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Time Management


I received an email two days ago asking for advice on time management in Guild Wars 2. Whenever you think about managing your time, you need to have a goal behind the management. In my case, it's having fun. So I want to experience all of guild wars 2, not just the trading post in order to have fun.

To incorporate fun alongside working the Trading Post, I try to limit the amount of time spent posting, canceling, researching, etc. Between these monotonous tasks, I will go farm (even though it's really not worth it, I will still farm because I find it relaxing) or I will play WvWvW. Those activities are fun to me, and that's why I manage my time on the Trading Post.

The best way to manage your time in any game is to view the non fun activities as necessary breaks in the pace of playing. If all you do is play the trading post in order to make enough gold to buy a sweet set of armor, then you're going to burn yourself out. You'll get the armor and then completely ignore the trading post until you need it again for the next goal. Instead, try to find ways to play both the trading post and the game each night. Set smaller goals and you'll have more fun playing! That's the secret to time management... smaller goals!

Flipping Platinum Ore Secret


Any time you discover an item in the top 10 lists for the trading post that is profitable is a time to celebrate (and take action).

This rare occurrence happened last night, and I told the private forums about it immediately!

Platinum Ore Secret Price
Flipping Platinum Ore

I know the image to the left says 11 copper, but in reality the price was closer to 65 copper at the time!

I placed my Buy Orders for 45 Copper.
I sold the platinum ore for 62 Copper.
Profit after taxes:  Approximately 7.7 Copper each.

I was undercutting the sell order by 1 copper and over-cutting the buy order by 1 copper in order to achieve these results.

Every 30 seconds I would pick up my buy orders and list them for sale. I'm not sure exactly how quickly I was making each gold, but probably every 2 minutes. And I could do other things at the same time, so it was a sweet deal :)

Whenever I went to sell my platinum ore, I would check to see if I was still the lowest seller. As long as it said the lowest seller was my price and there was only 1 seller, then I added to my current listing. Otherwise I undercut myself and the new lister. Things sold so fast it didn't even matter probably, but I wanted to be absolutely sure I kept the money turning over and back into my pocket.

PS: I don't know why platinum ore supply recently dropped, but it is definitely having an effect on the price. Could be an internal change or some very powerful trading post baron making a move. Either way, it's easy gold at the moment.

EDIT: This was supposed to go live YESTERDAY. I had it as a draft by mistake. Sorry everyone!!

Selling Too Many Items At Once


"I feel bad for badgering you for free advice, but I have a question about hard core flipping. I'm flipping about 3 different types of armor light, heavy, and medium, for the 6 types (Coats, hats, gloves, Leggings, boots, pauldrons) and doing about 50  - 100 armors each. I'm not losing to much money as far as I can tell, and not over investing, only putting in about 4 G.

I've been selling them over the course of the week, for whatever price they are at the time of sale, and not taking them down until a week after posting. I haven't really been able to tell the result, but I know that  I am making money, but I still feel I am doing something wrong. Do you have any tips to improve or change my methods.
I also actively track the market, but I trade so many items, I've found it hard on GW2spidy to keep up with it, because I never spend more than 30 C on any one armor.

Good job. But you can post a smaller amount (maybe 25-50) and cancel/relist once per day. Because you are making so much per item, the cancellation fees are a non-issue, especially with smaller stacks of items being cancelled at a time. You aren't going to sell 250 in a night, so why post 250? Obviously you're posting less, but apply my analogy to your situation and reduce how many you're posting each time. Also increase the amount of times you cancel, assuming that your profit margins are large to begin with.

Why New Flame and Frost Dyes Suck


"Hi Markco,

I'm a medium-time reader, first time writer. Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading the strategies and theories more than I enjoy my own trading.

Yesterday I posted a thread to Reddit called "Why aren't the new Flame and Frost dyes in greater demand?"


However, most people just used the thread as a platform to complain about the price of the dyes and the character-based unlock system. As you can see from the post, I was hoping to get opinions on why speculators were not more interested in these, especially as there is a (perhaps risky) chance that these will not be available again. The Unbreakable Choir Bell is in similar supply, and demand has also stayed constant -  and importantly phenomenally higher! - for most of its availability, even though that's an item likely to return next Wintersday.

