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Why Thick Leather Sections are Rising So Much

Certain leather items are really rising in price, and it took me until this morning to figure out why. I was reading notes on how to upgrade my spinal blades to a tempered version and saw that you need 500 Tailoring, Leatherworking, or Armorsmithing to create them. Ah-hah! Light bulb moment! People who aren't 500 in those categories are buying up items in order to speed level and craft their tempered spinal blades.

Expect these prices not to last after the Escape From Lion's Arch event is over, as everyone who wants to be 500 in those disciplines will already have reached their goals by then. But if you stockpiled them back when I told you to months ago... this will be a nice little profit for you! I expect them to get to 12-15 copper each.

Anytime ArenaNet sees a high end material that is selling for vendor cost you can expect that they will do something to increase its value. Same thing happened with silk scraps around the same time I recommended buying up those and thick leather sections (though the silk definitely didn't increase during this event!).

Another tip for playing Lion's Arch since this post is pretty short: Salvage your light fine and masterwork items but sell to the vendor your heavy and medium stuff. If you need magic find more than gold, I would also advise salvaging everything even though you'll only make about a 3rd of the money you would selling to the vendor.

Finally, a quick question: are you working on your back piece? Looks like it is going to take a lot to get to the tempered version, and sadly for me I can't just buy everything. Oh well, at least I am really having fun playing escape from lion's arch!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    What do you mean you cant just buy everything? :) I see people on you tube doing crazy things like opening 500 black lion chests. You must have more "Gold" then all of those people put together. and I say this with respect... no offense :) BTW: How is this guy able to spend the kind of gold that he does? https://www.youtube.com/user/GW2Spending?feature=c4-overview

  1. DarrelJnz said...:

    I'm actively waiting on the event closing before working on the back piece. I'm more interested in cashing in my overpriced iron ore. Once the event is over and prices fall I'll start on it. In the meantime LA is such a farmers paradise.

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