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Time to Dye: Powerful Mystic Forge Strategy


This video explains in full detail how I've been making insane amounts of gold turning fine dyes into masterwork ones. The biggest prize of them all is gold dye, which instantly nets you 3 gold or almost 4 gold if you're willing to wait for it to sell. There's more to this strategy than just getting masterworks, however, as a lot of fine dyes are actually quite profitable. Most players don't know this, and so they assume that using the mystic forge is the equivalent to flushing gold down a toilet. Hence the "Mystic Toilet" phrase that many use on Reddit and forums.

Think about it... if you spend a little under 2 silver per combination (don't forget that 16 dyes = 5 tries) and are only hoping for masterworks, then you're going to lose a lot of gold doing this. But what if some of your "failed" attempts were profitable... now we're getting somewhere!

I prove in this video that there's more to using the Mystic Forge than just hoping for an upgrade every time. In fact, one of the dyes in the video is a fine quality one that sells for 48 silver!!! Most people would just use that fine dye again in the forge, effectively flushing all that money away. I teach you how to find those winners quickly in this video.

There's a few more great tips in the video guide, and I hope it leads to you mastering the mystic forge with completely unrelated strategies that you find on your own.

I've had videos like this one already on my Secret Forum for a while, so be sure to become a member ASAP for all my old ideas as well as new ones. You can find them in the "Markco's Crazy Thoughts" section of the boards.

I'm doing my best to get more videos up on my youtube channel, and to that end I could use your ideas. Are there any videos that you would like to see created on making gold in Guild Wars 2? Farming specific items perhaps? Let me know in the comments and I'll see what I can do!

How to Farm Silk Scraps


This is a fantastic strategy for farming silk scraps as well as gold in general while you're in between trading post adventures. Been a while since I did a farming video, but I think it's time to start getting back into these kinds of videos. At the very least, these strategies will help you to get skill points and break apart the boredom of initially learning the trading post.

For the hard core farmers out there, who want to avoid doing "quests" and "events", this is the strategy for you. Especially if you have great gear and lots of magic find. Sometimes we just want to mindlessly farm away without worrying about the lore or having any real goals.

Head to Frostgorge Sound (70-80 Zone) and select the Highpeaks Waypoint. Head northwest from there and you'll find numerous Sons of Svanir to kill. Drops are varied, but you should have plenty of opportunities for Silk Scraps, namely through salvaging and bags.

Silk Scraps are a pretty hot commodity right now, so it makes sense to farm them while that's still true. They are a big part of making the location profitable! Your mileage is going to vary, but I was making around 5-10 silver per minute. Sometimes I'd have dry spells with no drops, but that's why you spend longer than an hour farming here to see the best results. Put on some tunes and enjoy the carnage.

Here is a screenshot to help you find the location:

Deceptive and Dangerous Speculation Disasters


Here are two of the most popular speculation ideas I've seen online that appear to be death traps, especially if you're pouring your life savings into them. Take what I say with a grain of salt, and maybe in the end you'll make a more informed decision.

Too Many Sprockets!

As many of you know already, there is a new, infinite mining pick which has the chance to award you with sprockets while mining. This is in addition to whatever normal loot you find on the ore. Thanks to this change as well as the restriction of only being able to sell sprockets on the Trading Post, I do not see sprockets climbing to the same heights as Pristine Toxic Spore Samples. That being said, they should still sell higher after the current event is over, just not as high as they could have.

Seriously, without this change I saw an opportunity to buy up thousands of Sprockets at the end of the event with the hopes that prices would double or triple over time.

Who's Hungry?

Another speculation disaster involves cooking materials. Odds are that jewelcrafting is going to be a part of the next update (see this post on what to buy). Investing now in cooking might be way too soon; which will obviously cut into your profits later on by tying up funds now. Hold out on to cooking items speculations and focus on jewelcrafting instead.

Have you heard of any other crazy speculations? Any logical ones?

Don't forget to read up on our forum where we're discussing speculations on a daily basis, as well as my crazy ideas section for ways to "print" money.

T5 Items Spiking While T1 Hemorrhaging


Have you noticed the increase in tier 5 material prices this past week? Let's take a crack at why this is happening, using numbers to support our speculations.