Even if the dyes looked awful or near-identical, I still would have expected to see more people putting in bids for these. At the current rate, one foolhardy person could control a large percentage of any one of the twelve - but there's no point if there's no demand. I'd love to try, but I'd be ruined if it didn't turn out well.

Do you have any theories on why this market is so quiet?

Kind regards,

Why are these dyes doing terrible?

It's a simple matter of popularity and divided interest. The problem with dyes is that they don't demand a lot of attention. They also only work once and then that person (usually) won't buy the same exact dye ever again. If any one of these dyes had a tremendous amount of popularity amongst the playerbase, then it would spread like wildfire. However, you instead have a collection of "meh" dyes that collectors will buy but not many other players. Maybe this post will help increase demand a little for you, but it's probably a long shot.

Happy Memorial Day


Hi everyone, it's Markco again. I've had a really hectic but fun memorial weekend. Unfortunately, I haven't had any time to play Guild Wars 2 and my lack of posts reflect this fact. I want to thank every person who reads this blog and has served their country overseas or otherwise.

Thank you for your service! I'll be back with posts after the holiday. But here's a quick tip:

Vitality is one of the best stats in the game. However, when players are first starting out they don't put much emphasis on it. BUT, some people play WvWvW, and they know that vitality scales on their gear even if they're level 1. These are the people who do buy low level vitality/toughness equipment.

So if you're currently ignoring certain items because they have vitality and/or toughness, reconsider your decision. They sell just as quickly as the straight power items, even if they aren't selling for as much.

Weapons, on the other hand, tend to sell best if they have things like "force" increasing their damage at lower levels. Giver and half-eaten also sell remarkably well.

How to Read GW2Spidy Charts Correctly (Even Small Children Can Grasp This)


Here's a super easy way to read the graph, sorry small children, I don't mean to insult you!

Click on each of the options (did you know you could click on them?) until only the green and orange lines remain. The ones you grayed out show volume of sales which only tells you how popular the items are. While this is valuable information, for most items it isn't necessary because you already know they are popular from using them yourself frequently. Now, the green line is sell price and the orange line is buy price. These are averages of averages, so you will see values above and below these values. Anytime you notice a gap between the green and orange line, then that was an opportunity to sell.

A consistent but profitable market will have the green line frequently spiking upwards while the orange line remains relatively steady around a certain price. If you see such gaps, then you have found something worth flipping. Provided that the gaps are somewhat frequent.

Problem is, most items don't rise and fall enough to make a profit just from flipping. So you need to improvise in other ways... like salvaging.

I place buy orders on salvage materials (there are multiple items that you can purchase to salvage into the same materials) at the bottom value. Then I purchase crude salvage kits with karma to turn those salvage materials into their respective tier's loot. When I sell, I usually take a very small loss or a huge gain, which averages out to a profit.

Go explore some new markets and see if you can't predict your profits before you even start investing. Don't interpret failure as a deterrence, but instead as a way to learn new lessons.

Trying New Strategies


Someone recently told me that they were having great success flipping unidentified dyes for a profit. This person went from 3 gold to 26 but it took two weeks or some similar length of time. My advice was to start expanding and looking into smaller profit margin items that sell faster, such as crafting materials. HOWEVER, the key to expanding is holding on to what worked.

When an army moves to conquer a new territory, they leave behind some people to guard their homeland. They don't just take all their stuff and abandon their home. Similarly, you should treat old, established gold making methods like the territories of a conquering army. Keep using the old methods while expanding to new ones. That way you will be able to offset losses while experimenting.

I apologize for forgetting who emailed me. I think the name was Luke, but I can't remember. If you email me again then I'll be sure to include your name in the next one.

Beating the Odds - A Tale of Adversity


Small Fraction of My PT Equipment

Last year I was in a car accident that changed my life forever. For six months I did physical therapy. Two steps forward, one step back. That was the pattern of my life. Drive an hour to work, eight hours there, one hour home, physical therapy for an hour, an hour at the gym, and then with barely any energy remaining I would try to pump out some blog posts. It was at the same time the most depressing and important part of my life. This was a form of imprisonment, or at least I thought at first. There were times when I felt giving up and accepting the pain would be a valid alternative to this prison.

But I didn't give up. I got stronger and I won; now I can run three miles no problem without pain. When I started I couldn't even lie down comfortably, let alone walk for a mile. If my back feels tight, then I can take it easy and stretch to relieve it. Every day I do some strengthening and continue my exercises, but I'm not chained to the same number of hours like I used to be.

