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Discarded Garment Going Up Up Up!


Remember my post on Gossamer Scraps exploding and how I recommended buying Discarded Garments, among other items? Well now you can profit from salvaging those garments! Just look at the following salvage math with the values as they stand today on the Trading Post:

Initial Cost

250 * 2 Silver 50 Copper = 6 Gold 25 Silver

Salvaging Results

393 Silk Scraps * 1.79 = 7 gold 3 Silver 47 Copper
22 Gossamer Scraps * 2.23 = 49 Silver 6 Copper

Total Salvaging Results

7 Gold 52 Silver 53 Copper

Take the Fees

* .85 6 Gold 39 Silver 65 Copper

Profit = 13 Silver 35 Copper

But wait... I didn't buy these garments for 2 silver 50 copper, but rather, for 62 copper! I made a hell of a lot more than 13 silver ;)

Keep an eye on these items, and consider investing in them as long as silk scraps continue to rise. Since each salvage turns into around 1.5 silk scraps, that's the value you want to place on these discarded garments.

Learn the lesson of this post... when items are rising, always pay attention to related ones, such as things you can salvage to obtain the item.

Market Flood Watch: Hardened Leather Sections


I received a note from a reader of this blog about Hardened Leather Sections and how their sell listings have quintupled since the holidays began. I find this very interesting, and agree with the reader that this is an excellent time to buy.

Do not, I repeat, do not buy these if you want to make gold today, tomorrow, next week, or even next month. It could take months for these to recover. But mark my words, they will recover.

For now, buy a few stacks and sit on them to see what happens. If you notice sell listings starting to drop or buy orders going up, buy more in preparation for a spike.

I know that the following screenshot is hard to read, but the point is to look at how the price (green/orange colored lines) dropped heavily as soon as the sell listings (blue bars) started rising. You'll also see that the buy orders (red bars) did not alter enough to counter the increase in supply. So you have the same demand with much more supply making the price tank to unthinkable levels.

Expect prices to start recovering after the holidays, and I predict that they will do very well over the summer when more people return to the game.

Ascended Armor is Upon Us


Check out this great post showcasing the different options you have for crafting ascended armor. You can make quite a bit of gold right now crafting! So get leveled up fast if you haven't already and start printing gold for yourself.

I you'd like to speculate... take a look at the following items, all of which I definitely called on the forums or this blog in the past!

Bolt of Damask
Silk Scrap
Glob of Ectoplasm (buy orders on the rise)
Wool Scrap
Linen Scrap
Cotton Scrap
Mithril Ore
Copper Ore
Unidentified Dye - This will continue to rise in price as long as ArenaNet continues to add new dyes and new content. It's a staple and a great indicator of the economy.
Elonian Wine
Pristine Toxic Spore Sample

Gold Making Communities


There are a number of helpful websites and posts out there besides the ones on this blog, so I'd like to take a moment today to share three of my favorite gold making links. Research is key to making gold in this game, so be sure to spread your knowledge base beyond this blog. Just remember to come back afterwards ;)

1. PwnInversity Guild Wars 2 Guides
A collection of several different guides for making gold in Guild Wars 2. I especially enjoyed the crafting leveling tips! Solid advice that includes discoveries and everything you need to level quickly for cheap. Part of making gold is saving gold after all.

2. Reddit's Moderately Awesome Guide to Make Money
Good collection of tips. The most useful article is probably the Mystic Forge "Dailies" one.

3. Guild Mag
Every week they come out with tips and articles for all aspects of Guild Wars 2. I tend to browse through it for videos, podcasts, and articles like the ones you find on this blog.

What Happened to Silk Scraps? Buy Thick Leather Sections


I'm going to take you through the GW2Spidy version of what happened to Silk Scraps. This will hopefully show you how to interpret diagrams from GW2Spidy as well as get on board the next speculative item before it's too late.

In this picture I have selected to show the Sell Listings Volume (Blue), Buy Listings Volume (Red), Sell Listings Raw Data (Green), and Buy Listings Raw Data (Orange).

Think of the Blue as supply and the Red as demand. As supply dropped, you could see demand rising slightly. Just look at December 13th to 16th. As supply dropped and demand rose, the price (combination of green and orange lines) rose sharply.

