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Assault Power Cores Spiking

Sorry for my delayed posting on this topic, as Assault Knight Power Cores have been spiking all weekend. Their prices have literally quintupled in some cases, and seem to be continuing to do so even today.

Assault Knight Power Core
BEWARE! This spike will not last forever. My advice... buy them today and sell them tomorrow for a nice 10-30 silver profit. But then get out before the weekend! My guess is that their prices will start to fall as the Lion's Arch event end looms and less people need them.

Anyone who is buying now hoping to sell after the event, again, BEWARE! We've seen this before with other items, which do in fact spike but take forever to sell. Having 50 Assault Knight Power Cores right now is a great thing, but having them in a few weeks will be a horrible conundrum.

You have been warned... trade safely! Tomorrow, March 18th, the Supply Bags will stop dropping. You might want to look into other items spiking in price as well... we'll discuss it on the forums here.

I don't want to go too far off topic on this blog but if you're wondering what I was working on this weekend instead of writing about Guild Wars 2, then check out my own RPG.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    One of the things I've been doing recently is buying Heavy Mouldy bags for 6s10c each, opening them, and selling the contents. They have a chance to give you rare crafting materials that sell for around 30s each. So far I've boughT 175 bags at a time (costing 10g,67,s50c) and had net profits selling the contents of 1g,30s,02c and 2g,42s,52c. This may be a profitable market to go into, but I should point out that my Magic find is 63%, so attempting it with lower magic find might not have as profitable results

  1. Tal Davidi said...:

    Magic find does not have an effect on what materials drop

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Indeed, Magic Find has no effect on chests or bags contents.
    Moreover, based on my own research, in the long run it is very, very, very rare that bag openings are profitable.

  1. Markco said...:

    Bags can be incredibly profitable. You have to understand the markets very well though.

  1. Hai Phan said...:

    nice, this worked. Thanks from profits! Keep us tuned up!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Heavy mouldy bag prices went up to 6s,40c today and that's ruined the market. By the looks of things, it's profitable up to a point. If you see the bags at 6s10c, buy them because you'll likely make it back with a fair amount of interest. The ones I've tried today have been a net loss of about 20s, which isn't awful but shows that it doesn't take much to swing it.

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