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Make Gold Now or Speculate?

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A blog subscriber, Vigilke, wrote to me:
"Hey Markco, I'll try to make this thought as short as possible. You often recommend people to buy up items and sell it way later after a patch hits or something like that. I want to point out that this act may not be worth it. Think into it: the amount you invest and bide your time with could be instead invested right at the moment, and make more profits. To clarify, I'll illustrate with an example. Let's say you could increase your money using only TP by 5% daily. You make your money, keep it, and the next day, you have to count the 5% to the previously earned 5% as well. The so called "compound interest". So you decide to buy hardened leather sections for 1 gold, and you hope that you can sell it at 3 golds at a later date. That's very nice, but after some calculations, you realize that you'd earn those 3 golds in about 2-3 weeks with the profit mechanic I just mentioned.

In short, you need to think about whether you could make more profit or not before the expected dates when those prices alter and you decide to sell the stored up items.

If you've read it, thanks for reading :D Might not be explained clearly, but I think the main concept is understandable."

This is my response to the question of why you should include speculations in your diversified, gold making portfolio:

It helps when you have "capped" how much gold you can make each day per market. There is only so many ways to earn a profit, and eventually you pick the best ones while spending your excess gold on speculations. So you're effectively earning more through speculation because you don't have elsewhere to put the money. In the same way, you can invest more gold at once into speculations than other markets. If prices are going to double for an item, than I can risk a hundred gold on it. But I can't do the same with, say, a faster flipping item that won't allow such a glut of items to flood the market. That would cause a big drop in the price temporarily, making me wait for my items to sell anyway!


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