost. Have you tried flipping either of these markets? What was your experience with them?

On the forums I gave a description of how I sell armor in bulk, including cancelling quite frequently due to the large profit margins. If you stick to level 1 - 35 armor of all types (not just the best quality available per level) you will find insanely profitable flipping margins. This enables you to do the cancelling I have described, even if you're cancelling a full stack of 250 items! Vegetables basically follow the same principle as armor, but you do not cancel them at all. You must wait for them to sell, but usually they move so quickly (assuming that you go for the minimum amount of profit) that it doesn't matter. Grapes, for example, are a great way to get 1-5 copper back in a few minutes per grape, especially during peak play times on fridays and the bulk of the weekend.

So, have you tried armor or vegetables? I view them as the best ROI in Guild Wars 2 at the moment, and I'm sure you will as well if you give them a try.

Become a Master Craftsman in Guild Wars 2


No crafting recipes are profitable right? Wrong. You can use Guild Wars Trade to find profitable crafting recipes as of like 15 minutes ago. Then you look at Guild Wars 2 Wiki to see what materials are required for the recipe (or you look it up in game on your character). Last, but not least, you look up each material on Guild Wars 2 Spidy to see when their prices tend to go up/down.

Purchase the items you looked up on Guild Wars 2 Spidy with buy orders when you expect them to be cheaper. Place the buy orders a little before that time so you're first in line to receive them.

Craft your items later in the week, or next week, for a huge discount compared to what Guild Wars Trade initially told you.

Rinse, repeat, make it a system.

End of Tutorial. You are now a master craftsman in Guild Wars 2.

Guaranteed Gold in GW2


Every game I play and teach people about, I try to discover or create methods that will work every single time. These aren't usually the best methods, but they work so consistently that it helps to build confidence from a skeptical student. Once their confidence has peaked, then they are usually willing to stomach potential losses from more risky (and rewarding) strategies. In this video, I discuss one surefire way to make gold in Diablo 3, Guild Wars 2, and WoW. I also explain why players need to utilize these strategies, even if they think they already know what they are doing. Enjoy!

Salvaging For Jute Scraps


I place buy orders on level 12 Precise Country Gloves and Precise Country Boots. They have a 17 copper and 18 copper minimum buy order but nobody seems to be placing orders right now so I got 100 of them for that minimum price.

The Jute scraps I received (1-3 per salvage attempt) could be combined into Blots of Jute in order to make 1 copper more per two jute scraps. I also buy my basic salvage kits for Karma, so I don't count the cost (it's a fraction of a copper if you consider that Karma can become money in different ways).

There you have it, one more solid strategy for new and old players alike. I averaged something like 1.5 scraps per salvage, so times 100 = 150 cloth. Combining into bolts gave me 35 copper instead of 34 copper per two scraps. That's 75 x 35 = 2 silver 63 copper when all is sold (in like 5 seconds). Initial cost was 1 silver 75 copper, so 88 copper profit before fees. After fees is 49 copper.

WOAH, what a crappy strategy huh? Actually, that 49 copper is 28% profit from original investment. That's not an easy thing to accomplish, especially with something as repeatable as this. See if you can't find other items to salvage for a profit. HINT: It's usually the cloth from light armor that works with this method!

ANOTHER BIG HINT: Try going down a few levels to find other items that can be salvaged for a profit. One of them is vital country gloves. I've said too much!

Learning to Play the Trading Post


I walked someone through a super secret strategy of mine, one which I have not shown anyone yet. I did that on purpose because I wanted him to have as little competition as possible with bigger trading post players. The mistakes he made taught me a few things about the way I teach players to flip items. In this case it was a specific level range and quality of armor that few flip (I know because the buy orders are non existent besides mine but they sell reliably every time).

For armor (and weapons), you can't just throw a 250 buy order up without any idea of what you're doing. While this is what I do once I really know my market (and I cancel it to create a new one if too many buy orders overcut me) it is not what I recommend that new players do.

When I told this person to try this new market, which consisted of around two dozen items, he picked one and placed 36 buy orders on that piece of armor. This is NOT what you want to do (btw I am not making fun of the person I was helping, they needed help and I think you can learn from their mistakes). Instead, put 3-5 by orders on every item in the entire category, assuming that every one is still profitable.

Profit = (.85 * sell price) - buy order.

For those that are flipping in the smaller profit range, don't forget to subtract 1 copper from the sell price and add one copper to the buy order if it's going to be close. You are going to overcut and undercut in most cases, so you better factor that in to the equation!