If at any point you see a diagram where the blue lines sharply begin to decrease, as is the case with Dec 13th to 15th, then you can predict such an increase in price. In fact, if you were watching this market then you would have known to immediately buy like crazy those first few days, even though the price did not go up at all.

How did I know to tell everyone to start buying these? A month ago the same thing happened, though not as much, and I thought that maybe things were about to spike. Then sell orders recovered so I was technically wrong about buying silk scraps back when I first recommended them. If you stuck things out and waited for the next drop in supply then good for you!

Thick Leather Sections are next... over 8 million have been sold in the past week and now the price wall of 9 copper has finally been breached!

Hope this helped everyone! Let me know if you have questions.

Markco's Center for Kids Who Want to Play TP Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too


Welcome to the Markco's Center for Kids Who Want to Play TP Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too. If you got the reference, congratulations, because you just won the following epic information:

Lesson 1: Understand How to Flip Items Immediately.
- Know what the .85 rule means and how to apply it.
- Place buy orders instead of always buying to flip.

Lesson 2: Find Your Own Markets.
- Practice going through different item categories and qualities.
- Diversify!

Lesson 3: Market Research is King (Plus How to Do It Yourself).
- GW2 Spidy Charts are tricky; which gives you a leg up on the competition after reading these posts.

Lesson 4: Stop Buying and Selling on the Same Day.
- Learn patience in the marketplace.
- Track your sales.

Lesson 5: Less is More!
- Sometimes placing a 250 buy order can backfire.
- Same goes for selling too much at a time.

Lesson 6: Think "What Will Players Want?"
- Once you know what players want, the rest is easy.
- Also learn why greed is bad.

After going through my 6 steps to dominating the Guild Wars 2 Trading Post, please come back to this post and share your experience in the comments. If you're already gone through this process, now is the time to inspire others into giving it a try!

Tripled My Gold in One Day


"Hi Markco,

Your blog is so awesome. Yesterday I was able to increase my wealth from 10 to 30 gold over a single day! I've been following your blog since I heard you on the MMO Reporter Guild Wars Reporter Podcast. Your tips on the flipping the blue-quality dye market, and mystic forging the masterwork runes were the most helpful. I've been seeing an anywhere between 20 to 100% profits per stack of runes depending on how lucky I am. Of course, I am not relying solely on those markets - I found 2 that I am pretty comfortable in and am slowly expanding to some food markets in crafting.

With about 600 more gold to go for my legendary Quip, I'm sure I can get it by the end of January (just the precursor and t6 materials left).

Thanks again and thanks even more as I continue to read through your blog posts!
- Sentinel"

I'd like to thank Sentinel publicly for once again bringing up that awesome podcast. I know it says Fractals on it, but the podcast was really about every aspect of making gold I could cram into the time I had with MMO Reporter's Guild Wars 2 team. They were kind enough to let me take over the vast majority of the podcast to get as much information as I could in front of your ears. So do me a favor and don't let that advice go to waste!

From 0 to 2500 Gold in 5 Months


The following email will highlight the exact posts this person used to go from 0 to 2500 gold in just 5 months. You can see how his thought process changed and how he applied these concepts to steadily increase the amount of gold being made for time invested.

"Hey Chris,

I used your site's tips to go from literally less than 1 gold to over 2500 in 5 months of trading.  I've been playing since release and loved GW2.  It took me around 9 months just to buy my T3 cultural + craft to 400 + outfit my main in exotics.  I wanted to play the TP but I was too scared without guidance, convinced that I didn't have it in me to actually succeed.

When I found your site, I didn't think it could be that easy, but I decided to trust your instincts.  I wasn't disappointed.  Just about every item you've called on your website ended up with huge gains.  For example, karka shells were practically minting coin for the last 5-6 months.  I never got greedy and never made buy orders that I wasn't afraid to take a 50% hit on.  However, with the tips you've given on trading, crafting, supply and demand, I was able to get a good feel on 95%+ of the items I bought and sold.  Way back in May, karka shells were dropping like candy; it was a piece of cake buying up a bunch of them and waiting for a few weeks after the madness died down.  I was making double my money back on karka shells alone for several weeks.  The biggest mistake people make is getting too greedy.  Early on I made myself some hard and fast rules about where I wanted to exit in materials.  For example, if I bought full venom sacs at 75 copper, I'd settle for selling at 1 silver 25 copper.  I never got too greedy because I was burned before on a few investments before I actually thought about the demand for the items.

