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Does Matt Need Mathematics?


"Hey marcko i really dont get this maybe its because im only 14 and havent taken higher level math yet i understand the buy low sell high point but i dont know how to tell if im making anything or if im using my time wisely buying and selling the things im using ive read most of your blogs but i sit dont understand playing the tp please help because i reakky want to make alot of gold.-Matt"

Two things:
1. Start flipping level 0-5 fine quality armor and weapons. Place buy orders up to 5 on each and flip any of that that sell for around twice the price of their buy order.
2. Start reading the price of tier 1 crafting materials (they have the word "tiny" in front of them). Write down the price each day and you'll see how much these items change in value throughout the week.

See if that helps my man. You don't need any high level math courses to succeed!

Some more tips...

Learn the .85 rule.
Understand how to flip an item.
Look for more items to watch before flipping.

If you need even more help identifying items to flip, try the GW2TP for almost live updates.

Time to Cash In on Sprockets


Watchwork Sprockets have gone up over 2x what they were worth during the Lion's Arch events. Now is definitely the time to cash in on them as well as Pristine Toxic Spore Samples. Silk scraps do not appear to be going beyond 2 silver any time soon, so I would sell those as well if you haven't already.

Selling isn't the only thing we do here to make gold, so let's talk a bit about when to buy some items that will soon be hot sellers. I predict that Copper ore, Mithril ore, Silver ore, and Platinum ore will all increase after the April 15th patch. The Copper Ore in particular appears to have stopped dropping now that people no longer need blades crafted. You might want to begin buying each of these ores in small amounts leading up to the patch day.

Certain Unidentified Dyes (think red, yellow, etc) have increased in value since it was announced that many changes were coming to color our clothes in Guild Wars 2. While the ship has probably sailed for buying these, I believe that the items used to craft these unidentified dyes will continue to increase. The much neglected walnut (used to be 8 copper on a good day) is now worth 35 copper! This just goes to show why you should have at least one stack of every crafting/food item worth vendor value in the game. You never know when a change will turn garbage into gold, and you don't want to leave it to chance whether you will be fast enough to take advantage of new deals.

Speaking of Unidentified Dyes, they are at 39 silver buy out and 36 silver bid. That is actually almost a profitable scenario for flipping. While they are sure to rise above 40 silver after the patch, do not waste your money buying now. Instead, buy right after the patch when a massive (but temporary) increase in supply drives the prices down to a few silver. Afterwards they will steadily rise, making unidentified dyes a great way to invest your gold long term.

Fine, Masterwork and Rare Dyes are fantastic flips right now! I am making a killing right now flipping for 20%-40% profit each time. Spread out your buy orders and enjoy the rewards.

If you have any dyes from before these changes took place, combine them at the mystic forge and go for some massive profits!

Last but not least, I want to mention sigils. I have tons of them stored in my bank and character bags because I just know that the double sigil change to two handers will make prices soar. I'm keeping all the different qualities just in case it's better to mystic forge instead of just flip.

Keep paying attention to the various updates that ArenaNet is giving us in preparation for April 15th. Oh... and do your taxes if you live in the US.

New Announcements Mean New Ways to Make Gold


Every day ArenaNet is making announcements about the upcoming patch in April. Are you paying attention to the front page in order to find out as the news breaks? Well, you should be, as opportunities have been steadily increasing in number and profitability. Several have been mentioned on the forums or on this blog, but you can do a lot of the detective work just from thoroughly reading the breaking news announcements.

From the looks of things, the PvP changes today will not have an effect on the economy. Except maybe, this statement:

"With this release, we are adding new runes, sigils, amulets, and traits outside of the core set. The core set is always open and available to all PvP players. New runes, sigils and amulets can be unlocked for your account with gold; new traits can be unlocked for your character for gold and skill points. These items are purchased directly from the UI. If it’s locked, simply click on it to unlock it!"

This tells me that people will be spending a lot of gold early on after the patch to unlock what they need, as well as skill points. Expect the methods for turning skill points to gold to be more profitable temporarily after the patch. See forum video on skill point diversification when making gold.

