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Answer to Markco's Riddle

A great question came up with regards to where I hide my money. I'll be happy to answer this and a few other questions regarding my riddle.

"But what's the point of doing this and putting money into XXXXX, when it can just sit in ur inventory or bank? I guess I'm just not understanding why."
The why is simple: If I'm not going to spend the money anyway, why not allow it to accrue interest? It's like putting money into a real bank for a long time instead of just under your mattress. That's exactly what I did by investing in the riddle's market.

Before I give the answer away, let me mention a few great guesses that were incorrect:

  • Gems - Incorrect because of "250 Item." I know I said "colorful gem," but that was a red herring.
  • Ruby Orbs - Incorrect because they aren't "Basic."
  • Glob of Ectoplasm - Can't be a crafting material.
  • Giant Earballs of the Dragon (lol good one)
  • Heavy Moldy Bag - Good try, but moldy bags haven't had new "uses," aka results for opening, added to them.
  • Bottle of Elonian Wine - The best incorrect guess by far, which is why I made the "Trouble Identifying It" line to distinguish this from the real answer.

Here is the solution to the riddle:

  1. Most of my investment eggs are in this glorious 250 item basket.
  2. You might consider my strategy too basic but I think it shows a trust in GW2's long term growth.
  3. While you may have trouble identifying it, this item has ridden every major "storm" in the economy and hides in plain sight.
  4. The item itself has remained unchanged since the game came out, but the uses have been expanded upon several times.
  5. These non-crafting materials are worth more than 5 but less than 50 silver.
  6. When the game first came out, this colorful gem was approximately 1 silver.
  7. What is my secret item that I've invested in since the game first came out?
The item is unidentified dyes. While technically a "crafting material" to some (it's used in two recipes), it's really a container. Over time I've accrued quite a collection of these, to the point now that they are worth thousands of gold. I have no idea how much I've earned from "interest" ie growth in the market, but it sure beats letting the gold sit and do nothing.

As one commenter mentioned:

"Unid dyes are not exempt from a price crash though. Remember last year when the drop rate was accidentally buffed massively? The price dropped really low before Anet nerfed the rate back to normal and the market corrected itself. I made a lot of gold from that incident, buying hundreds of unids for 2s each and selling for 10s the very next day. It's unlikely that this will happen again, but it was a mistake last time, who can say with 100% certainty that it wouldn't happen again."
The key answer to why I say it has ridden various economic storms is due to the fact that Anet wants dyes to remain expensive. They know that it's a gold sink which gets heavier the more dyes they add to it, so if the price unintentionally drops again, you can expect that Anet not sit idly by. So instead of reading the above quote and getting anxious, you should feel confident in the long term stability of this market.

Are these dyes a good investment now? Probably, but not short term and not for people who lack gold. They need to go up a good 5 silver to make you anything, and that could take some time. If you're looking for other investments but don't have tons of gold, try simple things like copper ore. I often buy when it drops to the 30ish copper margin and sell as it approaches 60. Takes weeks sometimes but always a big profit for little investment

PS: I have no intention of selling my dyes. The purpose of having my gold as dyes is to accrue interest. There's no point in looking at a pile of gold that's not getting used, and I find it difficult to safely invest thousands... no even hundreds of gold reliably on the trading post. It becomes too much to keep track of for one person. I'd rather focus on a few markets at a time to research for you guys then go crazy tracking hundreds of markets. Hence the need for stockpiling the unidentified dyes.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmm, interesting. I always thought about investing in them too but was worried that there'd be a point where no one would need anymore dyes because they've unlocked them all. I know, probably silly thinking.

    Anyways, I invest my gold into items that have reached the very bottom, ie vendor price. These items can only go up in value, as long as you have the patience to sit on them.

  1. Dang, I got completely owned by the non-crafting material. I always saw dyes as crafting material. On the bright side, I've been converting all my gold into dyes aswell for a while, so atleast that hasn't been a waste. For me it's part intrest, part a ridicilous urge to spend virtual money. Once again great blog, one day I'll be brave enough to use more of your advice!

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    Marko, your currency is spiking today, but I am not sure this will last for long. I have invested in a few of these items (one per day for some time) and I sold half of them today, but I am wondering if this is their peak now that dyes will become account bound. They will no longer drop as loot, but will there be uses for them in the future? or will they eventually decline in value as people get all their colors for the account?

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