One of the more influential posts you made was regarding those who level alts and want to gear up as fast as possible.  That advice alone made me branch out of the crafting materials trade and into player needs.  I made a killing off low level greens, yellows, foods and armor.  It also gave me valuable experience.  Before that post, I figured that everyone that was still playing the game was either level 80 or simply craft-leveling their toons to 80.  That post opened my eyes and I was enjoying great returns for a long time, far longer than I thought would be possible.  I still trade low level greens/yellows because they are a great, reliable source of money.

Finally, the thing that really drove up my holdings was the advice to try the exotics market.  You can easily find 15-20 items that have at least a 2 gold return on them.  Now, I can put in less than 20 buy orders, have 50% of them filled in 24 hours and sell them right away for 15-20 gold returns a night, essentially risk free.  Your gains will cover your losses if you ever have any.

All in all, you made me go from rags to riches in a couple months and now I have more money (and still making more money everyday) than I know what to do with.

Given enough time, I hope that all of you will share a similar experience to Omar. Makes writing this blog so worth it!

Great Winter Flips You Must Try Right Now


I talked about this secret search criteria for flipping right now on the forums. It's so simple you'll be face palming yourself for not thinking of it! I made around 2 gold from it in the time I spent writing this post!

Small, Medium and Large Wintersday Gifts (but not Giant)

These are pretty straight forward flips, but you're not going to want to try 250 buy orders. It's just too competitive and I preferred going with 5 at a time of each.

Pristine Toxic Spore Sample

What happened here? It's STILL rising!

"Giver's" Weapons and Armor

Only flip one item at a time, but still worth it in the long run. Most profitable flips will net you around 2-3x your investment. Use varied search criteria for the best results, instead of just searching for "Giver's" alone.

More to come... along with other great tips... so subscribe and stay tuned!

Silly Speculators; I Buy Your Gossamer Scraps


Markets are down across the board except for a handful of items (like pristine toxic spores and these two not surprising items!). This is not a time to panic, it's another opportunity to buy.

Gossamer is the hardest commodity to come by of its tier. Think about it... how many ways do you know of getting Gossamer? If you read my previous post, then you already know.

Why is the price of Gossamer tanking? Because speculators want money now. Not a week from now, not a month, but right now. We've seen this before with several different markets, including Karka Shells, Tier1-5 Materials, and now Gossamer.

I know this advice is going to sound like white noise, but the same reason people can't make gold in Guild Wars 2 also explains why they sell their Gossamer Scraps the moment they see the opportunity to; they want their gold immediately.

Instant gratification in students is the hardest hurdle for me to overcome as a teacher in every game economy I've written guides for.

Numerous people email me daily and I want to bring it up today on the blog when we have such a great teaching tool in Gossamer Scraps. Now is actually the time to buy Gossamer Scraps, yet everyone is selling them. Silly speculators! I buy your Gossamer Scraps!

When you try to flip an item, how many times have you bought it and then waited numerous days to watch and see where the price ended up? Well you should start doing that. Maybe only sell some of the items you bought, keep track of what you originally paid, and look for opportunities to make way more profit. In many cases with fast selling items, you can get back 30% of your investment waiting instead of just immediately flipping.

Patience people. I know you want gold today, but knowledge is a lot better for you. Go play a few markets by purchasing buy orders, winning the item, and then practicing your patience. Like I said, just sell a few each day and see if the price changes significantly over time. It could go up or down, but you should learn from this! Prices in this game are so fluid, I can't possibly give you a straight up guide for types of items; I'd literally have to give you charts for each one. So go out there and start experimenting instead of trying to instantly get your cash.

Buy Gossamer Scraps, sit on them, and reap the benefits. Also buy Pristine Toxic Spores, they are exploding. I bought them last week and sat on them watching the price go up and down. I felt confident that I had the hang of things until this patch threw all my numbers out of whack. But because I was patient, now I have the unexpected benefit of doubling my money on them.