Pay attention to the new announcements, avoid jumping to conclusions, and be sure to read the whole post, not just the big, bold highlights.

More Dye Analysis


So dye prices across the board are starting to approach the actual value of unidentified dyes. This is because people know that learning a dye on multiple characters will net them unidentified dyes for each extra one they know. I am not sure that stockpiling 250 of the same dye, however, will turn into 249 unidentified dyes. You might just get the warning message that you already know that dye! So tread careful and don't just stockpile a bunch of the same dye. You're better off buying one for each character you own and learning it once for each of them before the patch. That being said... the price is getting to the point where it's not saving you any money.

Here's the one thing that people are forgetting when it comes to dyes in the future (after they plummet from so many hitting the market at once post patch)....

ArenaNet will continue to release new dyes.

They'll sell unidentified dyes for gems and find new ways to make money from their gem store. You can bet that the extreme rarity of unidentified dyes will make them an easy thing to sell many months from now.

Some food for thought. I've seen people trying to buy unidentified dyes right now to flip later, but that's probably a waste of your time. You're going to be better off buying them when they hit rock bottom just after the patch!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please read yesterday's post on dyes in April.

Account Bound Wardrobe is the Death of Dye Prices?


Will the price of dyes tank due to the account bound wardrobe coming soon to Guild Wars 2? Have you not heard about these changes set to appear in April? Right about when you hastily fill out your taxes, the way we obtain dyes will change forever. Here are the announced patch notes:

"...dyes will no longer be unlocked per character but per account instead. When you unlock a dye after the feature pack is released, all characters on your account will have unlimited access to that color.

If you already have the same dyes unlocked on multiple characters, when you log in on additional characters, you will receive one unidentified dye for each duplicate dye already unlocked on your account."

People are reading this and panicking, thinking that dyes will be worth nothing after this patch goes live. They are only partially correct! While the price of individual dyes, such as gold, white, etc, will drop in value, the price of unidentified dyes will skyrocket.

How did I figure that out? Well I read further down the page...

"With dyes becoming account unlocks, the demand for dye will decrease and unidentified dyes will no longer drop as loot but will still be available from the Mystic Forge and select in-game rewards."

So that means you will have to use laurels as the primary source of your unidentified dyes! How many people do you know who will do that?

At first, dyes will be rather cheap, even the unidentified dyes. But over time they should be destined to increase in value. As a long term investor, I would recommend buying unidentified dyes only if they plummet to the 5-10 silver range at the beginnings of the patch. Mark my words, they will go well beyond their current price over time.

Right now, if you're looking for a quick buck, you can turn your laurels into unidentified dyes and sell anywhere from 40 to 80 silver each. Not bad! *Be careful, this advice will not be correct forever.*

For anyone who's wondering, my stockpile of unidentified dyes is not getting sold. I will hang on to it and ride this storm out. As of right now my stockpile is worth thousands of gold!

Are You Making Gold But Not Enough?


A lot of players start off with my strategies for flipping armor and weapons, especially the lower level items. This player in particular, Kilian, had reached this milestone but asked for my advice on getting to the next level of gold making. Here's his email and then my response, which will hopefully assist you if you're in the same boat.

"Hey there!
First of all I'm sorry if my English might be poor, I'm no native speaker.
A quick introduction to begin with, I'm fairly new to gw2 (playing since 3 weeks), but not new to the concept of trading as i did this to earn money in a lot of other MMO's too. I subscribed to the secret forum on Saturday and been reading the forum and your blog since, really enjoying it so far, a big thanks to you, as this has helped me a lot to establish and get going into this market.

A Problem I'm struggling with:
i tried buying  level 10~60 Armor/Weapons/Trinkets when they are at least the half of the sell orders i place my buy orders (2-3 per Item). Everything good so far and I'm making a good profit with this method so far.

HOWEVER my problem now is, I'm not taking notes down, so for these "cheap" items i'm not going to list every single one in an excel sheet, to look up the buy price later. This would slow me down a lot i think and so far I'm fast enough to go through a site of items in under a minute, placing my bids. If I'm going to bid on 500-700 items listing them all up would take HOURS and minimizing my Profit.

