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Escape from Lion's Arch: Buy Black Lion Chests Immediately

EDIT: For the escape from lion's arch event, I highly recommend purchasing "Powerful Potion of Slaying Scarlet's Armies" from the trading post. For just 13 copper you get +10 % damage against and -10% damage from Scarlet armies, as well as +15% experience. I got one event in after I wrote this post and I was absolutely right about getting a lot of crafting materials and high level items! A single run netted me almost 60 alliance supply bags though... so the advice I gave on black lion chests may take additional ArenaNet changes to improve the price.

I just saw this patch note about Escape from Lion's Arch and had to make a post right away:

  1. For a limited time, every chest also contains a guaranteed stack of 5 Bags of Alliance Supplies.
  2. There is now a rare chance to get a Mini Marjory Delaqua or Mini Mai Trin from the chest.
  3. Players should stop by the Gem Store to pick up their free sample of an Experience Booster, a Revive Orb, and a Crafting Booster!
Buy Black Lion Chests immediately! On the trading post right now there are a little under 7 million chests going for 3 copper each and buy orders of 1 copper. Even a poor person could invest in hundreds of Black Lion Chests without breaking a sweat. This event might not break the 7 million barrier but it's always possible. Worst case scenario you lose a small amount sell to the buy orders.

I truly believe that ArenaNet does not want to see their beloved Black Lion Chest sitting at 3 copper. They want it back in the 20-30 copper range I'm sure, and you can expect every patch moving forward to raise the value. Why not invest now while it's dirt cheap?

Other than the chests, I didn't see much to work with in this patch. What I did see is a lot of champion bags will be rewarded and players will be killing quite a few enemies for completing the escape from lion's arch quests. Expect the price of crafting materials to actually drop a bit if Arena Net provides no incentive to use all the newly acquired loot (come on level 500 jewelcrafting patch!). There may even be some less common materials made very cheap, like what happened with the karka shells. Remember how those plummeted but then came roaring back after the last open world event?

Keep your ear to the ground, enjoy the new quest lines, and most importantly, keep coming back to this site, forum, and newsletter for updates. I'll have more for you tomorrow evening after I get some game time in. Been crazy on my end with the Diablo 3 expansion looming, GW2 escape from lion's arch, and now State of Decay Lifeline announced. I'm a busy gamer!

Good Luck and Have Fun,



  1. DarrelJnz said...:

    The other big change is the addition of the new back piece. This is causing order and ingot prices to explode. Iron order went from 1s5c to 3s28c overnight.

  1. Thanatos said...:

    Black Lion chests are currently worth nothing, and that's not going to change anytime soon. Why? Because a typical player will drop a hundred of them in the same time he drops ONE Black Lyon key. So that's not the chests that are valuables, but keys. And these are untradable and will remain so.

  1. Markco said...:

    Yup... I'll have ideas tomorrow about the back piece... for now... get iron and copper ore as quickly as you can! I'm making a killing salvaging for it.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    As iron and copper ore jumped in price, probably because of that new backpiece, a logical question comes to the mind. For what reason other ore remains at the same price and what if this is the last opportunity to buy them for very cheap until they get jumped as well?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I don't understand why Mithril isn't showing a spike in price, is that down to the sheer number available?

  1. DarrelJnz said...:

    The 4 fragments of spinal blade plans are also interesting. You only need 1 set of 4 per char. So while they are trading high right now expect them to crash in 24 hours when everyone has all 4 pieces for each character. It only took me 2 runs to get a full set of 4. I also sold all ore with the intention to buy it back post-event. There is no reason to buy ore post-event other than to complete the back piece so I expect the price to go down to ~2s per ore. The other items going up are leather since you need it for the elonian squares for the ascended version of the back piece. I've dumped those too at 3x the original price.

  1. KJ Battles said...:

    Something really bizarre happened to deldrimor steel ingots last night. First off, it spiked from 3g50s to 6g50s over the patch. They suddenly all of them were bought up. Then as strange as it was, they were being relisted for 11g but made it back down to 7g when I stopped tracking it. The new back piece requires 15 of the ascended materials, so those prices are sure to spike over these next few days.

  1. i3lazeking said...:

    Just a hunch but if you're right they may give bl keys as a reward for some future event

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