It costs nothing to cancel a buy order, so come back in an hour and cancel any that didn't get fulfilled. Recreate your buy orders for every item, and then go to selling. When you sell, don't list everything at once. List 1-2 of each item.

Be realistic about how much you're going to make from this method. It takes a good bit of time, but I literally am able to double my investment. When you get good at it, you'll play less markets but with much larger buy orders. I currently put out 5 sets of 250 buy orders where the items cost me 2-3 silver each. I then turn around and sell those items in large stacks for 6-10 silver each. I'm talking per item, so that's a profit of around 6 gold 87 silver 50 copper for those 5 markets. I cancel buy order AND sell listings where necessary because I know I can take the profit hit if people get too competitive with my orders.

You also need a very large amount of bag space while doing this, as it takes time to grab all the items and relist them (they don't stack).

For a novice player who just wants some starter cash, this works great. Especially in the 5 silver to 10 silver profit range. When you get crazy good at it, you can go down to the items that sell for 60-100 copper but only cost 10-20 copper to acquire. Making 5x your investment is killer but you also need to give up the time it takes to play at that level. I'm still testing it out before revealing on the private forums and potentially the blog.

Salvaging Linen Scraps Gold Strategy


Remember the Week of 5 Great Searches? I thought I'd bring back a few more searches this week as well. If you join the forum, then you'll gain access to all the searches before the rest of the internet does.

For today's search, try this screenshot on for size:

Don't forget that the purpose of this strategy is not flipping, but salvaging instead. When you look to purchase items from this search, be sure to select light armor with buy orders (when I looked the buy orders were 1 copper less than sell orders so I just bought them all out) as cheaper or cheaper than a single linen scrap. You will get around 1.5 scraps per salvage, using basic salvage kits.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to use the Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're new at this stuff. Don't be afraid to come back to this strategy in a week or two.

Cotton Scrap Salvage Gold Strategy


Remember the Week of 5 Great Searches? I thought I'd bring back a few more searches this week as well. If you join the forum, then you'll gain access to all the searches before the rest of the internet does.

For today's search, try this screenshot on for size:

Don't forget that the purpose of this strategy is not flipping, but salvaging instead. When you look to purchase items from this search, be sure to select light armor with buy orders as cheaper or cheaper than a single cotton scrap. You will get at least one scrap per salvage, using basic salvage kits, so the additional ones will make you a profit even if you buy armor for the same price as a single cotton scrap.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to use the Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're new at this stuff. Don't be afraid to come back to this strategy in a week or two.

Mighty Seeker Gold Strategy


Remember the Week of 5 Great Searches? I thought I'd bring back a few more searches this week as well. If you join the forum, then you'll gain access to all the searches before the rest of the internet does.

For today's search, try this screenshot on for size:

Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to use the Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're new at this stuff. I would advise only 1-3 buy orders per item, especially since competition is going to get heavy once everyone reads this post. Don't be afraid to come back to this strategy in a week or two.

Half Eaten Gold Strategy


Remember the Week of 5 Great Searches? I thought I'd bring back a few more searches this week as well. If you join the forum, then you'll gain access to all the searches before the rest of the internet does.

For today's search, try this screenshot on for size:

Let me know what you think in the comments, and be sure to use the Guild Wars 2 Gold Guide if you're new at this stuff. I would advise only 1-3 buy orders per item, especially since competition is going to get heavy once everyone reads this post. Don't be afraid to come back to this strategy in a week or two.

Video of Farming 21 Gold in 15 Minutes


As you learn strategies from this blog and start to create your own, I hope that you quickly pick up on the responsibilities you naturally acquire. Excessive use of any one strategy has a negative effect on everyone here as well as your own market. Be sure to think outside the box and use the ideas I deliver to your brain as starting points, not road maps to success.

Tomorrow and the following three days I will be revealing two powerful flipping strategies as well as two crazy salvaging markets. Take those ideas and go off on your own to find similar markets. Spread yourselves out and the impact will be minimum. If you just take what I say and repeat the exact same market, well things aren't guaranteed to go your way, but I guess they never are.

That's why it's important to be able to think on your feet. It's a global economy, and all it takes is one post (from sites similar to this one) and your market is temporarily hosed.

One last point, related to what I just said: a lot of people email me that they went through my archives and found amazingly profitable niches. They were, of course, ruined at the time of my posting, but weeks later the markets returned to normal. Don't forget to go back through the archives from time to time!

Like this strategy, that I just checked in on and made 21 gold in 15 minutes!