First off, I want to pitch the theory that the recent price changes are due to old players coming back to the game. More specifically, college aged boys and girls looking to get into Guild Wars 2. It's the perfect time for when they first get back from winter holidays... finally away from the pesky families and other equally annoying distractions. Now they can sit and play in solitude, drinking red bulls with mountain dew and eating whole boxes of Ramen noodles.

These players are likely to be old players coming back to the game, who generally want to craft the newer items (tier 4/5 stuff required!). They also farm the tier 4/5 items more frequently so those go up in price. Keep in mind that increases to tier 4 prices also increase tier 5 due to the mystic forge.

Another piece of evidence towards my theory is the massive drop in tier 1 items. They are seriously hitting the bottom of the barrel! I'm not quite sure when I'll buy these items like crazy, but it has to be soon. Copper Ore, for example, is under 25 copper! Just a week ago it was over 40 copper and there's no end in sight for how low Copper Ore could get. Why would tier 1 decrease in value? Well, according to GW2Spidy, the buy orders have not increased but the sell orders have doubled over the past month. That means no difference in demand but twice the supply. Any entry level economist knows that such an equation spells disaster for the market in question.

Players coming back to the game and starting alts could be the explanation for this drop in item price. If I'm correct (let's face it I normally am, even if it's for the wrong reasons) then you will want to buy up these tier 1 items in the next week or so before all these new alts move on to the next tier of levels (or players get bored with their new toys).

Let's look at one more piece of evidence: low level armor and weapons. Numerous pieces of low level gear have gone up in price over the course of the past month. This is new characters but not new players, since they have the gold to outfit their characters with the best gear at the earliest levels.

What should you do in the near future? Buy tier 1 items once they hit rock bottom. Buy Tier 4/5 items now and wait to sell them off once they are profitable.

Also, get into our secret forum area. I just discovered two ways to PRINT MONEY using the recent changes to item prices. No, it doesn't involve the mystic forge. Look at this forum post to learn more.

How do I get Level 80 Armor?


First off, use this website for researching markets: Dulfy Level 80 Gear.

If you'd like to understand how to sell lots of items in Guild Wars 2, then you need to understand who is doing the buying. One common need within the Guild Wars 2 community is level 80 armor, and the six pieces that most people get when starting out is from the Trading Post. I personally grabbed a set of Traveler's gear for farming and Berserker's for PvE. This will cost you approximately 24 gold for each set.

So if you need high end gear to start farming fractals, your best bet is to simply break open the piggy bank. This also leaves an opportunity for people who craft these items to make a profit. Same goes for trinkets and weapons.

Unfortunately, a lot of the items you craft at the exotic level simply aren't profitable. But what often gets overlooked are the "rare" markets for crafting. Most of the exotic items you can create at a loss (like berserker's) have rare forms that you can craft for a profit. Just to avoid confusion, when I say "rare form" I mean yellow quality, not harder to find.

Guess what? There are plenty of people out there who cannot afford a few gold for their items, and also do not have the karma to buy starter gear. Their only choice is to fill out their characters with rares until they can afford exotics. You will make a killing by obtaining crafting materials with buy orders, crafting the gear, and finally selling your wares slowly over time. It's one more tool in your toolbox!

Surprisingly, most players ignore this "second best" market for armor and weapons. It's a shame really... there's plenty of gold in there for everyone.

One of the primary items used to craft exotic items has recently spiked in price... check it out here. I am investing in several thousand immediately and you should too.

GW2's Unsung Hero of January 2014


Jute Scraps. That's right, one of the most common and easily accessible items in the game also happens to be my favorite item of the new year. From when I bought this gem right after new years it was selling at around 50 copper. Now I'm successfully selling my stash of 8,000 Jute Scraps for ~85 copper and rising.

For whatever reason, Jute Scraps have always sold the same day for 1 copper profit. Like right now, it's selling at 85 copper and buy orders are 73-74 copper. My theory is that it has something to do with the many balances of this game's economy, like salvaging items to get Jute Scraps. Whenever the price of the salvage items gets too high the price of jute brings it back down and vice versa.

You can make a killing by paying attention to the ups and downs of Jute Scraps, like many other seemingly super low profit items. It's a great thing to watch the price go up 20 copper, but it's also nice when it goes up 5-8 copper at a time.

