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Cheapest Magic Find Method: 7 Silver Per 86 Luck

EDIT: My apologies, the title originally read 7 Silver Per 86 Magic Find instead of Luck. I hope that didn't confuse anyone.

The following strategy has been a secret on my forums since October of last year. With the release of Escape From Lion's Arch and changes to related markets, I've decided that it's OK to share this information with everyone on the blog. Please note that there will likely be a temporary spike in prices (and loss in profitability) to some degree due to this public announcement.

If you want to pay gold to get magic find in an effective way, then this method is for you.

For a small loss (based on current trading post prices), you can get approximately 1228 Luck per gold spent. Your mileage may (and really will) vary, as the rate of Luck per ectoplasm is incredibly varied. You always get something, so I guess the minimum would be around 30 per glob of ectoplasm with the maximum being 200. Watch this video on how to turn globs of ectoplasm into essences of luck and piles of crystalline dust. Turns out that you get around 1.5 piles of crystalline dust per glob of ectoplasm, so use that in determining whether this method will work for you (prices change over time and you might be reading this late).

Now, if I were to farm up 100 pieces of loot and salvage them, I'd get back at most maybe 1,000 luck. Instead, I can sell the items for about 2 silver each and then get back as much as 2,500 luck using this method.

Here's the video with more details...

If you're a forum member, you can see another way to sell the piles of crystalline dust to break even or maybe make a slight profit.


  1. iFruit said...:

    Hey there Marko!

    Am I correct in assuming you released this guide so as to boost supply of crystalline dust to tp? :)

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