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6 Ways to Make Gold While Lion's Arch Burns

1. Salvage chain mail gear (along with other salvage-able items) that you get from buy orders into iron and copper ore. Easy money!

2. Play the Escape from Lion's Arch event as often as possible. It should start about 5 minutes after every hour and lasts around 50 minutes. You'll be done each time with a little room to sell your items before the next event starts.

3. Use your currency items to buy additional merchandise to sell. You can exchange your items for goods at any of the camps surrounding Lion's Arch.

4. Use the Mystic Forge by going to PvP (click the swords icon) and then selecting Enter the Mysts. You'll see the Mystic Forge to your right on the map.

5. Tomorrow I'm announcing several items that I am investing in heavily because I have a good feeling that they will play a big role in this event's future... You can see it now on the forum here.

6. As soon as this event comes to an end, you'll want to buy up every item that dropped in price due to the huge influx of loot... items like silk scraps come to mind.


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