Hardened Leather Sections could be a great sleeper play as well. They've dropped significantly in price during this patch.

A Very Merry Wintersday Tomorrow


Wintersday is coming to Guild Wars 2 on December 10th, 2013. That's a little earlier than last year! Have you been stockpiling in preparation for this patch? At this point, it's OK to spill your beans since people knowing your items will only help their price increase.

Selling Gold

I'm looking forward to goofing around in the game, but also to making a lot of gold. Speaking of gold, players will be buying lots of it, and the price has already peaked at over 8 gold. I predicted 10 gold by Christmas Day, so here's hoping I'm right! At this point, you could buy gold when it's around 6 gold and hope to sell at 10, but that's not much profit when you take the 36% fee out for selling it.

Wintersday Gifts

Wintersday gifts are exploding, but be warned! These could greatly decrease in price the longer the holiday goes on. I bought them when they were below the current buy order, so I'm hoping to make gold by heavily undercutting the current price of the gifts. If you manage to get some on buy orders right now, then you can do the same.

For example, I'll get large wintersday gifts for 25 silver and then list for 50 silver, even though the cheapest listing is over a gold. Don't be greedy and you'll stay on the nice list ;)


Flawless Snowflakes are an easy flip right now, and will continue to be throughout the holiday.


I experimented with flipping sealed package of snowballs today, and I was surprised that they actually sold!

Giver's Weapons

I continue to sell giver's weapons and don't think that the holiday will do anything other than bring more attention to these beauties. Just do a search for "giver" and the include fine, masterwork, or rare. You'll find a lot of great flips!

So what are your plans for the holidays?

Buy Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm Immediately


Remember when I told everyone to buy silk scraps? Well today will be another "Buy Immediately" post, and the clock is ticking even faster this time. In my sights are two already expensive items known as Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm. These are currently rising from the Gossamer Explosion and speculation for Ascended crafting. They truly have nowhere to go but up.

Let me remind you that the Ascended Weapons and Armor Crafting is probably the most anticipated patch since the release of Guild Wars 2. Every item in the game will be effected, and getting on board now before prices naturally rise during the Christmas holiday may be your last chance. Do NOT miss out on the three items most likely to explode after the Ascended Crafting patch: Gossamer, Globs of Ectoplasm, and Piles of Crystalline Dust. Speculators are currently bringing up the value of these items on their own, but imagine how much further prices will spike when millions of players purchase them.

Check out Ascended Weapon Crafting. The inscriptions cost 10 Piles of Crystalline Dust and 5 Globs of Ectoplasm each.

In just one week Ectoplasms have risen 7 silver and Piles of Crystalline Dust by 3 silver. If you look at percentages, that's an increase of 23% for Ectoplasms and 19% for Piles of Crystalline Dust. You only need a 15% increase to make a profit, and if you bought one week ago then you're already in the green. As I said already, these truly have nowhere to go but up, as they are still being used in game for other purposes while we wait for Ascended crafting.

If you aren't rich enough to invest in these two markets, then maybe glance over at the items on the right side of this list of orichalcum inscriptions; Karka shells, viscous claws, ancient bones, elaborate totems, armored scales, powerful venom sacs, passion flowers and viscous fangs.

You can also try grabbing the orichalcum inscriptions themselves, just as I did with Gossamer Insignias when I saw the price of scraps increasing. You will likely see less profit than with the Gossamer Insignias, which have already doubled in value after a few days. I'd expect the orichalcum inscriptions to increase by 25-50% over time.

Lost 19 Gold and Loving It


Dave wrote me an interesting email...

"Hi Chris, first I would like to thank you for the info on the Trading Post. I started out with 23 gold , am down to 4 gold now. Don't get me wrong , am making money . The other day I logged on and had 5 gold waiting for me . ( an other 6 gold today )I just lost track of how much gold I have spent and how much I got back ,and how much I have coming to me. I seem to be hooked on this. Couple questions if you don't mind. How can any of my other toons use the TP now for let's say to pick up food buffs . Is there a way to pick up one item from the list at the TP.( I only see a take all button ). Should I wait until every I bought is sold , or is it better to reinvest? Is it better to flip lower level items or as you make money flip higher level items that are worth more money.