At this point, you're probably wondering what the hell this has to do with Guild Wars 2. Well, I had very little time when it came to playing any games, and I blogged about several. My trick was to hyper focus on finding strategies that worked consistently without big time investments. Now that I have the time to play more, I can experience the more complicated methods that require a lot of market analysis. It was I who broke the news about low level armor to the community. Black Lion Profit expanded my ideas about flipping crafting materials (I'm not implying that I taught him because he learned it on his own, and did an amazing job explaining advanced flipping on the forums and later on his blog as well). And of course there were the bag opening experiments, mystic forge methods, salvaging ectos, great tp search criteria, and my all time favorite: flipping underwater weapons. That trading post podcast I recorded with the siege crew really did a nice job of summarizing my simplest tips.

All of these methods were learned because my time limits dictated that I should find these methods or fail miserably. So among the many things that I gained from half a year of hardship, were all these interesting strategies I probably would have missed out on or at least not been the first to recognize publicly.

When life gives you lemons, you learn to make lemonade. If you don't do this then you will live an unfulfilled and challenging life. Regardless of how much time you have on the trading post, there is room for you to succeed. Always evolve, always learn, and don't use this website as the only place you go to get tips.

Here are my favorite non-blog sites you can use to get news about this game. You can check my blog roll for the blogs I read if that's what you're looking for too. I have dug down into them to show you the places where I go for news and information.


And of course my all time favorite: The Official XXXX is Spiking Hard Right Now thread on our private forums.

Under Water Weapons


One of my favorite weapons to sell are spear guns, but really you can sell almost any underwater weapon for profit on the trading post. Players end up randomly needing to upgrade underwater weapons while leveling, and they usually need the upgrade because they just got smoked by something underwater. In their frustration, they buy out a really powerful underwater weapon and move on. What's powerful?

  • Mighty
  • of Force

At least at the lower levels, this is what I stick to. For higher levels, I just go with whichever weapons are most profitable.

I will buy a full stack of 250 of these bad boys and slowly sell them throughout the course of a week or possibly even longer. Leaving them up on the trading post and cancelling when I feel like it doesn't take up any of my bag space.

See if you can't find a low level underwater weapon worth selling. And remember, people will randomly buy new underwater weapons at EVERY level of the game, not just the first 10. Also, players will buy weaker weapons than the best version, such as a fine instead of a masterwork, because they are short on gold.

Change How You Think About Gold


There's a lot more to what I blog about than just tips and hints towards making more gold. This blog is literally a fly zapper, attracting people who want instant profits and zapping them with reality. Sure, you can make 40-50 gold per day on the trading post, but only if you put the time into learning and experiencing this game within a game. So I hold out this promise like a bug zapper hangs in a tree. Flies come from all around, attracted to the light, only to be zapped and brought back to a painful reality.

Is my analogy a little extreme? Probably, but the truth is, I would never get your attention if I promised you "solid gold making strategies that take time to learn." People don't want to learn how to think about making gold, they just want to make gold. So I show them methods that work, sometimes based on time (speculation) and others based on small, consistent gains (like flipping crafting materials). These are my bug zappers. They are shiny, promise the world, and ground the people who are flying around looking for impossible "secrets to the trading post."

There are millions of people all playing on the same trading post. If you want to beat the masses, then you can't think like the masses. But the problem is, we all begin as a part of the hive mind. The moronic following of "secrets" in order to earn more gold usually leads to frustration and eventually wasting money on the trading post. So I use the terrible habit that we all begin with, and I zap you. I show you the truth: you can make plenty of gold once you learn how to think differently about the trading post. Understanding leads to insight, and that leads to profit.

Your first lesson: Think like a buyer.

What do they want?
Can you get it to them?
Will you make a profit?

ZAP! Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Blog and Gold Guide.

Calm the Hell Down


Someone spammed this blog with very angry comments claiming that I was trying to scam everyone with the Karka shell post. First of all, people who took my advice on the forums first and then the blog, had the potential to make a decent amount of gold. Obviously they had to buy and then sell their karka shells prior to the patch going live, but I did mention that when I blogged about it.

Several astute comments have mentioned that it might be wise to buy up shells now that they are so low, as this is potentially an over-reaction to the news. We don't know how many shells will be spent by each player and whether market supply will keep up with demand.

