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Weekly Flipping For Dummies

No offense to Cathillach, who wrote this email, but I have included a "weekly flipping for dummies" response to his question.
"Hi Marko
I have read through some of your blog and your guides to the trading post and currently I am working my way through your secret forum. I am new to the idea of flipping items but I am generally good at math and so I have been doing ok with flipping some items using Gold wars 2 flipping items page. The main problem I seem to be having is getting my items to sell. I have listed them but they do not seem to be bringing in any money after a couple of days.
One market I would like to get into and learn more about i the weekly flipping markets. Are there any that you could suggest that would be good places to learn, most of the examples you talk about were months ago and looking at some of them now I don't know if they are still viable and as I only have around 30 gold I don't want to make too many mistakes at this point.
My username is Cathillach"

Sure, try items like the various venom sacs, fangs, claws, vials of blood, logs, etc. You will want to place buy orders when they are profitable to flip right now, write down the value you bought at and then sit on them until you like the profit margin that you see. This usually takes around a week, and eventually you'll get a feel for when to try each one.

1. Search for any of the following:
  • Venom Sac
  • Fang
  • Claw
  • Vial of Blood
  • Scrap
  • Log
2. Place buy orders on anything that is profitable. Use * .85 on the sell listing to determine profit after fees.

3. Record the value you bought each at. Paper and pencil works but excel is easier for tracking additional stats like date of purchase.

4. Check each day and sell when you see a good profit margin.

Go easy at first and only buy one stack of 250. As you get more comfortable, buy far more when you know the price can easily get much higher.


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