Basically, he's taking in a lot of gold but quickly spending it (probably most of his earnings are sitting as investments that haven't sold yet). Sorry Dave, you cannot "Take One" from the Trading Post. You can, however, use your bank to hold items between characters.

Regarding the flipping question, you should never lose track of your most profitable markets. If flipping a few hundred cheap items is working for you then don't give up that strategy for the sake of discovering a new, more expensive, investment. Instead, try to split your time between stuff you know works and things you haven't tried yet. I cannot say that one is better than the other because I know people who only flip expensive items and others who solely flip for a copper profit per sale.

I believe that the more you experiment (sounds like you're enjoying the process) then the better you will be able to answer these questions for yourself. A lot is pending on the play style that you settle on and how frequently you can explore the trading post.

Thank you Dave and everyone else who purchased forum access last week for Cyber Monday (that ended up becoming Cyber Tuesday and Wednesday due to technical issues switching the price back). Over 100 people joined the secret forum during that 72 hour period! The discussion, especially with regards to Ascended Crafting, has been phenomenal, and it's nice to see a few of the wiser folks from months past getting back into the game. Here's to a profitable patch!

Can You Track How Many Items Sold


No, you cannot. I've received a decent number of emails from the newer members of this blog (traffic has doubled in the past few weeks) regarding this topic. In order to save time, I decided to put the answer on the front page.

Why would we like to see the volume of items sold? Well, for starters, we could use this statistic to see if the reason listings were disappearing was due to sales or cancellations.

Predicting trends (and justifying those predictions with these kinds of stats) is the hardest part about playing the Guild Wars 2 economy. Knowing that a price is low now but will go up soon is key to every strategy I use.

Even something like utilizing the mystic forge or crafting requires the ability to predict when materials will be low and the created items will be high.

Unfortunately, the number of actually sold items is not a statistic we can track.

You can, however, track your own sales, strategies, links, etc in the new "My Journal" area of the Secret Forum. Check it out!

Turbulent Economy Shifts Further


Piles of Crystalline Dust and Globs of Ectoplasm are linked in the Guild Wars 2 economy since one can be salvaged into the other. I watched both rising last night and I honestly was not 100% sure whether it was due to mystic forging silk scraps into gossamer scraps or the need for Ectoplasms in Ascended crafting. Regardless of why they are rising, the fact is that they are, and will probably continue to do so. I think buying both of these right now and hanging on to them for a little bit is a good play.

Gossamer Insignias are a seriously underrated market right now, as the prices have only gone up by around a gold since gossamer started exploding. I can't imagine that things will remain stagnant over the weekend when more people buy these. Keep in mind that they are still profitable even now in most cases for flipping. The cheaper you get in the more you'll make when prices rise.

Yesterday I made a post about making gold from the Gossamer Explosion, but I didn't mean making gold today. Although with a few of the strategies you could have. I was instead hoping that you would hang on to your purchases for a bit while waiting for markets to continue to evolve. Realize short gains now or hang on to your hats for big profits later.

Try to learn from how I showed various connections in the game, as other players will always make those links into profitable strategies. Once the profit is dried up and the markets "correct" themselves, watch out because then your window of opportunity could close completely.

The globs of ectoplasm and piles of crystalline dust are expensive items with the potential for large gains, so if you're tired of putting your gold down on thousands of cheap buy orders (like I told you to do with silk scraps), then maybe these two roller coaster markets are more worthy of your time.

Gold is also continuing to increase, and really hasn't stopped since the update-every-two-week strategy was implemented by ArenaNet. I predict that things will get a little out of hand during Christmas, even to the tune of 10+ gold for gems. If you buy in now then you can actually turn a profit once my hunch turns true. Even if it doesn't happen right away, ArenaNet is working hard to continuously increase the value of gems, so it should occur eventually. Remember, gems have a 36% cut on profits, so you need to sell at 10 gold if you bought at 6 gold 39 silver to turn a profit.

Last market, since there are just so many that I could sit here and type all day. Mithril Ore appeared to be making a slow move into profitable flipping ranges yesterday. Which makes me think that the price is going to rise even further over the course of the weekend. Instead of 27 copper buy order and 28 copper sell listing, Mithril was up to 27 copper buy and 32 copper sell. I placed buy orders at 28 copper and am waiting to see if things continue in this upward direction.

