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Insanely Briliant Master of Chaos

I encourage everyone to take 5 minutes to read this post. Yes, it's longer than what I usually write, but the information is quite valuable. On Monday (2/10/2014) I will be "ruining" another awesome strategy. Stay tuned to the blog to find out what it will be!

Let's Begin With an Angry Player

The conversation began with a lengthy email, so I took the liberty of paraphrasing the opening bits of discontent. The sender summed up a lot of legitimate anger at myself for posting great trading post strategies on this blog. I understand this and often I am ruining the "golden goose" that people are using as their sole method for earning gold on the trading post. But therein lies such a person's two greatest flaws... a lack of diversity and a propensity for following!

"Hi Markco,

Referring to your tip on buying heavy crafting mats bags. Ever since you posted that, I has become unprofitable. Same is with every strategy that you publish. You claim, people would leave those markets alone after a while but first, I don’t want to wait a while and second this is not always the case, some markets get ruined by your posts for months or even longer. Yes on very rare occasions you warn the members of the forum but you still ruin those markets for people who discovered them themselves. So here comes my request:

Please, please, please do not recommend buying crafting bags that give linen scraps on your blog!

They are on the way to becoming unprofitable anyways, so leave it alone. This is one of the last comfortable and easy ways to make gold. It takes no brain, it takes very little time, and yes there are a lot of other great strategies but this one is my current favorite and I don’t have so much playtime at hands to fall back to other strategies, like forging minor sigils and runes or low level armor trading. And I am not the only one who feels that way. So please, for the sake of those who are smarter than the stupid sheep who do just anything that you post on your blog:

Please, please, please do not recommend buying crafting bags that give linen scraps on your blog!

I wish you would stop all your activities on your blog, I don’t see the point, the only thing you get is luring people into buying a subscription to your forum, which is nice, because you earn money, and a lot of attention and admiration for your work. But you are inflicting a lot of damage on the economy in doing so.


[I'm going to leave this anonymous as to not embarrass the sender]"
How to Turn This Anger into Positivity

The irony here is amazing. You are basically reading my forums like scripture, and only utilizing the methods found within. Every single strategy you mentioned in your email is covered by the guides within the secret forums. You are accusing blog readers of exactly what you're doing on the forums! Now, please understand, I am not trying to make fun of you, but rather, to open your eyes.

I have good news for you! This is one of steps towards your road to victory. Getting angry about a strategy failing can be used as fuel to finding new, more dynamic methods for earning gold. So many things are connected in this game that when one goes up another goes down. Basically, new opportunities are born every day, and not just from speculation or the mystic forge. Those bags everyone is buying right now? Have you tried flipping them? Working great while there is so much interest in them. With the increase in prices many people are just selling to the buy order while farming, which means yours get filled faster. That's just one obvious example of what happened after my post, but you were stuck in the murky waters of trying to use a now outdated method.

Not Everyone is Mired in Anger

The person below is where you want to be in the coming weeks or months, depending on your play time. Another message was sent by one of your peers on the forums. Check out what she had to say below.

"Hey There Markco,

I thought I would give you an update on how I have been getting on with your advice and in general, well you'll be pleased to know I have made some quite considerable coin in profit now and have also gained some quite important insights and experience. One I think anything that is posted here from your fair hands tends to work for a little while and then begins to become less lucrative as everyone who comes here decides that's what they are going to do.

So I have got smarter, I researched as to why you were picking such markets, and began to experiment and diversify out, I now have several markets and a add three or four each day, generally in smallish amounts while I test them out. I am thinking the TP is going to be an ever changing beast and so need to not carry a glut of all the same stock but lots of quite a few. Then I store em, I have noticed that when you put a large amount on you get undercut, and eventually the price drops too much. So I store in my bank put two or three on, I never seem to get undercut and if it drops too much I just hang onto them.

I also had an excel spreadsheet made, this works out when I enter the cost and sell price of the item, how much the TP Fee's are, gives me profit, and also tells me the absolute rock bottom price I need to sell to break even as well as generally if I salvage whether it will make a profit or a loss. So thank you very much, I am very grateful and even after such a short time I really feel like I am making progress...

At least for a girly girl! *grins*

That's awesome Sarah! I try very hard to convince people to find their own path, but to lean on me for inspiration/advice. That is exactly what you've done and someone new could learn a lot just from reading that paragraph.
  1. Spreadsheet
  2. Sell a wide variety but small amounts
  3. You get undercut a lot when you try to sell too much at once
  4. Find methods similar to mine but not the same
  5. Keep track of methods that worked in the past and go back to them
Thanks so much for the update, and I hope that your words inspire others.