Remember my post on Azurite Speculating and how I talked about ways to avoid gambling? Well one person commented that they lost 60% of their gold from the Karka Shells!!! I appreciate your trust, but damn, I warned you all about over-speculating. How much money did I put into Karka Shells? Less than 1% of my total income. Just a few stacks is all.

Oh, btw, Azurite has been a serious money maker. So if you diversified into just Karka Shells and Azurite items you would have done just fine.

So please, complain to me so that I may better my blog, but don't accuse me of intentionally misleading anyone.

I understand that 99.99% of you have been extremely supportive and gracious towards my speculation posting, so this isn't really directed at you (the advice is, but not my complaint). Thank you!

PS: If you need help making gold and are lost, please listen to this podcast!

Podcast with Walk-through/Tutorial on Making Gold

Markco OUT!

Why Post Less Auctions?


Phil had a great comment yesterday, so let's bring it up as a discussion point for today's post.

"Hi Markco!

I have been reading you blog and learning a lot from it for about two weeks now. I have read most past entries and all the new ones that have come out since. I am having fun with the TP and also earned about 80 Gold so far from the 3 Gold I started with two weeks ago.
I am posting this because I am stuck in the exact same spot as the guy who mailed you and I do not quite understand your answer, I think.

How does selling things at a slower pace, bit by bit, accomplish faster profit? If I buy thousands of Grape pie fillings and relist them for a higher selling price they will get sold once all stacks posted before for the same price me are sold. Is it just because I will get undercut more often if I list bigger stacks? I am probably just missing something here.

Keep up the good work!

My response:

Let's say you get undercut by 10 people.

If you posted 10 auctions and they didn't sell, then you have to cancel 10 auctions to repost, right?

Well what happens when you list 250 auctions and 10 people undercut you?

You lose 5% of the cost to list ALL 250 auctions, instead of just 10.

Have any of you found the happy medium where you don't have to cancel a lot of auctions? I've found it to be mostly random, so it's best to avoid over-posting in all categories. Except for crafting materials, which sell so quickly it often doesn't matter.  But even then, 1000 of an item have far less chance to be undercut over the course of a day than 10,000.

Too Much Time, Not Enough Profit


Mike writes...

"Hi there, thanks for an awesome blog sacrificing your time to help out us! You have taught me so much!

I am just mystified as to how you manage to make 40gold from 50 gold per 1-2 days because the 'quick' flips you often talk about are failing miserably for me. I am diversifying my gold investments to TONNES of fine/masterwork low level armors, various vegetables and other crafting materials etc etc.

But after 24hours I havent even filled a quarter of those, and the ones I list become undercut in the next couple hours..

For example: buying 6,000 of a grape pie filling (or equivalent) for 10-20gold and then flipping it in the same day for a 2 gold profit is hardly making 50 gold a day :/ and that takes a considerably long time for those orders to be filled with everyone undercutting.. and all the while that gold could be invested elsewhere

Am I just being impatient or am I missing something?
Thanks again! Keep up the good work!"

Well, Mike, the nice thing is that you don't have to baby sit any of these auctions. Instead of posting the whole stack that you've collected, you could post a small amount each day. After a week you'd exhaust your stockpile and be able to place new buy orders. This strategy greatly reduces the amount of time you spend on the trading post each day and it's something I've recently gotten into. Give it a try! Place one big set of buy orders, leave them up for a few days, and at the same time only list a small portion of your auctions at a time. When you go to list each day, cancel anything that has been undercut too much.

This way you turn into a store kind of. Walmart doesn't sell all of their eggs in one day, but they keep a big stockpile in the back that they pull from whenever enough are purchased. Make sense?

Finished Crafting the Legendary Sunrise


I'm very grateful to the work you have done here.  It is rare to see someone who teaches "tortoise and hare" principles in making gold.  In a world where empty promises of fast and easy wealth abound, you offer slow, steady realistic growth that actually works.  I've followed your advice since "Wrath of the Lich King", and the methods you teach have not only been tried and true, but consistently so.  Most worthwhile of all, you do not simply provide markets to to blindly mimic, but you provide us the means in which to stand on our own feet.  This timely knowledge transcends patch, expansion, economic shift, and even game.  The skills you instilled while I played World of Warcraft required very little adaptation to be viable in Guild Wars 2, and crafting the legendary, Sunrise, was a breeze.
Thanks again for teaching me to fish,

Thank you Steve, it's people like you that give me the second wind I need to keep trucking along with all these games and strategies. Congratulations on your legendary!

