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GW2's Unsung Hero of January 2014

Jute Scraps. That's right, one of the most common and easily accessible items in the game also happens to be my favorite item of the new year. From when I bought this gem right after new years it was selling at around 50 copper. Now I'm successfully selling my stash of 8,000 Jute Scraps for ~85 copper and rising.

For whatever reason, Jute Scraps have always sold the same day for 1 copper profit. Like right now, it's selling at 85 copper and buy orders are 73-74 copper. My theory is that it has something to do with the many balances of this game's economy, like salvaging items to get Jute Scraps. Whenever the price of the salvage items gets too high the price of jute brings it back down and vice versa.

You can make a killing by paying attention to the ups and downs of Jute Scraps, like many other seemingly super low profit items. It's a great thing to watch the price go up 20 copper, but it's also nice when it goes up 5-8 copper at a time.

Linen and Cotton scraps I also bought a few weeks ago, but they've seen drastic price decreases. This is why I don't play these markets as long term speculations. All the 8,000 Jute scraps I own were bought slowly over time, and I just never sold them as quickly as I bought them.

When was the last time you carried an inventory of items? You know, a few thousand of something that you slowly build over time? Buy low? Sell high? Start thinking about how you can do that... and here's a hint: don't log on predetermining whether you're going to buy or sell. Let the numbers decide that for you.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    You've just missed a chance for nice profit - provided you have skill points to spare. People buy jute scraps and transmute it in Mystic Forge into wool scraps (and then craft bolts of wool) to sell on TP. Few weeks ago it was 5 gold profit per 2500 jute scraps, now it's 2 gold.

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