Linen and Cotton scraps I also bought a few weeks ago, but they've seen drastic price decreases. This is why I don't play these markets as long term speculations. All the 8,000 Jute scraps I own were bought slowly over time, and I just never sold them as quickly as I bought them.

When was the last time you carried an inventory of items? You know, a few thousand of something that you slowly build over time? Buy low? Sell high? Start thinking about how you can do that... and here's a hint: don't log on predetermining whether you're going to buy or sell. Let the numbers decide that for you.

Defeating the Madness


Knowing what's going on during a patch can be a true challenge, but luckily for you I found an awesome spreadsheet on Reddit to help you out. It automatically downloads every item from the trading post into the sheet and determines profitability! I saw it within a very cool thread on "making 10,000 gold." WARNING: The person who posted this reddit thread only talks about speculation type gold making, so there's a lot of flashy bragging and not a lot of current value to the discussion. Try to use it as a learning experience and not an actual guide to making 10,000 gold.

With the latest patch, globs of ectoplasm and Piles of Crystalline Dust have dropped several silver in the first few hours. This could be a direct result of players enjoying the new content and getting drops, or something more sinister (such as loot chance increases). I believe it's the former, and the increase in sale orders on gw2spidy shows that there definitely has been a recent spike in people selling globs of ectoplasm. My advice: Wait until the sell orders dip back down to normal levels before buying Globs of Ectoplasm in order to flip them. Could be a big opportunity here after the dust settles... same goes for Piles of Crystalline Dust.

I believe that the increased activity at max level game play will decrease the price of other staples of the economy, like unidentified dyes. There will likely be an opportunity to buy/flip these in the near future as well.

Sprockets can no longer be sold to vendors, so expect a price drop on them in the trading post.

Want to know the biggest news for this patch? I think it's the fact that...

"Double-clicking a Black Lion Chest when players do not have any keys will now open the store and show players the keys."

Expect the price of gems to rise from this change. With each passing update, ArenaNet is getting better and better at finding ways to get us to spend real money on gems and gold. Invest in gems in February and sell it in the summer when school players come back from their three month break. Not right away, but if you see the price of gold dip down to 4 gold per 100 gems (happened this past week!), then go for it.

+1 Agony infusion is currently the only one of its brethren not turning a profit when you flip them. I'm continuing to enjoy those markets (flipping one of each except for the +1) and you should too while it lasts.

That's all for my report on the patch so far... I need time to dive into it as do you! I'll get to all your emails from the weekend as soon as possible, thanks everyone.

Top 10 Lessons Learned from 2013 into 2014


What a wild and crazy year it has been! We've seen a plethora of patches, market swings, and game changing events. But more impressive than all that is the incredible amount of information we've managed to compile in the Secret Forum. I recently created a video outlining 10 lessons learned from 2013 and how we're going to move forward into 2014.

GW2 Top 10 Lessons Learned 2013 to 2014
If you're not a member yet... you're seriously missing out on the better information and learning opportunities for Guild Wars 2. I've also decided to greatly reduce the cost of joining the forum in order to increase the number of participants, threads, discussions, etc. A price wall is essential, but after talking to many of you I have decided the original amount was too much. Enjoy the new, cheaper and better forum! Many of your suggestions/criticisms have made it to the forum, like the Journal entry section, and I look forward to adding more.

There is a ventrillo server I own that I am looking to include in the Secret Forum, sort of like a consortium for trading post players to communicate with more than just text. This will, of course, be free to all members.

Here's to a great 2014! Enjoy the video.

Six Questions from an Aspiring Trading Post Player


I received this email with a plethora of questions I'd like to answer publicly on the blog.
"Hello!  I am very excited to learn ways to become a successful auctioneer on Guild Wars 2!  I was just curious (if you don't mind) if you could please answer a few questions regarding you.  I hope to use this information to become as successful as you have :)
1) How much gold have you accumulated?
2) How long did it take for you to become successful at speculating the market?
3) Do you trade gold as a living (Idk if people actually do that lol)?
4) Why do you like to trade on the trading post so much?  
5) Have you ever had experience with/ invested in the stock market?
6) What do you look out for when speculating the market?

I know that is a lot of questions to bombard you with, but I would definitely appreciate it if you could please answer them!  I'm dying to know and become a successful trader!
Thanks for the great email Josh. There's lots of stuff I can work on with these questions to help not just you, but everyone else that's thinking them.

