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Felicia brings up a great point...

"Hi Markco,

I've been casually reading your Guild Wars 2 Trading Post blog for several months now, and I felt compelled today to drop you a note thanking you for all the insight you share there.  Back before I started reading the blog, I used to farm endlessly for materials and items to sell for a profit -- mind-numbing hours spent killing grawl and karka for what seemed to be very little reward.  Some of the points in your blog I already understood, but the idea of speculating had never really crossed my mind.

Back in early October, the stars aligned.  I found your blog, and shortly thereafter I also discovered item codes that heralded the impending introduction of Ascended armor into the game.  Based on my past experience in crafting Ascended weapons for my characters, I made an educated guess about the types of materials that would be needed in the coming recipes, and I started placing buy orders for stacks and stacks of various T2-T5 materials.  The orders came in, I put them in my bank -- two full tabs worth -- and then I promptly forgot all about it.  I'm a PvPer at heart and rarely leave the Mists, so these items were not burning a hole in my virtual pocket.  As you can imagine, I made a killing off most of those items -- I purchased stack upon stack of Silk Scraps, which in early October were basically vendor trash at 10 copper a pop (my little notebook says so).  I had so many that I had to start refining them into bolts just to make room for other things I wanted to save.  Now that vendor trash is worth over 2 silver each, and my only regret is that I couldn't have gotten more of them.

I do have one question though.  One of the materials I purchased (only about 4 or 5 stacks of it, because I was concerned it wouldn't do well) was the Thick Leather Section -- the T5 leather counterpart of Silk.  Lo and behold, the leather has not seen much change in value since I bought it.  Any theories about why that is?

Overall, I'm very pleased, and thank you so much for helping to guide me toward a playstyle that lets me PvP to my heart's content rather than the awful grind I'd been engaged in before.

Happy New Year"

My favorite part of your email was that you kept a notebook of your prices. That gives you such an edge over other players it isn't even fair! If you start paying attention to crafting materials over the course of a week, I'm sure you'll notice some great opportunities. Stick to the same kinds of items you stockpiled for the ascended patch and you'll see what I mean.

Now, to answer your question, the Thick Leather Section improved greatly from this patch. There was something like 8 million of them sitting out there as sale listings at 9 copper. Now it is getting as high as 12 copper at times. That is a huge improvement and eventually I believe they will go up further. Just taking longer than expected, and even if the price never gets higher than 12, that is still a small profit margin if you bought in at 9 copper. So you can always sell out if you grow tired of waiting.

Thanks for the email! Always look at player needs and you'll kick butt at speculating.


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