So to get to the point I'm struggling, I don't know how much i can undercut other People and still make a profit, as i can't remember all those items. And i think this is a point that if I could improve this, would make my Gold per hour go up by a lot.

Also I am a very patient person, I have no problem to let those item's listed for 2 weeks if they sell, but on the other hand I want my money back to invest  it again and throw it into the TP.

The other Problem I have is the following:

I just take today as an example, I started the day off by removing the old buy orders from yesterday, starting to sell my stuff and placing new Buy orders. I was sitting at ~160G and after putting up buy orders for Armor/Weapons/Trinkets/Runes(tried Runes the first time today) I was at something around 50G. This process took something like 1.5h to complete, afterwards I took a quick 30min break, when I came back I bought a lot of Stuff and already sold some thing(from the sale and buy orders I placed earlier), so my money was already coming back.
After this process I was at ~70G and some more stuff I put up.
I tried investing this 70g into whatever but with flipping I just seem to can not get my money to 0G. I have no clue what to do with this spare money, but letting it sit in my inventory won't get me more money.

I hope you understand what I'm asking and maybe you have some stuff i can read related to those Questions, thank you in advance and have a good day!
What Kilian has done, and thank you Kilian again for the great email, is outline exactly where most people get confused with my methods. They have begun to make profits flipping armor and weapons, but they can't figure out how to spend all this extra gold they're making. You just can't invest it all in a reasonable amount of time with the armor flipping strategy. This is a good thing people! It means that you've made your starter cash and are ready for the next level of flipping.

Kilian mentions that he cannot keep track of all the items because they are so varied. Let's fix that problem by investing more gold into specific items instead of little amounts of gold into hundreds of items. When I tell people to start tracking sales, I am not talking about armor and weapons. I'm instead referring to crafting materials like food, ore, wood, scraps of cloth, etc. These are the items most affected by patch notes and weekly schedules of the playerbase.

Continue to make gold the way you are Kilian, but now begin to spend more time investigating crafting material markets. Look at the price of something like silk scraps and see if the value ever goes up or down throughout the course of a week. Pay attention to major patches (like the Escape from Lion's Arch) that affected the price and use your analytical skills to determine what will happen post patch.

Start with food and mix in the different tiered crafting materials (ore, wood, cloth, fangs, venom sacs, totems, scales, claws, blood, etc). Instead of looking for items which are selling for half price (that's almost never the case), you'll want to look for items which are at below their normal selling value.

This is not something you can figure out by looking this instant at the current buy and sell orders like you can with the strategy you're utilizing to flip armor. You have to look now, jot down the prices, and then look again tomorrow to notice the difference. Keep writing down values, use sites like GW2Spidy, and get information before investing. While you wait, you can continue to make starter cash with your current methods.

Once you start flipping trading materials though, you're going to experience a much bigger rush. Both in terms of enjoyment and influx of gold!

Salvaging Continued


Been busy guys and girls, but here is another video on salvaging left over from the other day.

While speculating is good fun, I definitely want to continue mixing in the everyday activities that actually make players rich in this game. Like using the salvage-o-matic ;)

Ferocity Causes Runes to Spike


Have you heard about the new Ferocity changes?

All this time I've been hoarding sigils because of the pending double sigil per two hander change that's been promised forever and a day. Boy was I wrong!!! Runes are where it's at right now, and you should be hoarding them as soon as possible.

One strategy you can use to take advantage of this situation is to buy popular runes that have precision right now with buy orders and then sell them immediately for a modest profit.  I've been selling the Superior Rune of Hoelbrak, which is spiking due to a reddit post about it.

Eagle went up as well, because ArenaNet foolishly used that item as the posterchild for the change lol.

I've created another strategy for doing this more effectively on the forums.

Salvage O' Matic Gold and Luck Guide Videos


I've come up with a simple gold/luck making guide for the Salvage O' Matic. The concept is so simple that you don't even have to understand what items salvage into in order to make the gold! Try it out for yourself with these two videos...

