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Disaster Looms for Incredibly Lucrative Market

Examples of What to Buy for the Patch

As many of you know, the next patch to Guild Wars 2 is coming at the end of the month. Are you prepared? Have you bought a few stacks of items like Silver, hoping for a big gain? Perhaps Mithril as well (although I believe this may not jump again quite like it did a few weeks ago).

New jewelry will be introduced to the game, so lots of items used to level disciplines related to this patch will rise in value. You'll also have lower tier items directly used in the newer recipes.

I believe that Agony Infusions will go up in value, even if it's for a short time, so having a few +1, +2, and +3's on hand might be a good idea. As I stated previously, buy these as close to the patch as possible, as nobody will realize they are rising in price until it's practically released. There simply won't be a need for new Agony Resistance until the jewelry is available with its new slots!

But A Disaster Looms

One item that I've recommended numerous times on this blog as being extremely valuable and easy to flip, is about to go into a tailspin. A select few people have realized this, and as we get closer to the patch eventually somebody will spill the beans publicly and the price will drop to a shadow of its current value.

In order to provide forum members [See Link if a Member] with enough time to short this market, I am not revealing it publicly. I will, however, be recommending that everyone buys this item publicly after the price drops, so rest assured that you will eventually make gold from this market whether you're a forum member or not.


  1. Risingashes said...:

    Let's take a stab:
    New patch info is limited to:
    1) Two new world bosses
    2) Possibility of ascended jewelcrafting

    So gems and metals are going to spike/move off vendor. The bosses will bring an influx of rares, and an influx of players meaning ectos are likely to drop on balance.

    The new enemies are going to be sprocket-based and therefore sprockets are going to crash in to the floor, and the constant demand will pick them back up over time- but I don't remember seeing you ever recommending sprockets and the low spread has always made them bad for flipping.

    Toxic Spores are unlikely to be effected.

    I suppose you could be talking about Wintersday Gifts, when the patch approaches people are going to convert all their remaining glory to boxes and likely dump them on the market (as well as the fact that people tend to crash markets directly after patches end anyway as they expect instant profits and get disillusioned when it doesn't happen).

    I was going to go with ectos, but considering you're banking on a new ascended trade skill I don't see how the increased activity could more than offset the increase in demand. I must be missing something. Luckily I'm not invested in any of the above, so if at least my scattershot was half-correct I'll be safe.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Where have they said we will be getting new jewlery to craft?

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    They haven't. That is why they call it "speculation"

  1. What I would assume is that low-level trinkets are going to drop massively in price, because everyone will be creating them to get Jeweler to 500. Demand >>> Supply and prices drop.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Orbs that aren't currently in demand (everything but ruby, emerald, and azurite) will most likely go up in price as people buy them to level jewelcrafting.

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