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7 More Gold Tips for Escape from Lion's Arch

A LOT of people visited this blog for the first time last week due to the magic of Google and fueled by a need for more Escape from Loin's Arch gold making tips. Now that I have your attention, and hopefully you are visiting on a regular basis, I would like to bring up some points on playing the Trading Post during these big events that many are unfamiliar with.

1. During big events like Escape from Lion's Arch, but really any time you sell items, make sure that you are selling for 1 copper less than the lowest sell listing. Items are in high demand, so there's no reason to sell at the buy order amount for most things. See the 250 Item Buffer rule for more ideas as well as the Damn Gold Guide.

2. Pay attention to the prices of items during events because these big changes are often temporary. I expect that silk scraps will make an awesome come back after Escape from Lion's Arch is over with it's plethora of salvageable loot, but items like iron ore will fall sharply once nobody needs iron ingots for their blades.

3. Turn your lost belongings into sprockets for maximum profit. I was making around 75 silver per 100 sprockets. In comparison that's only 20 silver in toxic spore samples and approximately 40 silver in zhaittafy or candy corn. Sprockets are the way to go, and you better act fast because they were 90 silver the day before I turned in mine for 75.

4. Use the scrolls of knowledge to help complete your monthly leveling achievements.

5. Put your skill points to good use and make some gold with them! You can use the forum strategies here and here for more ideas on the best ways to do that. To gain mystic forge access I highly recommend using the mysts pvp area because it's fast and free.

6. Understand how your event works and you'll get a lot more out of it. Saving civilians is a big deal in Escape from Lion's Arch. Getting to 600 will net you like 3 special bags and 15 alliance supply bags. You can't just encourage or res them either, you need to make sure they get home safely. What I like to do is figure out where civilians are along the routes of various defends and escort quests, so I can run away to get them in between fights. You should never be sitting around waiting for events to start!

7. Warp to the Wurm Queen and Berserker bosses. There are waypoints near the bosses, so use them to your advantage! Each boss will give you an epic bag of loot, so it's unwise to pass up on such an opportunity. Watch my video on how to dodge the berserker boss attacks (first tip on it) and other tips for getting gold completion on escort quests.

PS: Yesterday I sent out an email with my latest call for speculating on the LA event. I also talked about an item that's going to explode after all the LA events have concluded. Be sure to subscribe on the right side of the screen so I can email you these tips! There will be more as things heat up with this patch!


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