Salvage and Flipping Methods Next Week


Next week I will be showcasing four strategies that will make you a much better trading post player. Two flipping and two salvaging methods that earn decent money on their own, but will act as gateway tips leading to bigger markets. (At least I hope they will for you.)

Members of the forum already have access to these methods, so if you want to take advantage (especially the salvaging stuff that I know will get swamped during the weekend) then you should definitely join the private forums here and then check out the speculation section. That's where I post blog strategies early so members can take advantage of them before anyone else.

There's also a bunch of guides I've written/recorded/video taped to keep you occupied between blog posts as well. Don't forget to talk it out with other auctioneers on the trading post, especially with the Super Box Skin Speculation and what not.

Good luck, can't wait to showcase some cool methods next week. Have a great weekend!

Super Adventure Box Skins


A lot of people on our private forums have been arguing about what to do with Super Adventure Box Skins. Super Greatsword Skin is the most expensive one, and my advice for this one as well as all the others is as follows. (If you're not a member of the forum and my complimentary gold guide that goes with being a member... join today!)

Buy them during the last week of the event.

Sell them three months after the event.

I know you want to buy now and hoard for later, but so does every other person who's thinking ahead. The people who want these skins immediately are going to save up for it now and grab it by playing the super adventure. So your buyers are a handful of "super" lazy people right now. In other words, supply is up and demand is way too low. This is going to drive down prices, but that will all change when the event ends (but not before!).

I plan on buying one or two of each skin, then sell them off when they become super rare. If you look at Halloween skins, they are selling for crazy amounts of gold. Partly because they're awesome, but also because they have almost all been bought out. I'm not just looking at the sell orders either, but the buy orders as well for those skins. I remember when they were super cheap. In fact, I wrote a post once about flipping the shoulder skin when it was only a silver.

The fact that these skins are already expensive, despite the fact that I think they're not "super" hard to get at if you dedicate yourself to playing the april fool's event, shows that they are going to be worth a lot more when the supply starts drying up.

What's Wrong With 3 Gold Guide Strategies?


Ricardo writes:
"Hi Markco,

My name is Ricardo and I've been playing GW2 since it launched but with some big stops in between (I didn't play from October to this February for instance).

Now that I returned to the game, I'm even more excited about it, and decided to start making some gold that could buy me some good items that I wanted, but then I really got into it, and now I almost log in just to look at the trading post.

I play with my girlfriend and this is what we've been doing:

First, I thought it was a good idea to buy lots of the cheaper normal dyes (50~70 copper each), and then combining them in the mystic forge. I would spend like 1,70 gold total (50 x 4 dyes), and when lucky, I would sell dyes for 1G or 80 silver (Gold dye for instance). I was obviously attracted to the gambling part, and in a day I noticed it didn't pay of as much as I wanted.

Second, we started placing custom offers for gossamer scraps (1s30c) 250 stacks at once (2 or 3). We wait 1 or 2 days, we collected the scraps, turn them into bolts, and sold them for 3s20c or so each. That made some money.

Third, instead of turning them into bolts and then selling, we use my girlfriend's tailor (400) and made superior runes of the pirate. We just had to buy the platinum doubloons for 40 or so silver. The runes sold for 60 or so, and that made something like 20 gold for her, and 3 or 4 gold for me (I was more into the Cursed Shore farming, so I didn't spend much time in the trading post.

All in all, I think I could be making much more gold than I am now.

So what I want from you is simple, tell me what is wrong with the above.
Questions about GW2: is farming more efficient than making gold on the trading post ?

Thanks for reading."
Nothing is wrong with anything you've tried! That method for gossamer scraps is solid; have you considered additional markets with other tiers of cloth? Have you tried diversifying to more than one item from the same crafting materials?

Also, I think you're trying to muscle your way through making gold. When I trade, I am happy to find flipping markets which earn 5-15% of my investment back consistently (that's the key word). That's only 15 silver max for a 1 gold investment.

While there are methods (like you've discovered) that make money through following a systematic routine, my favorite earner is straight up day trading.
Start with white quality crafting materials and look for items that will earn you 1-10 copper (after fees of course and) after a buy order for one copper more than highest and a sell order with a one copper undercut. That will be far less effort and allow you to adapt when markets dry up.
Keep experimenting and trying new things, but also don't be afraid to look at what you've already done right and try to enhance it. Like that dye method of yours, you can straight up flip the dyes instead of combining them at the forge, mostly to other people who do want to gamble.

Fix GW2 TP Error Attempting to Sell


When you look at the following image, what do you see?