1) Not telling. No, seriously, I'm not revealing this. The moment I do, somebody out there (while there can't be all that many that can say they've made more than me) will claim they have more and that they therefore are more knowledgeable about the trading post. I could have 2 gold to my name and still consider myself "richer" than most because I know how to make gold consistently even if it's from nothing. Let's get you there as well ;)
2) Speculation is something you learn from paying attention to news articles about the game, chatter on forums and reddit, as well as from playing many different games over time. You learn to find the connections and realize that most developers implement changes logically over time. Eventually, you can predict those changes based on previous ones. The Xunlai Electrum Ingot is a great example of this.

3)  I do not sell Guild Wars 2 gold.

4) The trading post is an ever changing beast that I like to master. It keeps me on my toes which in turn keeps me playing. If it got stale I'd stop playing immediately, even if I had thousands of players following my blog. This actually happened a while back on my wow blog and I sold it once I found someone to take over for me.

5) Yes, I did fairly well. Small gains each year but I eventually pulled my money because I wanted to save up and get into real estate instead. My advice for anyone who wants to figure out the stock market is to invest in commodity stocks like meat and corn. These go up and down based on several factors, but it's fairly predictable.

6) I think... what am I going to buy when the patch hits? I also try to figure out what unforeseen changes are likely to occur. Even though I get one or two speculations right, I often get a dozen wrong.

Here are some starter tips for you Josh, as these questions felt more like an interview for inspiration rather than points to help you get better on the trading post.

Markco's Center for Kids Who Want to Play TP Good and Do Other Stuff Good Too

Good luck Josh, feel free to ask specific questions about the Trading Post when you think of them.

Buy Silver and These 3 Items IMMEDIATELY


Now is the time to buy Silver ore before things really get out of hand. Already rising in price from 50 to 90 copper in four days, Silver is likely to continue until it reaches the 2-3 silver mark. That's my expectation anyway, which would make investing at 90 copper a no-brainer.

As with any speculation, understand that this is a guaranteed method for making gold. There is always risk, and you need to be able to live with the risk. Also understand why Silver is likely to rise:

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mithril are likely to be used to create the material for Ascended Jewelry crafting. People leveling their Jeweler as well as creating this new item (think something similar to Deldrimor Steel or Elonian Leather Square). The patch on January 28th 2014 is likely to introduce the new Ascended Jewelry for crafting.

Have you also invested in Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mithril? Well you should have by now.

Get investing people... your time is almost up!

Disaster Looms for Incredibly Lucrative Market


Examples of What to Buy for the Patch

As many of you know, the next patch to Guild Wars 2 is coming at the end of the month. Are you prepared? Have you bought a few stacks of items like Silver, hoping for a big gain? Perhaps Mithril as well (although I believe this may not jump again quite like it did a few weeks ago).

New jewelry will be introduced to the game, so lots of items used to level disciplines related to this patch will rise in value. You'll also have lower tier items directly used in the newer recipes.

I believe that Agony Infusions will go up in value, even if it's for a short time, so having a few +1, +2, and +3's on hand might be a good idea. As I stated previously, buy these as close to the patch as possible, as nobody will realize they are rising in price until it's practically released. There simply won't be a need for new Agony Resistance until the jewelry is available with its new slots!

But A Disaster Looms

One item that I've recommended numerous times on this blog as being extremely valuable and easy to flip, is about to go into a tailspin. A select few people have realized this, and as we get closer to the patch eventually somebody will spill the beans publicly and the price will drop to a shadow of its current value.

In order to provide forum members [See Link if a Member] with enough time to short this market, I am not revealing it publicly. I will, however, be recommending that everyone buys this item publicly after the price drops, so rest assured that you will eventually make gold from this market whether you're a forum member or not.

Move Aside Might... Precision is Here


As players get accustomed to their characters, they are more likely to try stats besides Might on their gear. Read up on my "Everybody Loves Jewelry" post for insight into why so many newbie players spend their gold on trinkets with plus might on them.

Precision is another wonderful stat that players find useful for causing additional damage. While leveling, we often find ourselves looking for the next biggest damage amount we can get to splash on the screen. Precision increases crit chance, so that makes sense as a next step in gear optimization during the leveling process.

