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Move Aside Might... Precision is Here

As players get accustomed to their characters, they are more likely to try stats besides Might on their gear. Read up on my "Everybody Loves Jewelry" post for insight into why so many newbie players spend their gold on trinkets with plus might on them.

Precision is another wonderful stat that players find useful for causing additional damage. While leveling, we often find ourselves looking for the next biggest damage amount we can get to splash on the screen. Precision increases crit chance, so that makes sense as a next step in gear optimization during the leveling process.

A simple search will net you several easy to flip items:

Type "precision" into the search bar, choose "Trinket" for category, and then select a level range of 0 - 20. Hit search and there you go, a whole bunch of precision jewelry that you can flip.

Give it a try.... maybe with different stat combinations, levels, etc.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    In my current flips i see might is faster and more profitable . Is that me or did id do something wrong

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