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Does Matt Need Mathematics?

"Hey marcko i really dont get this maybe its because im only 14 and havent taken higher level math yet i understand the buy low sell high point but i dont know how to tell if im making anything or if im using my time wisely buying and selling the things im using ive read most of your blogs but i sit dont understand playing the tp please help because i reakky want to make alot of gold.-Matt"

Two things:
1. Start flipping level 0-5 fine quality armor and weapons. Place buy orders up to 5 on each and flip any of that that sell for around twice the price of their buy order.
2. Start reading the price of tier 1 crafting materials (they have the word "tiny" in front of them). Write down the price each day and you'll see how much these items change in value throughout the week.

See if that helps my man. You don't need any high level math courses to succeed!

Some more tips...

Learn the .85 rule.
Understand how to flip an item.
Look for more items to watch before flipping.

If you need even more help identifying items to flip, try the GW2TP for almost live updates.


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