A simple search will net you several easy to flip items:

Type "precision" into the search bar, choose "Trinket" for category, and then select a level range of 0 - 20. Hit search and there you go, a whole bunch of precision jewelry that you can flip.

Give it a try.... maybe with different stat combinations, levels, etc.

Everybody Loves Jewelry


While leveling, I found myself most likely to buy a few items in particular: weapons, jewelry, and underwater weapons. Let's take a look at four jewelry items that levelers frequently buy

  1. Garnet Copper Amulet of Might
  2. Garnet Copper Ring of Might
  3. Garnet Copper Stud of Might
  4. Mighty Amulet
Why do players buy these items? What do they have in common?

For starters, they are pieces of jewelry that are better than fine (though the fine quality ones sell just as well as the masterwork ones), so players are buying these to upgrade their questing jewelry as they break into the 15-20 leveling bracket.

What else do these items have in common? Oh yeah, duh! MIGHT. Why do new players light having more might? Because it's the one stat they understand to equal more damage on their character, and they've played long enough at this point that they know what a big increase even +10 might can be.

The final thing these things have in common is that they are all of similar levels. So players are likely to buy one and then search for the others in order to complete their gear set.

These three qualities which all four pieces of jewelry share touch on the three wants that all players have:

Upgrades, more damage, and OCD.

You see, players always want to have better quality loot, an increase to their damage, and they like all their gear to be equally kickass.

That's why these mighty items sell remarkably well. As players reach higher levels, they start to see the effectiveness of other stats, such as condition damage and vitality. It's up to you to do the research, but start with what you wanted as you leveled in order to get a feel for the marketplace.

Flipping Exotics, Ascended Inscriptions, and Other Items


Received this email from someone wishing to remain anonymous. I believe they are three good questions, so here goes...

"Hi Markco,

I have been reading your posts for quite a while now, and have also been successfully making some gold of it.

I do, however have some questions:

1 - Exotic flipping: In your video about exotic flipping, I understand everything up to the part in which you say that I should try to make the buy order at -25%. I simply don't understand who would sell the item for such a price. I haven't tried this yet because of this. I always try to understand what I do first before actually doing it. Also, what does a slow flip mean? What do I have to be prepared for - a week to wait for the buy order to come through, or just 2 days?

2 - Ascended Inscriptions - similarly to exotic items, ascended inscriptions are very expensive (30g and above). Can I follow the same procedure as in the exotics market?

3 - Any items - I mostly try to flip crafting materials, since I know this market quite well now. However, I am actually not so sure how to experiment in new markets. If I look at a post on your forums, which says flip [name removed] for levelers, I am mostly stuck at the following question: How much should I buy? Should I start with 1? Do I simply have to experiment with this, or is there a way of knowing by looking at the supply/demand?

That was it for now.

Thank you for your time."

1. Exotic flipping is all about getting the buy order and then heavily undercutting the lowest sell listing. I think there's some confusion with what I meant by the -25%. I'm referring to 25% less than the lowest sell listing.
2. Yes you can. Just remember that these markets take so long to flip in most cases that they technically cost you more than you make in profits (time = money).

3. Experimentation plays a big part, but you can have this general strategy:

Try flipping one. Then two, then five, etc. Notice whether the market moves quickly or slowly.
Pay attention over the course of several days as to whether the market moved up and down in a volatile way.
Eventually you'll start to notice that the price can get higher or lower than the current value, so you act accordingly.
Biggest thing you can learn to do is to not ALWAYS decide that you're going to buy or sell before looking at the items. A lot of people get on in the morning to buy and sell at night, but they never consider that each market may require completely different strategies. I open up my trading post without knowing if I'm going to buy all of my markets, sell all my markets, or find a mixed bag because of the prices.

If i get $25 in gems should i turn it all into gold?


Brandon wrote a very simple but great email to me recently:

"If i get $25 in gems should i turn it all into gold?"

The short answer is no, not entirely. Since there is some risk involved with the following method, I highly recommend converting some of the gems into gold. Make 1/3 to 1/2 of them.

With the remaining gems, grab a bunch of black lion keys. Next, open black lion chests hoping for mini pets which you can then sell for more gold than you would have gotten from converting all the gems outright.

It's a risk, but usually worth it.

Good luck!

What's a PvPer to Do?