(Yes I know I said this would be for our secret forums only but at the last second I changed my mind. We already have an extensive guide for salvaging on there and I felt these videos would confuse people. Feel free to combine both strategies for the best profits.)

Salvage O' Matic Part I 

Salvage O' Matic Part II 

For the speculators out there and in case you missed it, I put a post out late yesterday on what to invest in after the Lion's Arch event came to a close. Don't miss out on those easy gold making opportunities!

Lost Belongings are the Key


If you're looking for something to invest in this second, you're almost too late. I am investing heavily in the two of the items which you can get for turning in lost belongings from the Escape and Battle for Lion's Arch events. Choose carefully but also quickly, because prices have already shot up 25-50% on these items.

Supply and demand people! Expect prices to climb much more on Monday after every weekend warrior has sold their lost belongings for a profit!

For the forums, I'm working on a salvaging video for getting luck and earning a profit. No, it's not salvaging globs of ectoplasms this time (which never made a profit, just lots of luck).

Did you enjoy the Lion's Arch events and defeating Scarlet? I sure did and I'm looking forward to the next series of patches. Especially the double sigil on 2-handed weapons and jewelcrafting 500!

Assault Power Cores Spiking


Sorry for my delayed posting on this topic, as Assault Knight Power Cores have been spiking all weekend. Their prices have literally quintupled in some cases, and seem to be continuing to do so even today.

Assault Knight Power Core
BEWARE! This spike will not last forever. My advice... buy them today and sell them tomorrow for a nice 10-30 silver profit. But then get out before the weekend! My guess is that their prices will start to fall as the Lion's Arch event end looms and less people need them.

Anyone who is buying now hoping to sell after the event, again, BEWARE! We've seen this before with other items, which do in fact spike but take forever to sell. Having 50 Assault Knight Power Cores right now is a great thing, but having them in a few weeks will be a horrible conundrum.

You have been warned... trade safely! Tomorrow, March 18th, the Supply Bags will stop dropping. You might want to look into other items spiking in price as well... we'll discuss it on the forums here.

I don't want to go too far off topic on this blog but if you're wondering what I was working on this weekend instead of writing about Guild Wars 2, then check out my own RPG.

My Own RPG


Today's GW2 post can be found here: Assault Knight Power Cores Spiking.

Powerful Bonuses on Gear

Any constructive criticism you could throw my way on this action RPG I've been developing (started over the weekend) would be really appreciated! I'm only a few nights into building it but already I think it's a very fluid/entertaining experience. The items that drop are always valuable with set stats but then have a chance to possess powerful bonuses either for "when struck" or "on attack". For example, you might get the "Raise Dead" bonus on a ring with a 30% chance when hit in combat to raise a skeletal ally. Another example might be picking up a Simple Bow with the "Fire Ball" bonus on it which has a chance to shoot a fireball in front of you that can hit multiple enemies in a line.

Design Philosophy

There are no levels in the game. As you build up experience, you increase your chance to find magical items with bonuses on them. Death's only penalty is a reset to 0 experience, which will hurt your ability to find items temporarily. Armor has defensive bonuses, weapons have offensive, and your two ring slots can have either. Building an interesting character with specials that compliment their stats and play style is quite fun! For example, you might craft really nice rings at the blacksmith with +health and +attack to boost the health/attack of summoned allies. Or you might go with a dagger that attacks very quickly and does low damage, but then make the rest of your gear +damage in order to have insanely high dps at the cost of health and armor. My personal favorite is getting a Big Club with Heal so I'm dishing out big chunks of damage while also healing myself for the same amount.

Each area has a small loot table, so it doesn't take forever to farm at least the basic version of the items you want. Also, bosses give you a very high chance of getting an item with a bonus, so even if you're constantly dying you can still get some good loot.


At first I made the game way too hard, so I've turned down the difficulty significantly keeping in mind that this is the beginning of the game. So if you find it too easy, that's why, and don't worry, it's going to get far harder as the storyline progresses! ;-)

Beating the Game

As of March 17th if you complete the escort quest the background will turn white and you'll have beaten the game as it stands. There is going to be a save feature implemented soon that will record your progress to my server as well.