For those who are struggling, definitely check out the latest podcast I did on The Siege!

The Real Secret of SouthSun


Basically, I think that Karka Shells are a good item to invest in right now. Allow me to explain why, and remember, we are not gambling today.

There is potential for Arenanet to utilize the Karka Shells in some way, especially because these creatures are already present in and around Southsun cove. They could be used for new crafting recipes (although not armor) for example. Even if Karak Shells aren't used at all, odds are they will rise in price up to the event's release date, as so many people will have the same ideas as I have had. Even now, the price is starting to rise on these shells. However, speculating is just gambling without understanding the market.

These Shells maintain much of their value for two very important reasons:

1. Karka's are annoying to kill. This decreases supply.
2. Karka Shells are valuable crafting components for items players want at max level. This increases demand.

Even if you get 'stuck' with Karka shells you will be able to sell them slowly or in piles due to their demand.

At the moment, prices are rising and I found it very difficult to purchase these shells with buy orders. I gave up on the small money it would have saved and bought a few stacks as buy outs. I recommend that you buy at least a small number (25-50) to get your feet wet as a smart speculator. If things start to turn south, slowly offload your inventory of Karka Shells back into the economy. Worse case scenario you might take a small loss, but odds are by the time you sell these items will have doubled in price from speculation alone.

Guild Wars 2 Podcast - Show Me the Money


Show Me the Money - Trading Post Discussion on The Siege
I was lucky enough to spend last weekend on a Skype call with The Siege Podcast. I'll give you three guesses what we talked about. Hint: Shiny coins. Enjoy!

PS: I gave away a few epic tips, even walked two of the hosts through markets live, but you must listen to all of my segments in order to hear every secret.

Azurite Speculating vs Gambling


Azurite - New Speculation Item

Allow me to explain the major differences between speculation and gambling on the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post. To the untrained eye, I am sure that speculation is the same as gambling. However, look at it through Markco colored glasses, like so:

A gambler puts his money down on an item, buys a bunch of it, and then leaves the purchased items in their bank until prices drastically rise and they can cash in. The only reason for buying is the chance for a big pay off at the end. If the items do not make gold then the gambler loses pretty much everything they invested. They often buy too late in the beginning and sell too late in the end.

A speculator looks at far more variables than just potential profit. They analyze whether there are ways to slowly get out of a bad situation, such as selling off their inventory should things look less than promising. A speculator also has alternative methods for selling off items, such as crafting, salvaging, etc. Basically, the difference between gambling and speculating is that you take action between the ordering and selling of the items. There's a lot more thinking and calculated risk taking because a speculator recognizes that there is more to economic gambling than just placing your bid and waiting for the pay off.

To put it simply, the speculator has more than one way "out" of a bad deal, and he or she doesn't expect to become filthy rich off any one "gamble."

Be careful with your speculation and avoid risky investments, especially if you can't afford to lose.

There's talk of Azurite speculating both on the forums and within the blog comments recently. Are you going to speculate or gamble on this information? I recommend it as a decent risk vs reward proposition. Definitely pick some up for cheap now before too many people invest at it's current low price!

(Oh and btw, the Embellished Brilliant Azurite Jewel is flippable for a nice profit and there aren't many on the trading post at the moment)

How Long to Save Gold for a Legendary?


How long does it take to save up for a legendary?

Investing 50 gold a day should net you somewhere around 80 to 100 gold in profit. The investing would probably take an hour, the selling a day, and then you would have to cancel/relist items, add new buy orders, etc for an hour the following day.

So every other day you would earn approximately 40 gold. At a pace of 40 gold per day, assuming your income is not scaling (it should be), then you'll need to spend 45 hours during 45 days to purchase a 1800 gold legendary.

The trick to saving up for a legendary is not in grunt work, but rather, scaling your trading post methods. How can you scale up your business? The easiest way is to diversify among similar markets that are already working for you. With the case of fast moving crafting materials, you can often just invest more.

Through a combination of investing more as well as in additional but similar markets to what you already have working, you can scale your profits to greater heights. It then becomes possible to invest your profits instead of just the same seed money over and over again. Instead of 40 gold profit, you'll grow to 60, 100, 200, etc over time. It's not unreasonable to go from 50 gold to 150 in a single week, then 400-600 by the next.