Felicia brings up a great point...

"Hi Markco,

I've been casually reading your Guild Wars 2 Trading Post blog for several months now, and I felt compelled today to drop you a note thanking you for all the insight you share there.  Back before I started reading the blog, I used to farm endlessly for materials and items to sell for a profit -- mind-numbing hours spent killing grawl and karka for what seemed to be very little reward.  Some of the points in your blog I already understood, but the idea of speculating had never really crossed my mind.

Back in early October, the stars aligned.  I found your blog, and shortly thereafter I also discovered item codes that heralded the impending introduction of Ascended armor into the game.  Based on my past experience in crafting Ascended weapons for my characters, I made an educated guess about the types of materials that would be needed in the coming recipes, and I started placing buy orders for stacks and stacks of various T2-T5 materials.  The orders came in, I put them in my bank -- two full tabs worth -- and then I promptly forgot all about it.  I'm a PvPer at heart and rarely leave the Mists, so these items were not burning a hole in my virtual pocket.  As you can imagine, I made a killing off most of those items -- I purchased stack upon stack of Silk Scraps, which in early October were basically vendor trash at 10 copper a pop (my little notebook says so).  I had so many that I had to start refining them into bolts just to make room for other things I wanted to save.  Now that vendor trash is worth over 2 silver each, and my only regret is that I couldn't have gotten more of them.

I do have one question though.  One of the materials I purchased (only about 4 or 5 stacks of it, because I was concerned it wouldn't do well) was the Thick Leather Section -- the T5 leather counterpart of Silk.  Lo and behold, the leather has not seen much change in value since I bought it.  Any theories about why that is?

Overall, I'm very pleased, and thank you so much for helping to guide me toward a playstyle that lets me PvP to my heart's content rather than the awful grind I'd been engaged in before.

Happy New Year"

My favorite part of your email was that you kept a notebook of your prices. That gives you such an edge over other players it isn't even fair! If you start paying attention to crafting materials over the course of a week, I'm sure you'll notice some great opportunities. Stick to the same kinds of items you stockpiled for the ascended patch and you'll see what I mean.

Now, to answer your question, the Thick Leather Section improved greatly from this patch. There was something like 8 million of them sitting out there as sale listings at 9 copper. Now it is getting as high as 12 copper at times. That is a huge improvement and eventually I believe they will go up further. Just taking longer than expected, and even if the price never gets higher than 12, that is still a small profit margin if you bought in at 9 copper. So you can always sell out if you grow tired of waiting.

Thanks for the email! Always look at player needs and you'll kick butt at speculating.

Mining Ascended Trinket Patch for Gold


Jan writes...
"Hi Markco
First of I am not sure if it’s ok to contact you via email, but I’m going to  do it anyways.
I’m a big fan of your tp guide which I just recently discovered. I have been wondering if I could ask
you about certain tp niches. If you don’t want to be bothered with that just ignore this mail.

Anyways, in the near future anet will most likely release ascended or rather legendary trinket crafting. This could be in the January update or later.

I’ve been wondering whether you would suggest stacking gold and/or platinum ore and hope that a) those will be requires in big masses, and b) people will actually want to craft trinkets, since they are already available in ascended from.

Thanks for your time"

Thanks for bringing up the Ascended Trinket Patch, Jan. Your thought process is good, but here are two other markets that will likely rise:

  • Copper Ore
  • Silver Ore
  • Mithril Ore
  • +1 Agony Infusion 

Add these to your gold and platinum ore speculations. Be warned... Agony Infusion will likely drop a lot more prior to the patch, so don't invest in that just yet.

Weekly Flipping For Dummies


No offense to Cathillach, who wrote this email, but I have included a "weekly flipping for dummies" response to his question.
"Hi Marko
I have read through some of your blog and your guides to the trading post and currently I am working my way through your secret forum. I am new to the idea of flipping items but I am generally good at math and so I have been doing ok with flipping some items using Gold wars 2 flipping items page. The main problem I seem to be having is getting my items to sell. I have listed them but they do not seem to be bringing in any money after a couple of days.
One market I would like to get into and learn more about i the weekly flipping markets. Are there any that you could suggest that would be good places to learn, most of the examples you talk about were months ago and looking at some of them now I don't know if they are still viable and as I only have around 30 gold I don't want to make too many mistakes at this point.
My username is Cathillach"

Sure, try items like the various venom sacs, fangs, claws, vials of blood, logs, etc. You will want to place buy orders when they are profitable to flip right now, write down the value you bought at and then sit on them until you like the profit margin that you see. This usually takes around a week, and eventually you'll get a feel for when to try each one.