Yes, I know the graphics are terrible, and I plan on having a graphics artist redo all of my frames in flash. If you are one and would like to take part in this, please shoot me an email!

Thanks for your feedback and I hope you enjoy the RPG,


PS: The game is for PC only with the flash plugin, so if you're on a mobile device it will be blank.

Craft this Item for 20% Profits


You can craft 5 Quality Tuning Crystals by combining 6 Piles of Incandescent Dust. Determining profits for this kind of crafting is pretty easy, so it always surprises me how many people miss this opportunity (and dozens of other ones like it).

Let's look at the math behind it, shall we?

6 Piles of Incandescent Dust ~ buying for 7 silver
5 Quality Tuning Crystals ~ selling for 10 silver
Profit = 1.5 Silver

That's a 21% profit! Like all things your mileage will vary, and I highly recommend that you explore additional markets on your own. In a few minutes you'll discover plenty of crafting opportunities right now, and I think that's because people have written them off for months only to miss out on tons of gold!

By the way, this tip comes from Draco4444 on the forums. He's been buzzing about lots of crafting opportunities lately and I think he deserves a big shout out on here. Thank you Draco!

Why Not Invest in These Today?


Let's try a little experiment this weekend, and I'll tell you what I did last week for big profits. I purchased on Sunday morning (East Coast) and sold on Thursday late night for the following items:

Artichokes purchased at 71 copper and sold for 86 copper. (2 copper profit)
Raspberries bought at 94 copper and sold at 1 silver 49 copper. (32 copper profit)
Blackberries bought at 23 copper and sold at 32 copper. (4 copper profit)
Blueberries bought at 23 copper and sold at 30 copper. (2 copper profit)

I purchased 2 stacks of each item in about two minutes of effort. I did my due diligence, checking the price of competition both when buying and selling to snipe easy buys or to overcut people who were pricing too low. Consider using tips like the 250 item buffer rule when posting (you need to right click -> buy more at trading post to see the current listings for an item you wish to sell). I know it's annoying and often pointless, but there are times when it really pays off. For example, there were around 120 Blackberries priced between 28 and 30 copper, none at 31 copper, and a handful at 32. Selling at 32 made the process profitable for me and then some. Worked great for the Raspberries as well; earning me an extra 10 copper there per item.

In total I made .3 + 2.4 + .3 + .15 = 3 gold 15 silver for two minutes of searching/listing and about three seconds collecting.

Obviously I invested in a lot more than four items, but if I list them all then you won't make an attempt to learn for yourself. This should get you started... so start shopping this weekend and wait to sell until later in the week. Here are 50 more items to flip... remember to investigate similar items instead of just using that post verbatim.

If Sigils Really Double for Two Handers...


I've gotten several emails about double sigils being available on two handed weapons soon. I definitely welcome such a chance, though I only saw patch notes about this a month ago and no word since. If you have confirmation that the sigils will really be doubling soon, please leave a comment with a link below.

I have had a super tough week with a cold, so your help is appreciated! Assuming that the emails are true (which I'm sure they are, you guys and girls are awesome about contacting me with tips), here is my advice for how to stockpile sigils in advance:

Start with the masterwork and rares, not just the exotics. Every time a top tier item rises in price, it drags the lower tier items along with it. That would be the masterwork and rare sigils, which can be combined four at a time into the mystic forge. If you're going to invest in exotic sigils, consider the most popular ones but please don't overlook the sub 20 silver sigils either. I flip those all day for double my money!

I have a super old post on runes (same concept).

Also check out my public video called Time to Dye, as it showcases neat tricks while using the forge.

If you're a forum member, consider my video on diversifying with the mystic forge and skill points.

Turn Black Lion Salvage Kits into Gold


I recently got an email from Ed who reminded me about making gold utilizing black lion salvage kits. We all get them while leveling and perhaps you even have some from your dailies (3.5% chance). For whatever the reason, if you have Black Lion Salvage Kits handy then you can turn each one into as much as a gold in profits! Here's how...