Low priced items, lots of them (obviously). What if I told you that each of these items were purchased for around 1/4 of the price you see currently? You're probably thinking...

Yeah, my thoughts exactly. I'll do you one better, each of those stacks started at 250 as of two days ago. So I've gotten back over 11 gold so far from these four auctions in less than 48 hours. Now you're most likely imagining:

Alas, all is not well in paradise. These four auctions are armor items. While immensely profitable, it took me like two hours to process 1000 pieces of armor into my bags and onto the auction house. Part of what takes so long is the damned error message you get (presumably) from selling too many items too quickly. It says something in big red letters like "Error Attempting to Sell." Gosh this is annoying, and I cannot find a way to get around it. If I sell faster than like 1 auction per 10 seconds, I eventually get that error.

ArenaNet, please make my gold making wishes come true. There are many methods I've found that work great for selling armor/weapons, but they are all limited due to this error. Even after making all the gold, I can't bring myself to doing this strategy more than once every two weeks. I have two solutions, and you get to pick one. Aren't I considerate?

Solution #1. No More Error Attempting to Sell

My guess is that this error message prevents bots from selling too quickly and downing the trading post like they did when the game first came out (yes we all can see through your error messages and know this is what really happened). So if you can't get rid of it, then move on to solution #2. The reason this would solve the problem is because I can only load so many pieces of armor into my bag. So if I stuff 55 items into my bag, I still have another 945 waiting to be posted. And they don't all come in as one item at a time. So I end up with 20 from item x, 15 from item y, 1 from item z, and 19 from item v. It gets a lot worse if there are more items to choose from. So now I have 4 auctions to post, with a good chance that by the fourth selling attempt I see Mr. "Error Attempting to Sell" again.

Solution #2. Allow Armor to Stack

If the armor has no jewelry in it, why not allow it to stack? This would allow me to grab all the auctions I won because it would be 250 x, 250 y , 250 z, and 250 v. That's only 4 bag slots and even better just 4 auctions that need listing. The odds of getting that annoying error are much lower, and most likely I could finish posting in under 20 seconds.

You (Reader) Can Make This a Reality

Please help spread this post everyone! Put it on the main forums for gw2, reddit it, facebook, twitter, hell even google plus. Do whatever you can to get this message across to ArenaNet. If either solution is accepted, then I'm totally revealing some of the best flipping markets in the game (and that means more gold for everyone). Hell, even if they just acknowledge the error I will move these strategies to the main stream.

Over 100 Profitable Flipping Markets


"So my question is, at the moment on Guild Wars 2, how can you take profit of a little amount of money (10 golds max) to earn more money ? And, if possible, to not despair because it is really hard to keep working on money when you have not a lot of time and see that it is not really what you expected.
I hope you'll answer me or even write a post on your blog to share this with everybody.
Thank you !
French (role)player of Guild Wars 2"

Thanks for the email Laurent. I appreciated the part I didn't include, but I felt it was a little too long to keep for the post. My suggestion for you is to look at the following markets and find something that you enjoy. You already seem to know how to make gold with the markets you mentioned (omitted to protect his markets), so you just need a few more ideas to keep chugging along.




Let me know if these help you find new ideas!

Stupid Botters Ruining GW2


"Hi again Markco,

Done a bit of thinking about this. It might just be me still getting the hang of flipping but is there any more info for new traders on how to identify what is selling. For instance when I was getting started I wasted quite a bit of money trying to flip the 30-60 masterwork weapons that have the highest sell price but a tiny buy price. One example being the level 50 Penetrating Krytan Staff of the night. This item is listed at roughly 1g but can be bought for around 26s. To the untrained eye this is quite a margin until they realise it's not being bought at that price.

I'm still struggling to use gw2spidy to identify consistently what's going to sell at roughly what price when you get graphs like the one for the krytan staff above. Perhaps a simple explanation for what all the different figures represent/mean might make it easier for newcomers to interpret the graphs and start finding viable markets worthy of sharing with others on the forum.

Apologies if this is me just being a bit slow.


You're on the right track. I too noticed the crazy profit margin for "of the night" stuff, but have had no luck selling it. So you're not the only one! Generally speaking, you should think twice about flipping something with more than 200% profit after fees. That's just not realistic in 99.99% of cases! Now, I do know of a few armor items that you can buy for a few copper and sell for a few silver, but that is the super rare exception to this rule.

I think it's possible that botters use things like this "Krytan Staff of the Night" to trade gold to each other. That way it's a bunch of small transactions and if some person actually buys it that's not a botter, then they just made some easy gold off them.

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