1. Search for any of the following:
  • Venom Sac
  • Fang
  • Claw
  • Vial of Blood
  • Scrap
  • Log
2. Place buy orders on anything that is profitable. Use * .85 on the sell listing to determine profit after fees.

3. Record the value you bought each at. Paper and pencil works but excel is easier for tracking additional stats like date of purchase.

4. Check each day and sell when you see a good profit margin.

Go easy at first and only buy one stack of 250. As you get more comfortable, buy far more when you know the price can easily get much higher.

Make Gold Now or Speculate?


ATTENTION SPECULATORS AND FLIPPERS: If you're interested in getting the insider information on speculating that you desire, as well as the necessary training for flipping items and making gold in Guild Wars 2, then I highly recommend taking advantage of the recently reduced price for our Secret Gold Forum. The price is now as cheap as $3 per month! Advertisement over, here's today's post...

A blog subscriber, Vigilke, wrote to me:
"Hey Markco, I'll try to make this thought as short as possible. You often recommend people to buy up items and sell it way later after a patch hits or something like that. I want to point out that this act may not be worth it. Think into it: the amount you invest and bide your time with could be instead invested right at the moment, and make more profits. To clarify, I'll illustrate with an example. Let's say you could increase your money using only TP by 5% daily. You make your money, keep it, and the next day, you have to count the 5% to the previously earned 5% as well. The so called "compound interest". So you decide to buy hardened leather sections for 1 gold, and you hope that you can sell it at 3 golds at a later date. That's very nice, but after some calculations, you realize that you'd earn those 3 golds in about 2-3 weeks with the profit mechanic I just mentioned.

In short, you need to think about whether you could make more profit or not before the expected dates when those prices alter and you decide to sell the stored up items.

If you've read it, thanks for reading :D Might not be explained clearly, but I think the main concept is understandable."

This is my response to the question of why you should include speculations in your diversified, gold making portfolio:

It helps when you have "capped" how much gold you can make each day per market. There is only so many ways to earn a profit, and eventually you pick the best ones while spending your excess gold on speculations. So you're effectively earning more through speculation because you don't have elsewhere to put the money. In the same way, you can invest more gold at once into speculations than other markets. If prices are going to double for an item, than I can risk a hundred gold on it. But I can't do the same with, say, a faster flipping item that won't allow such a glut of items to flood the market. That would cause a big drop in the price temporarily, making me wait for my items to sell anyway!

Why Did Arena Net Change Mithril Ore Drops?


Hey all, been trying my best to get to your emails, so I apologize for anyone who's been waiting this past week. I had minor foot surgery among a host of other issues which prevented me from playing guild wars 2. I'm back though with some advice on the recently hot items to discuss which have cooled and which are just going to get hotter in the coming weeks. I've also included a special section at the end of the post on the mysterious change to Mithril Ore over the past few months.

You probably already know this, but it's almost summer time. When that magical time begins all those members of our society still in school will come back to guild wars 2 with a vengeance. This is the best time to sell common items that everyone uses on a day to day basis. Items that were cold in terms of price spikes will sudden get white hot. What should you invest in for this pivotal time? I would highly recommend all the items that have taken a hit from the ascended armor patch - Orichalcum Ore, Gossamer Scraps, etc.

Hardened Leather Sections - Stop buying these. I know I said they would go back up, but at this point, it will take a change from Arena Net for that to happen. I highly recommend buying one stack for long term speculation, but no more. If you have a stockpile waiting because of my advice, please just hold on to it. Better to wait and make a profit than lose half your investment selling now. I apologize for those who speculated on this, but it's a good lesson on why you should diversify amongst many items as well as not invest too much gold into any one gamble.

Agony Infusion - Do not, repeat DO NOT invest in any of these except for +1 Agony Infusion for long term profits. Flip each type at a time, all the way up to as much as you can afford without breaking the bank. I sell a handful of the more expensive ones each day for moderate profits, but I'm not sure if the risk is worth it anymore. Expect any changes to the game which increase the number of Agony slots (such as new amulets or rings) to generally help the price of these along, but otherwise the trend will continue to drift south.