Look at Exotic Runes and Sigils (moreso runes). For this example I looked at Dolyaks (which is what Ed suggested as well, thanks Ed!).

Selling one of these at 2 gold 4 silver gives you 1 gold 73 silver back (2.04 * .85 = 1.734).

Here's how I will search for Dolyak armor with this rune in it...

Going through the results (and checking buy orders since obviously there are no available buy outs)...

I found this guy: "Rampager's Pit Fighter Greaves of the Dolyak."

I have a 100% chance of getting the Dolyak rune from these boots. Upon winning them, that's an easy 40 silver profit before taking into account the 50% chance for additional rare materials!

Obviously I didn't buy these boots though... since every one of you who tries this method is going to start with Dolyak. Sigh, be smart and don't do that!

Getting Better at Guild Wars 2


One thing I don't talk about often enough on this blog are ways to improve at Guild Wars 2. The most obvious method is gearing up which makes previously challenging tasks trivial and opens you up to much more difficult endeavors.

Recently I built an entire set of soldier's dolyak + berserkers jewelry. Also grabbed the 30% lifesteal sigil for my toughness/vitality/power weapon. I am an absolute beast at staying alive and my damage is respectable (almost 50% crit / 35% crit damage with 3,000 power). Between the Dolyak set bonus (30 health per second) and life steal I'm getting around 63 health per second all the time. Coupled with almost 2000 toughness and 15,000 health makes tanking on my elementalist a breeze. She's already difficult to hit, and I'm able to take around 20 swings from the big robots in Lion's Arch.

Speaking of which... here's how you dodge their annoying pull you in and tear your face off aoe...

The point of this post is not just to say "yes, I'm buying a lot of gear and experimenting at getting better at the game and you should too." No, no, you should be focusing on the fact that other people also buy gear to try new specs in Guild Wars 2. You can easily flip a lot of the exotics I bought, as well as the runes and sigils. Keep an open mind and pay attention to the price of things when you go to buy your own gear. I was able to get my weapon for 2 gold buy order even though it costs 5 gold on buy out! Now I'm going to try and flip one per week and you can easily do the same.

Sold All My Silk Today


Well holding on to my silk from the Lion's Arch events has finally paid off! I know I've been hammering you with the idea that Silk will eventually rise, and thankfully it finally reached the 2 silver mark! I hope that you were saving all the Silk when it was only worth a silver or even when it rose to 1.7 silver.

This is a great opportunity to share a lesson with you on the Guild Wars 2 economy, namely:

The Trading Post Wants to Remain the Same.

Some people have the misconception that the Trading Post is attempting to reach an equilibrium where everything sells for a copper more than it costs to buy it. This simply isn't true for most markets! Like a pendulum, markets will always swing from one extreme to the next, but the key is figuring out where the mid point is. Once you understand the average price of something then you can determine if you're currently higher or lower than that value. You know the phrase buy low sell high? Well it's pointless if you don't have the key to the whole thing: an average value.

For silk scraps, the average value is approximately 2 silver. This is where the Trading Post wants the price to be right now. The factors of supply and demand are constantly pushing the value up or down to correct it towards the 2 silver mark.

Then came the Escape from Lion's Arch event, which sent a ridiculous amount of Linen Scraps into the economy and dropped the price. However, the Battle for Lion's Arch incentivized the killing of bosses for exotic gear boxes, which do not contain anywhere near as much silk as salvaging armor from Alliance Supply Bags. Since the supply dropped and demand remained the same, prices went up on Silk Scraps towards 2 silver.

I'm not saying that 2 silver is going to remain the permanent middle point for Silk Scraps, but it has been for a few months. Events may cause things to temporarily go out of wack, but as long as demand remains the same then the middle point will not change.

I hope that helps! I am not a true economist because everything I've learned is from experience and not schooling. Therefore, I often create my own terms and phrases to help people who share a similar lack of learning. If you are an economist, perhaps you can put some technical terms on what I'm describing in the comments.

