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Ferocity Causes Runes to Spike

Have you heard about the new Ferocity changes?

All this time I've been hoarding sigils because of the pending double sigil per two hander change that's been promised forever and a day. Boy was I wrong!!! Runes are where it's at right now, and you should be hoarding them as soon as possible.

One strategy you can use to take advantage of this situation is to buy popular runes that have precision right now with buy orders and then sell them immediately for a modest profit.  I've been selling the Superior Rune of Hoelbrak, which is spiking due to a reddit post about it.

Eagle went up as well, because ArenaNet foolishly used that item as the posterchild for the change lol.

I've created another strategy for doing this more effectively on the forums.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Would you say to still hold onto sigils until the patch hits? Or would it have been better to sell them when they spiked earlier today

  1. Markco said...:

    Wait do you mean runes?

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