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My Markets Are Dye-ing

Puns aside, I am very sorry when I ruin 'your' market on the trading post. Everyone has their current cash cow; their go-to market for easy, reliable gold. When that market becomes public, that can be quite aggravating!

Recently I talked about turning fine dyes into masterworks, and how the fine dye results were often quite valuable, so you didn't even have to get masterworks to earn a profit. One commenter summed up their frustration with this:

"Why do you do that to me? I did this every week and like the announcement of this "technique" on another site, some months ago, again your announcement made it practically impossible to do so.

I have to say if i where you, i would make so much gold of these announcements since you practically manipulate the market for a short time... just buying huge amounts of dye, dropping the announcement and reselling them would make you what? Up to 60g instant?"

Allow me to respond in a productive manner, in order to help this person continue making lots of gold with the same strategy.

1. You can still do this method. The key is getting buy orders and being patient. You will also want to cut the time it takes for items to sell by using the highest buy order instead of undercutting the lowest listing. Yes you'll make less, but it will keep you from getting undercut when the strategy is being tried by so many get rich quick schemers at the moment.

2.  This strategy is actually quite new. You say that you saw it months ago, but what you saw was a terribly basic version of this method. Nobody else that I've seen has recommended that you check the value of the non-upgraded results from the forge. They all just say "keep going until you get a bunch of upgraded items". This is a surefire way to lose gold!

3. The point of this post is to show you what's possible... there are far more methods that work thanks to that one little tip about checking the value of the non-upgraded results.

4. I could profit from these kinds of posts, but I choose not to. Besides, the market will stabilize and work in a few weeks. In the mean time, use some of the other forge strategies that have flown under the radar thus far. If you know this one you can find the others!

Once in a while I will let the forum members know about these kinds of posts in advance. They could then choose to buy up the dyes before everyone goes to try this method. In this particular case I did not choose to do this because there wasn't enough room in the profit margins to allow for such manipulation and still work for the vast majority of players trying it out.

I hope you learned from this post and focus your efforts on finding all the other mystic forge strategies that work based on whatever knowledge you gleamed from my video. Sorry for spoiling your cash cow, but my goal is to help you find several more!

The commenter later followed up with this response:

"I was just teasing a bit because of the market overrun now thanks to your post nothing more hehe. Didn't mean any offense.

I really appreciate your work don't get me wrong i have learned quite a few things from it. It just bothered me a bit that i have one market less for a while now and i wanted to rant a bit about it. :D"


  1. Anonymous said...:

    You even talk about another method in the video, which I know you showed in the podcast you were on awhile. The minor runes one mystic forge, however the minor runes weren't even touched. Still 18 copper a rune and it works the same. Now only if I didn't have tendinitis in my elbows making it painful to do mystic forge stuff like this. :(

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