Learn to make decent profits consistently from the same investment. Then scale your business.

In comparison to 45 days, how long did it take you to get your own legendary (assuming you have one already)? Are you currently trying to save for one now? What's your plan?

Good Reddit Tips


I saw a lot of questions on the reddit article recently about making gold that also mentioned this site. Since I'm mentioned, I might as well help out with some of the answers!

When you list an item for sale, you are last in line among any other items with the same price.

There is a 15% fee (5% listing, 10% after selling), which you can calculate by multiplying a sell price by .85.

Selling an item for 1 copper more than vendor price will give you a loss after the fees.

A 5% fee will hit you every time you cancel an item for sale. There is no penalty for buy orders. If you're calculating profits with the .85 rule, then it becomes the .80, .75, etc rule when you start canceling a lot. Be careful!

Here are some great tips for flipping if you don't know where to get started:


WvWvW Helps the Economy So Much


Seriously, WvWvW helps the economy in Guild Wars 2 so freaking much. Without it, there would be no incentive for leveling characters to use the auction house, other than to become uber powerful while leveling. There are certain stats for WvWvW (OK from now on I'm writing PvP!) that you really can live without while leveling, like toughness and vitality. Without PvP, those stats on low level items would be pretty worthless, but because it exists, they still sell very well!

If you haven't explored the lower level markets, and everything from 20-60, then you are missing out on opportunities for making gold. In many cases, you can win your buy order and sell your item in a matter of hours, and it's reasonable to turn a 10 gold investment into 20-30 gold within a single 24 hour selling period. You just need to spread your markets out and avoid large buy orders. That is, of course, if you mind filling your bank with valuable low level items to sell slowly over time.

Alright, I hope I opened your eyes to another great market! Give it a shot and let me know how it goes in the comments below.

Avoid Errors While Selling Armor


I literally just filmed a video for the forum on my favorite armor items and how I avoid getting the dreaded selling error in the process of listing them. Today I'd like to talk about the second part, namely avoiding the "Error Attempting to Sell."

Let's say you put orders in for armor in quantities of 50-250, as I do, and after a long night of drinking most of your buy orders have completed. You need to stick to very specific types of armor in order to complete your orders so quickly. Anyways, regardless of how much armor you bought, you will often fill your bags quickly and have many more items waiting on the trading post. If you sift through all your currently sell-able items and start posting them all at once, then you will get that wonderful error message.

Instead, you should pick out the highest stacks in your bags and sell those. Maybe the top 4 or 5. Once done, go back to the pickup window and grab some more items. Now the smaller stacks will have grown and you'll have 4 or 5 new stacks to choose from and sell. Post the new highest stacks and repeat until they are all gone.

Note: The bigger your bags, the easier this is. Also, don't go too crazy with the diversity of your items. Placing 100 buy orders of 250 each is unmanageable, even if you have the maximum bag space in your inventory.

Alternate strategy: If your bank is empty, you can run your items (use the waypoint to get to the bank, then abillities to quickly sprint back to the trading post) to and from the trading post in order to get larger stacks. So if I pick up 10 gloves, 5 pants, and 14 shoulders, I can run to the bank and throw in all but the shoulders, and then pick out all the shoulders I have in the bank. This way when I list I will have a much larger stack. I don't use this method, but if you're having issues it might work for you.

Don't forget to undercut, but don't undercut yourself! Also, stay vigilant and buy out people who are undercutting by way too much, or at a price point that you can't sell for a profit.

Infinite Molten Berserker Tonic


Anyone else conduct some speculation  on "Flame and Frost"? Well, if you did, then your glacial and molten lodestones/cores have finally become valuable.

What you probably didn't notice, was the lack of increase in value of heavy ritual bags, which have a chance of giving you molten lodestones and cores. Actually, they went DOWN in price. To get a molten lodestone, you need to buy approximately 760 large ritual bags. That would cost you around 16 gold. Not really worth the risk for an 80 silver item.

The lost orrian jewelry box was an option for glacial items, but not worth the risk as well.

So what did I end up doing once my supply of lodestones and cores ran out that I had stockpiled before the event?

I flipped. HARD.

With a small profit margin of 2 silver at worst and 4 silver at best, I kept placing small buy orders and then listed as soon as they were filled. This was a fun distraction while doing other, more tedious trading post activities.

