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How to Farm Silk Scraps

This is a fantastic strategy for farming silk scraps as well as gold in general while you're in between trading post adventures. Been a while since I did a farming video, but I think it's time to start getting back into these kinds of videos. At the very least, these strategies will help you to get skill points and break apart the boredom of initially learning the trading post.

For the hard core farmers out there, who want to avoid doing "quests" and "events", this is the strategy for you. Especially if you have great gear and lots of magic find. Sometimes we just want to mindlessly farm away without worrying about the lore or having any real goals.

Head to Frostgorge Sound (70-80 Zone) and select the Highpeaks Waypoint. Head northwest from there and you'll find numerous Sons of Svanir to kill. Drops are varied, but you should have plenty of opportunities for Silk Scraps, namely through salvaging and bags.

Silk Scraps are a pretty hot commodity right now, so it makes sense to farm them while that's still true. They are a big part of making the location profitable! Your mileage is going to vary, but I was making around 5-10 silver per minute. Sometimes I'd have dry spells with no drops, but that's why you spend longer than an hour farming here to see the best results. Put on some tunes and enjoy the carnage.

Here is a screenshot to help you find the location:


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