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Items You Bought for the Wrong Reason

For whatever reason, I've been out of commission all Sunday morning... I can't buy, sell, see buy orders, or even view what I'm currently selling. While waiting for the trading post to work again, I decided to do research on how a few markets I've outlined this past week were performing.

Several bag containers have increased in price by 10%-40% thanks to the Linen Scrap advice. Predictably, fine dyes are also increasing in value from the Time to Dye post. Let's talk about a few lessons to learn from these events, and hopefully you'll make gold next time I reveal such trading post secrets.

First off, read this article on what to do when I reveal one of your cash cows. There's a lot to learn from that piece if you already are trying to profit from a market I discuss publicly on the blog, but you may have also noticed a little tidbit of knowledge regarding what to do if anything I say is completely new to you. Namely, you want to invest in the very item I recommend people try to purchase to then open/salvage/etc.

So for the dye post you would want to invest in fine dyes, only to sell them to anyone trying to manipulate the mystic forge as I showed in that video. With linen scraps, you'd want to buy all the bags that turn into those hoping to also flip to the hungry rich seekers coming from this blog.

I cannot ethically perform such actions, and I haven't for these methods, but there's nothing stopping you from temporarily taking advantage of the situation. Then, as the strategies fade into the background again, you can use my methods to profit with far less competition in the way.

The other lesson you should take away from my "big reveals" is to use my strategies on similar, unannounced markets. That way you learn the method but apply it to new areas of the trading post. I'm teaching you how to think, not just repeat everything I've done ad nausea.

EDIT: After writing this post, a message came up in my game that the trading post was down for maintenance.


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