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Cheapest Ways to Increase Bag and Bank Space

Should you buy bank tabs or additional bags on your character? What is the best way to increase bag space on your account? Are some methods cheaper than others? I have good news for you; it's time to optimize your bank and bag space!

Look at these two screenshots. What's crazy is that they were taken literally 10 seconds apart. Use your mouse scroll on your silver amount to test out how much you actually need to spend to get 400 or 600 gems. Sometimes there is a big gap even when the amount you're receiving is the same! For example, I could go up to 34 gold 25 silver and still be getting 400 gems. So by scrolling down to 19 silver I got the same number of gems for 5 less silver! Anet, you so sneaky ;).

Now, in terms of optimization, it costs 400 gems to open a character's bag slot or 600 gems to open a bank slot. In terms of gold that is currently around 34 gold for 400 gems and  51 gold for 600 gems. A bank tab is also 30 item slots while a character bag slot is going to be the size of your purchased bag (maximum is 20). Since gossamer bags (20 slots) are selling for 12 gold and silk bags (18 slots) are selling for 3 gold, I definitely would take the silk ones.

So, in comparison, it costs 37 gold for 18 slots on a character and 51 gold for 30 slots in a bank. My analysis here is that you should get enough character bags that you have 50-100 slots and then put the rest of your gold into your bank tabs.

But wait... there's more... 18 Slot Thick Leather Packs can be much cheaper so look into both options!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    This makes very little sense to me...or I'm missing something huge.
    37 gold for 18 slots. 37/18 ~=2.05 gold per slot
    51 gold for 30 slots. 51/30 = 1.7 gold per slot.
    So how exactly is getting character bags cheaper?

  1. Mr Soulfoot said...:

    I know you guys are more into direct gold comparisons but if you even run a few fractals you can spend the currency on 20 slot bags instead of buying them. This makes purchasing a new character slot way more effective than buying bank or bag tabs

  1. i3lazeking said...:

    or just, make a guild and spend about 25g getting architecture up for treasure trove

  1. Carl said...:

    Just thought I'd say this to anyone unaware.. for storage of items that are not account bound, you can make a guild with just you in it, buy the necessary influence from a guild promoter (about 5gold I think it costs), and upgrade a guild stash for 50 slots of storage.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wow great shout! - Ill be buying some silk now and also get me an upgrade :D Thank for this tip Marko!

  1. Markco said...:

    Character bags are more expensive, so you want just enough to be comfortable and then buy bank tabs.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    PSA: Please note there is a 12 Bank Tab limit per a account. The Germ store will not stop you from purchasing a 13th bank tab which you will not able to use. I had to contact ANET to get my gems
    back, but I got a warning that they would not refund me next time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yep.. I also just made a guild and bought the necessary influence to upgrade to treasure trove , now I have 150 slots for anything that's not account bound (crafting mats etc)

    only about 25g

  1. Anonymous said...:

    45 gold worth of influence and 18 days to get 150 slots of personal guild storage

  1. Anonymous said...:

    However the items stored in your guild bank will not show up in the crafting screen so if you're crafting a bunch of stuff like dyes and the mats are stored in your guild bank, you have to go grab them will in bank tabs they'll show up. Just a matter of preferences I guess.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Id go for either a 150 slot personal guild storage or buy a new character slot and equip with uncommon fractal 20 slot bags. These are the cheaper options IMO

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hmm can u make multiple guild banks ? Because I personally feel guild banks are cheaper than bag slot or bank additional tabs...

    However the down side is you cannot put account bound stuff into guild bank

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