Silk Scraps - They will see a slight price decrease over the coming weeks, but when summer hits I predict that they will shoot back up again temporarily. Instead of investing directly in silk scraps, I would recommend buying discarded garments and heavy bags, which can be salvaged into the silk scraps or sold outright for profit. As I said weeks ago, these have tremendously increased in price alongside silk scraps.

Linen Scraps - A great buy for long term profits, buy orders have doubled sell listings for quite some time. Expect these to rise when silk goes up in the summer.

Gold - Invest now, but remember that there's a lot of risk due to gold's crazy 30%+ selling fee.

Globs of Ectoplasm - They've stabilized around 35 silver, but I've been saying for a while that ascended gear will gradually increase their value over time.

Pristine Toxic Spore Sample - Hot topic for a while now, these have seen spikes as high as 300% increases in value. Pristine Toxic Spore Samples will be a trading staple for quite some time. You can even just buy and flip at the current price for small profits.

Giver's Weaponry - Search for the word "Giver" and provide a level requirement plus quality restriction. Such as Giver + Fine + level 10-15. These are fantastic items to flip, just don't attempt to flood the market or you'll end up sitting on items for a while. I believe the low level stuff does so well because players can use them in WvWvW and they scale fantastically.

Proof Arena Net Played with Mithril Ore
As you can see in the chart above, as of 30 days ago Mithril Ore was at 4 Million sell listings. At present day, it's below 750,000. What happened in half a month?! Also, what was going on in September that caused the Mithril Ore listings to jump? Bots?

Mithril Ore - Thanks to ascended armor, these have slowly risen for several months. I know it doesn't appear like a large profit margin, but the price literally doubled in just over a month. I called it on this blog quite some time ago, mainly because I noticed a massive drop in sell listings while buy orders remained constant. You know what that tells me? A stealth nerf by Arena Net to the drop rates (including loot bags that can give Mithril Ore) or possibly bot bans. It definitely didn't happen due to a change to Platinum Ore, as it's still not profitable to combine that in the mystic forge for Mithril Ore. Overall, an unchanged rate of demand doesn't explain a decrease in supply. Either way, something behind the scenes caused this to happen. I'm looking at you Arena Net, though I don't consider it a bad thing!

I understand that another explanation is that people simply bought 3 million Mithril Ore outright in thirty days, without placing buy orders. Just doesn't seem believable to me! Have to look at all possibilities though, and either way, the price will rise if people are buying Mithril Ore in droves.

Silver Ore - Lots of ways to play this market, so I would recommend investing in Silver Ore as well as Mithril Ore.

New Years Resolutions to Make More Gold


Let's face it, new years resolutions almost always fizzle half way through January. Today, I'm going to do my best to convince you that there's an important, life-changing resolution that you need to make in order to get a lot more gold in Guild Wars 2.

Walk, run, or swim your way into better physical health. Yes, I know that the realm of your physical well being seems completely separate from how much gold you can earn in Guild Wars 2; but it's definitely related.

The healthier I am, the smarter I play video games. If you're eating too much, sleeping too little, and overall ignoring your physical wellness, then your gaming will reflect that.

One of the most important steps to getting healthier is admitting that your brain initially doesn't want you to go back to the way things used to be.

Your brain strives for what it knows, implanting temptations and rationalizations into your consciousness in order to increase chemicals like dopamine (the pleasure hormone). That's the kind of manipulation that people on drugs undergo, but anyone with a food or video game addiction shares the same experience. If at any time you rationalize another piece of cake, skipping a run, etc, then you're being lied to and manipulated by your brain. You have an addiction, even if it's small, and the scary part about food addictions is you can't just abstain from food. That makes you die and kind of defeats the purpose of bettering yourself.

It takes one month to build a good habit, but that's mainly because it takes about a month for your brain to replace terrible habits with a good one. So set yourself a very simple and attainable goal, such as walking for 30 minutes BEFORE you play the trading post. Or maybe walk in between buy and sell orders so you aren't just mindlessly clicking on your screen waiting for sales to come in. You'll be shocked at how productive and better you are at gaming and life in general.

Happy New Year!

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