EDIT: One more factor I forgot to mention is the need to get 500 tailoring for the Ascended Spinal Blades. That is definitely helping to counter an increase in Silk Scrap supply.

The Ridiculous Battle For Lion's Arch


The Battle for Lion's Arch is now a giant boss stomping ground and loot fest. Scarlet's generals roam around the map waiting to get picked off and each time you kill one another deluxe gear box enters your backpack. If you do all three robots that appear then you will receive 15 more boxes of gear! Each one contains multiple items and only reduces the price of Tier 6 materials further. I am actually considering investing in things like Elaborate Totem, Vicious Claw, Vicious Fang, and Powerful Venom Sacs. Their buy orders are remarkably low in some cases (as much as 7 silver less than the sell price). People are getting far fewer alliance bags at the moment, so a lot of items that were falling in price at the start of the event are starting to recover. For example, Silk scraps are starting to recover (1.6-1.8 silver), so expect those to rise back to 2 silver once Scarlet is defeated.

Use more powerful salvaging kits to get the best loot form rares (especially the ectoplasms). Consider holding on to all salvaged materials until their price goes back up after LA's events conclude.

How to Defeat the Red Blue Green Battle Robots

In case you're not sure how to fight the robots and bosses, pay close attention to their color and to the big glowing circles on the ground. Those big circles are not bad! If you are fighting a red enemy then you need to step in a red circle to damage them for one minute. Get the wrong color or no color and you will damage yourself.

Also, the robots will alternate between reflecting conditions back onto you and taking extra damage from them. Pay attention! If you are getting owned by the battle robot aoe's, then you need to learn how to dodge them. The smaller orange circle (still kind of big though) you can run away from and avoid damage. The REALLY big orange circle is too large to escape, so the solution is to RUN TOWARDS the battle robot to the small area around it which is not orange. Then, and you better be fast, you want to run away from the battle robot as soon as the bigger orange circle disappears. Basically the big orange circle pulls you in and then the robot does an aoe to finish you off. It's really easy to avoid once you understand it, and you'll want to position yourself just outside of the smaller aoe. That way you avoid the smaller aoe and have enough time to run in during the bigger one.

How do I Enter Scarlet's Drill and Kill Holograms?

Once you finish off all three robots, you'll want to grab all three colors (should appear nearby) and step into the transporter. Unless you have all three colors you won't be able to enter. Then, when you do battle with the holograms, you'll need to match their colors. The big one is a white, which means all three colors (just like the entrance). One trick I learned is that you can run through the big hologram without taking damage, as long as you don't go near any side of it that has an orange line or purple waves. So if the right half of him has damage shooting out, you can run through its left side to reach the red, blue, and green circles.

I haven't been past the part where you kill the big hologram, then the three smaller ones, and then face off against a hoard of smaller holograms. Only did it once before writing this article... and I can't imagine how many boxes of deluxe gear you get for finishing this!

How is the event going for you?

New to Making Gold: Where Do I Start?


A lot of people come to this blog with no idea how to make gold. This group can quickly become turned off if I'm only talking about speculating on here. If you're one of these people, fear not! I have much better advice for you than the speculating and investing that has been going on of late.

I recently asked readers who were emailing me that they were succeeding to tell me exactly which articles helped them the most. Here is the first email I got back! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly too :)

"Sure! Most of your stuff is really useful to read and I have been slowly going back through it all just to understand the thought process behind what to look for to spot a profit. The most helpful posts that I have ran across though are (in no particular order) :

Your flipping series - I always knew about buy low/sell high, but I was unsure about how to do this myself. I tried before by just going through markets looking for deal but I really didn't know what I was looking for most of the time. I would flip two or three items in one market and call it good. This helped me figure out what to look for.

50 ITEMS YOU CAN FLIP FOR PROFIT - Even though most of these items can't be flipped right now I started with this list to gain some confidence.

BEST ITEMS TO FLIP FAST IN GW2 - This post pretty much taught me about fast flipping and that you can make a decent amount of gold by doing quick sells in mass. Before I would see just a 1 or 2 copper profit and I would say to myself "Why even waste my time?" Silly me.

