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Legendary Precursors and Flipping the Mystic Forge

You can make a lot of gold from people who chase after their legendaries. I'm not going to give you every answer in this post, nor another riddle like before. However, I will give you the guidelines that led me to one of the easiest markets to flip for big profits.

For someone creating a legendary precursor using the Mystic Forge, they have a few methods for doing so.

1. 1 Level 60 rare weapon plus 3 rare level 80 weapons.
2. 3 Level 75 rare armor plus 1 level 75 rare weapon.
3. 4 Level 80 Exotics
4. Basically... any combination that averages at or above level 75 will have a chance at a legendary precursor. You have to include a weapon in there I believe as well.

If you use four of the same item types (like four daggers) then you will always get a dagger back... whether it's the precursor, rare, or exotic.

This strategy for creating precursors has kept the market fairly stable and lucrative. What's more, all level 60, level 75, and level 80 weapons/armor have remained profitable to flip. From what I've seen, however, your best bet is to focus on one of these markets in particular, and that's what I'm not going to reveal in this post. However, I will tell you how the strategy works for making the flip, so it can be applied to all the markets until you find the one that works best.

Step 1: Put in your search criteria so that you only see the armor/weapon of the right level and quality you want to flip.

Step 2: Sort the items by least to most profitable. Look at the lowest priced buy out that you see (there may be several before this point that do not have sell listings and only buy orders). That is how much you're going to sell for. Be careful, if the price is really low it might be close to that item's buy orders, which means it is way under priced and an easy buy for you.

Let's pretend that the lowest priced item was 30 gold (this is completely fake so as not to give you a hint at the best market!).

Step 3: After identifying the lowest sell listing, multiply by .85 to get your maximum bid price. I use .75 so I can get a 10% profit per flip minimum.

If the price was our pretend 30 gold, then our maximum price range is 22.5 silver (I multipied 30 by .75 to get that).

Step 4: Go through the first few pages of listings and place 1-5 buy orders on each item that at or below your predetermined maximum bid price.

In our example, that would be any item with a buy order I can place at or below 22.5 silver.

Step 5: Play the game and come back much later to see if you won any items.

Step 6: Relist with a 1 copper undercut but only list one of each item at a time. So if you have 7 rare or exotic axes of grawl slaying you'll only want to sell one of those to avoid creating a wall for yourself.

With this method, you should be able to make 10% profit on your investment. So if I put 3 gold in I'll make 30 silver back each time. Considering how quickly you can invest that much gold into this strategy (items are pretty expensive) this is a great way for players with a lot of gold to get something back for it.

While you aren't making the crazy 30%-50% back that you can with niche crafting markets, you can make a larger amount despite only getting 10% per sale.

I have a terrific strategy in the forums here for finding and exploiting niche crafting markets.


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