So Why Am I the Insanely Brilliant Master of Chaos?

Out of the chaos that I create with my blog posts and forum guides, players get molded into smarter, better trading post users. They don't realize it at the time, but with a little work and luck they quickly ramp up to beyond my own capabilities. My secret is to change the way they think and because not everyone is ok with that, some quit.

If I were to just list strategies then eventually my guides would be useless. I would make money as the shepherd, but my sheep would never grow up. Instead, I mold people over time to think like I do; To embrace optimization and learning more than blindly running the treadmill that most games consist of. Some people have even come back to me after years of reading my various blogs to inform me that I have changed their real life financial situation. Crazy huh how a little thinking goes a long way?

That's the bigger picture. You come here looking for simple gold tips, and you leave with way more than you bargained for. It's a journey that becomes a way of life.

Good Luck and Have Fun,



  1. Draco said...:

    Awesome Post! It's one of the reasons i signed up for the private forums. You can get a lot of insight from other people trading and learn other strategies that you didn't know or think of.
    I posted a method on the private forums last week and it has had great success. Yes, it closed me out of the current market of what i posted for now, but i know it will open up. More importantly, it is giving me the time to look into other strategies that i have been considering or found in the forums. I intend on posting another one of my "Cash Cows" this weekend and i again know it will close me out of it for a bit, but it also allows me the time to continue exploring another method i have been working on for profit.
    Don't stop posting different strategies, it teaches and expands one ability to do more. Knowing one method of making gold is like putting all your gold into one idea, if it's not this forum, it can be another that "reveals" your secret method.
    Looking forward to your Monday blog Markco!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Doesn't it feel a bit narcissistic to phrase this the way you have, even if you meant it tongue in cheek? Also, claiming intent or planning behind some unknowable or indirect consequences, diverging from unexplained silence on the subject, might be a sign of delusion.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    No offense, I like your blog, but he has a point.

    Not everyone is interested in spending time to learn the tricks of the trade. Some people figure out or hear one strategy and they are happy. It's fast, understandable for casual players and effective.

    Some people (moi for instance) will be able to derive new tactics or have the time to execute and research those, from old trends - but the majority will either fail or simply be upset because of old gold veins going down.

    Now the question is, do you prefer the clever minority or the casual majority?

    My personal take on it would be to only post direct new strategies on the "sercret forum" (which I'm not part of, it feels like spoiling the fun, also has a bit of the microtransaction feeling - not my taste) and rather advice people on general ideas to find new markets, tracking charts, convinient trading hints etc.

    Oh and despite everything:
    "So Why Am I the Insanely Brilliant Master of Chaos?" and "If I were to just list strategies then eventually my guides would be useless. I would make money as the shepherd, but my sheep would never grow up."

    Nope and nope. Sounds way over the top. I get what you're trying to say, but it's just way over the top and sounds like your regular "shopping channel talk".

  1. Markco said...:

    Here's what really happens (and yes, it is intentional):

    1. Casual player comes here looking for get rich quick scheme.
    2. They find some useful info that does kind of get them gold fast.
    3. But if they want sustained income for a long time, they have to change their thinking.

    If I told them from the start that they would have to work at this I would lose them, so these flashier strategies need to be mixed in with the other talk of diversification, trading tips, and other theory crafting.

    This isn't my first rodeo on the subject, and long time blog readers from my WoW days will recognize the subject matter.

  1. its like te old saying: give a man a fish and he can feed himself for a day; teach a man how to fish and force the fishmonger to diversify his business to remain profitable during times of competition ;-)

    Im level 40something and have been playing about 3 weeks, and I found this blog through looking online for the Black Lion selling charges, so i certainly was not here looking for the answer to easy gold.
    I was looking for this info because id figured out a way to make a little cash on the TP. this figured this out on my own without the help of this blog. I consider myself smart enough to identify potential, but not smart enough to recognise I'd found something special.

    This blog has helped me recognise that im being smart, and helped me understand why ive been smart.

    The point being made is that im most likely not alone either. id wager there are uncounted thousands of people with exactly the same mindset as me, doing the same thing at different times.

    This blog is not breaking the market - its a place for like minded people to share thoughts and ideas.

    Keep up the good work.
    ps. i woke up to 10g this morning after investing in ailver ore a few days ago. this was before i read your post about investing in metals. =)

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