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Defeating the Madness

Knowing what's going on during a patch can be a true challenge, but luckily for you I found an awesome spreadsheet on Reddit to help you out. It automatically downloads every item from the trading post into the sheet and determines profitability! I saw it within a very cool thread on "making 10,000 gold." WARNING: The person who posted this reddit thread only talks about speculation type gold making, so there's a lot of flashy bragging and not a lot of current value to the discussion. Try to use it as a learning experience and not an actual guide to making 10,000 gold.

With the latest patch, globs of ectoplasm and Piles of Crystalline Dust have dropped several silver in the first few hours. This could be a direct result of players enjoying the new content and getting drops, or something more sinister (such as loot chance increases). I believe it's the former, and the increase in sale orders on gw2spidy shows that there definitely has been a recent spike in people selling globs of ectoplasm. My advice: Wait until the sell orders dip back down to normal levels before buying Globs of Ectoplasm in order to flip them. Could be a big opportunity here after the dust settles... same goes for Piles of Crystalline Dust.

I believe that the increased activity at max level game play will decrease the price of other staples of the economy, like unidentified dyes. There will likely be an opportunity to buy/flip these in the near future as well.

Sprockets can no longer be sold to vendors, so expect a price drop on them in the trading post.

Want to know the biggest news for this patch? I think it's the fact that...

"Double-clicking a Black Lion Chest when players do not have any keys will now open the store and show players the keys."

Expect the price of gems to rise from this change. With each passing update, ArenaNet is getting better and better at finding ways to get us to spend real money on gems and gold. Invest in gems in February and sell it in the summer when school players come back from their three month break. Not right away, but if you see the price of gold dip down to 4 gold per 100 gems (happened this past week!), then go for it.

+1 Agony infusion is currently the only one of its brethren not turning a profit when you flip them. I'm continuing to enjoy those markets (flipping one of each except for the +1) and you should too while it lasts.

That's all for my report on the patch so far... I need time to dive into it as do you! I'll get to all your emails from the weekend as soon as possible, thanks everyone.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    The drop in globs are likely due to the rune/sigil speculation. Lots of people buying up exotics to get the runes/sigils off them.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm really surprised you passed over sprockets so easily. They made them not selllabe anymore and also increased the supply HEAVILY with the current patch. This makes me think they might do what they did with toxic spores. Mass amounts at the start, and over time with each patch they got harder to get and increased what you could do with them. Over the course of that event they went from 1s all the way up to 7s. I have a feeling the same thing will happen with this event. Why would they have MASS amounts drop and no real way to dump them? It doesn't make sense. I can easily see them adding a vender to spend them on.

    Like with anything there is a huge risk, but I think the gamble could be one of the biggest things any player could make to get truly rich.

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