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As I outlined in the above video, the goal here is to make gold every single time you do this. Hence the term "Risk-less Profits." You aren't going to need to figure out the average cost of anything or do heavy mathematics to make a profit. Instead, you're going to buy basic armor with buy orders for less than the ore they always salvage into. It's that easy! Here is a run down of the two strategies I use so that not even the salvage kits cost me anything.

Strategy #1: Salvage Basic, Heavy Armor
  • Guaranteed to give you ore, so determining what price to buy at is easy.
  • Buy orders are required to make this profitable, so you won't always get items to salvage.

Strategy #2: Get Salvage Kits from Containers
  • Bags give 'free' crude salvage kits.
  • Buy orders required so you won't always get containers and then you might get super unlucky with obtaining salvage kits from them.
  • Butter and Jute Scraps easily cover the cost of these containers (see below for name).

How do you combine these strategies?

These two strategies put together are an easy way to make gold. The real secret here, however, is to take my method and discover new ways to use it. Namely, try going for higher level ores besides copper. The trick is to use basic items (white) that have the 'heavy' description. You know that these will always turn into ore, so that makes figuring this strategy out pretty simple! In the video I give the example of level 0-5, basic, and heavy armor for salvaging, but how do I get my salvage kits for free?

Once you identify which items are worth salvaging and placing buy orders on, then you're going to want to find some "free" salvage kits. Obviously nothing is free, but I use Bag of Pinched Goods to obtain salvage kits in addition to earning a profit from the other contents therein. Butter and Jute Scraps are the money makers with everything else being a nice bonus.

Now, you could use this Salvaging List on the forums, or just put the time into finding these methods on your own. That little bit of effort requirement is enough to keep the vast majority of players out of the  market, so I'd like things to remain that way!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I tried this method with success but there are some armor that is impossible to salvage. How to know which one are not salvageable?

  1. Markco said...:

    If you're searching on your own, I would suggest buying 1 at a time to check. Keep a list for yourself!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Typically White items that have a level divisible by 5 cannot be salvageable because they are vendor bought items.

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