Regarding yesterday's post on turning Dyes to Gold, please go back and try it in the coming weeks after the craziness dyes down (pun intended). The post was published to reddit by someone and all hell broke loose on the market. Not to mention all the forum members who prepared for it.

To make up for that post, I have created a much better mystic forge strategy in the forum. It's the "unlikely mystic forge strategy" under my crazy thoughts section of the forum.

Mystic Forge to Make Gold with Dyes


Step 1: Obtain fine quality dyes from the trading post. I advise buy orders, but if competition is tight you may be able to get some for very close to buy order price. I would advise getting 1000+ in order to avoid bad RNG. That's what I did to test this method.

Step 1B: Wait a few hours for your buy orders to get fulfilled. I had to wait a good three hours for all 1000 orders to be filled, and after announcing this it may take longer.

Step 2: Combine your fine dyes to get masterwork quality dyes. Be careful not to combine the masterwork ones!

Step 3: Sell your masterwork dyes for one copper less than the lowest sell order (not buy order!!!).

TIP #1: There are many, many dyes. I went through each and every single dye and placed a buy order for at least 40 on each one. Be careful though, many are repeated for whatever reason so you want to avoid repurchasing the same ones over and over again. This will take you a good 15-20 minutes, so don't rush it.

TIP #2: Know that the market is going to be weird after I post this, just like every other market I talk about in public. Don't be afraid to try it again in the coming weeks when things settle down.

TIP #3: This will effect masterwork quality dye markets, which could in turn make combining masterwork dyes profitable. It's a possibility, so watch out for it! At the very least you could buy them now and flip later. You may also want to hold on to whatever dyes you create this week and sell them later after competition gets lighter due to this strategy going public.

Mystic Forge Method Friday


Friday I will be announcing a pretty awesome strategy for making gold with very small investments. It's a mystic forge option, so there is risk involved, but if you do the math then you'll greatly reduce your chance of failure. The forums have been alerted to this method far in advance, so they've been able to take advantage of it before anyone else. Some members have also prepared for the coming wave of potential buyers that will likely result from Friday's announcement as well.

I've also just created a new strategy for forum members, that is unrelated to tomorrow's announcement. I call it : "the unlikely mystic forge money maker"

Now, I have a very important announcement for anyone considering the forum currently.

The private forum is becoming rather crowded, of late, and I feel the need to make changes to how much it costs to join. In the past few weeks, we've hit times where there were over 70 people online, which is quite a bit for a private forum where people pay for access. In contrast, my Diablo 3 forum only has around 20 people on at the same time. Next week, starting Monday, I will be removing the option to buy 3 months of forum credit. You will instead be able to choose between 6 months or a year, and the year option has been reduced to make it an even better deal than it was already. If the forum continues to swell with new members then I will reduce the options down to just the one year plan.

Buying 3 month and 6 month increments actually makes me more money than if you buy a one year of forum time, so the goal here is not to bring more money to the website. Instead, I want to further limit the number of people joining on a daily basis (right now 1-3 people purchase access every day). I am trying to include new content, videos, etc, and as the forum grows in popularity there are reductions in the power of my strategies. I warned that this day could happen when I first created the forum, and I'm both happy and sad to have to make changes. In the long run it will be better for current members and only bring in those people who really want to both learn and help one another in our forum. Maintaining the integrity of the forum is more important to me than the money I will lose from this change.

The current payment options can be found on the Order Forum Credit page. Just remember to register for free before you buy anything. If you have any issues, just email me and I will add your time manually, refund you if you double purchased, etc. If you'd like to join the forum for less money up front (even though, again, I reduced the one year option to make it an even better deal), then your last chance will be Monday of next week. I hope to see people who want to try the forum for cheaper jump in this weekend, but after that I expect the number of new joiners to be greatly reduced.

If you have an alternative solution that you feel would be a better option, please don't hesitate to comment. Also, I'm all ears for improvements you want in the forum or discussions you would like to see me cover on the blog. Let's take today to discuss the inner workings of this site and how I can improve it in order to better your experience here.

Trading Post Notifier


Check out this Trading Post Notifier. It's pretty cool! I would highly suggest using something like this, especially if you are new to day trading and need some assistance. Thank you to Mindaugas for emailing the tip to me!

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