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Top 10 Lessons Learned from 2013 into 2014

What a wild and crazy year it has been! We've seen a plethora of patches, market swings, and game changing events. But more impressive than all that is the incredible amount of information we've managed to compile in the Secret Forum. I recently created a video outlining 10 lessons learned from 2013 and how we're going to move forward into 2014.

GW2 Top 10 Lessons Learned 2013 to 2014
If you're not a member yet... you're seriously missing out on the better information and learning opportunities for Guild Wars 2. I've also decided to greatly reduce the cost of joining the forum in order to increase the number of participants, threads, discussions, etc. A price wall is essential, but after talking to many of you I have decided the original amount was too much. Enjoy the new, cheaper and better forum! Many of your suggestions/criticisms have made it to the forum, like the Journal entry section, and I look forward to adding more.

There is a ventrillo server I own that I am looking to include in the Secret Forum, sort of like a consortium for trading post players to communicate with more than just text. This will, of course, be free to all members.

Here's to a great 2014! Enjoy the video.


  1. Jaood GW said...:

    Hi Markco, happy new year!
    I'd just like to say thanks for making this great blog, very enjoyable to read and some really great advice for making gold on here. I have just started a project of my own that is in a similar vein but with a focus on speculation and I would love to get a good community of people together to discuss and theory-craft with. Would be great if you could check it out here: Guild Wars 2 Speculator

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