CUTTING LOSSES ON THE TP - This was a small quick post and I am glad I found it when I did. I just experienced my first drop in prices on an item. I was thinking about if I should just cut my losses and just get rid of the item or to hold onto it. Never once did I think about buying MORE of it.

250 ITEM BUFFER RULE - Thanks to you and Badaza, I use this trick all the time now. When you are talking about trading thousands of materials, the couple of copper that I would have lost by undercutting becomes piles of silver in my pocket.

And last but not least: 10 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO PLAYING THE TRADING POST - This is a great collection of posts and what I first stumbled on to get me started in all of this. I would suggest this post to anyone that wanted to start using the trading post to make a bit of profit.

I hope this helps!
Yes it did, thank you so much Mark!

How to get 1 Gold Per Laurel


If you purchase Heavy Crafting Bags with Laurels (1 each) then you should get around 1 gold per bag. The items you can get are all Tier 6 crafting mats currently worth around 20 to 35 silver each and you get three each time you open a bag. Since the vast majority are 30+ silver (pile of crystalline dust is the only one worth less than 30 silver) you should be earning close to a gold average per Heavy Crafting Bag.

You can also spend your laurels on +magic find and +experience boosters that last an hour each. Having both of those and farming for an hour is the best use of your laurels, but it requires that you spend an hour to make the extra money. If you need a fast way to convert laurels into gold then buy the Heavy Crafting Bag!

Turn your karma into gold here (1 gold per 10k karma).

Turn your skill points into gold here or an even better method here (20 silver to 1 gold per skill point).

During the Escape from Lion's Arch event, your best way to turn Found Belongings into gold is by purchasing Sprockets Pristine Toxic Spore Samples for 10 belongings each. That's 3 silver per 10 Found Belongings or 7.5 gold per stack of 250. You can find a vendor just east of the besieged Lion's Arch inside the small camp south of the entrance waypoint.

Old Strategies Work with New Escape from Lion's Arch


A lot of players use scrolls to get from level 0 to level 20 on new characters along with playing Escape from Lion's Arch to get additional levels from tomes purchased for 100 lost belongings. So it makes sense to play the event instead of leveling elsewhere. Survival is important, so players are likely to buy gear in the level 20-40 range during this event.

I took advantage of this by flipping the best loot available for each level. At 20-25, you can buy masterwork items worth almost double their buy order when sold.

You may recognize the "Shadow" armor from this post on 5 great trading post searches. What surprised me though, and this is new compared to previously using the strategy, is that all these items sold within an hour. That's crazy and supports my theory that a lot of people are leveling in LA, getting tons of gold from it, and then purchasing the best armor possible for their current level.

Look into other markets as well and enjoy the easy flips!

Deleted Mail in GW2


I have to apologize because I accidentally deleted your mail in game. I meant to click on reply and clicked delete. I don't remember who asked the question but a certain player was wondering if set items temporarily released in the gem store would be worth gold later on.

The answer is a resounding yes. Anytime dyes or pets are sold for gems then you can almost guarantee that they will shoot up in price the moment you can only trade them to other players for gold. Might take a few days, but usually within a week to a month the price has shot back.

This happened with white dyes a while back, in fact you could have made around 2-3 gold per dye!

Price Rising for Endless Quaggan Tonic


These went from 1 gold to 2-4 gold buy orders in just two days. I am wondering if word is getting out finally about these awesome items. I have a few just from farming but now I wish I invested in them at the start of the escape from Lion's Arch event! I know some people that did, and they are wondering if they should sell. My advice is to sell half your inventory so you make gold now but speculate on the long term value of these as well. Their popularity might drop after the event is over and the next endless tonic shows up (whenever that might be).

If you want a long term market to invest in (assuming that these will not arrive in a future patch, but possibly on the gem store at some point), then I highly suggest investing in Endless Quaggan Tonics. There are several different colors to choose from, but black appears to be rising the most in terms of value.

Have you invested in these or perhaps found a few while farming? They appear to drop from regular alliance supply bags.

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