Gossamer Exploding: What it Means for You


As predicted on our Secret Forums many moons ago, Gossamer has exploded. You're probably wondering, has your chance to make gold from this shift in the marketplace expired?

No, it has not. Read on to find out how you can make gold from the Gossamer explosion!

By the way... Silk Scraps just exploded... who told you to buy those Nov 18th? Yup, that was me ;) Time to sell a few thousand for almost 4x my investment!

0. Flipping

Obviously you could just flip Gossamer; buying it now with buy orders and waiting until the price settles over the next couple of weeks to list again. But wouldn't you like to think outside the box with a few more methods since you missed the initial explosion in price?

1. Opening Bags

Bag of Stolen Goods - For 3 silver buy order this is profitable to just open and hope for gossamer scraps.

Heavy Bags - Any "heavy" bag can contain gossamer. Shop around for the best buy orders! (search for container, "heavy", common quality).

2. Salvage for Profit
Salvage the following two items for easy profits. Know that a single gossamer pays for 6 rags/discarded garments!
  • Discarded Garment
  • Rag

3. Gossamer Insignias

I picked up a ton of these bad boys last night and am excited to make an absolute killing on them in the near future. As gossamer scraps rise, so too will the items made from them.

4. Bolts

Don't just place buy orders on the Gossamer Scraps themselves, as the bolts will also go up in price. If you pay attention to the price while the scraps go up, you'll notice that bolts are cheaper (with buy orders) than two scraps! Since every two scraps equals one bolt, this is a steal! I was able to buy bolts at 14 silver when the scraps were 8 silver.

5. Mystic Forge

250 Silk + 5 Crystalline Dust + 5 Philosopher Stones = 16 Gossamer Scraps
92 Silver + 5 Philosopher Stones  < 128 Silver

(I've noticed that Crystalline Dust suddenly rose along with Gossamer Scraps... I wonder why?)

6. Panels and Linings

Just another way to diversify your flips. Pick up gossamer panels and linings used to create armor while leveling the tailoring discipline.

3 Free Silver Every 10 Minutes


The following three markets are great for buying one item at a time and flipping immediately. They usually take around five minutes to purchase through a buy order and then sell within another five minutes.

LET ME REPEAT MYSELF: This market is great for buying one at a time; not 10, not 50, not 100, but just a SINGLE buy order then sell it. You get greedy and you'll end up wasting your investment.

Bottle of Elonian Wine - Featured recently on our Secret Forums for a different strategy, these also make for a quick silver. At the moment they are fluctuating around 24 silver buy order and 30 silver listing (1 silver profit).

Gold Doubloon - I put out a blog post recently about Doubloons and their buy/sell prices became annoying close, except for Gold Doubloons. These will buy at 9 silver and sell at 12, effectively earning you 1 silver profit.

Heavy Bag of Coins - OK so maybe this one will make you more than 1 silver each time, but that's a good thing! Buy at 9, sell at 13 for a 2 silver profit. Also try selling these to nearby players! You can advertise that these bags are worth up to 1 gold 50 silver each. It's too random to try buying and opening these on your own, but why not let others take that risk while you get a little profit?

Cyber Monday Guild Wars 2


EDIT: The Cyber Monday deal is still available due to a server outage. It will be reverted back to the normal price probably by Wednesday night. You can purchase for the Cyber Monday price until you no longer see the option on the buy order page.

For the next 24 hours, you can gain access to the Secret Guild Wars 2 Forum for just $9.99. New users will need to create a free account before purchasing forum time.

That's a discount of $17 for Cyber Monday!

Even if you have access to the forums already, you will be able to add the 6 months of forum time to whatever is already on your account.

What can you find in the secret forum of late?

  • Trick for infusion flipping.
  • Recent tutorials on skill points, mystic forging, and flipping weapons.
  • Investment advice in real time. "What's Spiking Hard Thread" included.
  • Friendly advice from myself but also the army of players currently invested in the forum.
  • Discussions around Christmas Stockpiling, but also events for the rest of the year.
  • Hundreds of previous topics and tutorials to dig through.
  • And much, much more!

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