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If Sigils Really Double for Two Handers...

I've gotten several emails about double sigils being available on two handed weapons soon. I definitely welcome such a chance, though I only saw patch notes about this a month ago and no word since. If you have confirmation that the sigils will really be doubling soon, please leave a comment with a link below.

I have had a super tough week with a cold, so your help is appreciated! Assuming that the emails are true (which I'm sure they are, you guys and girls are awesome about contacting me with tips), here is my advice for how to stockpile sigils in advance:

Start with the masterwork and rares, not just the exotics. Every time a top tier item rises in price, it drags the lower tier items along with it. That would be the masterwork and rare sigils, which can be combined four at a time into the mystic forge. If you're going to invest in exotic sigils, consider the most popular ones but please don't overlook the sub 20 silver sigils either. I flip those all day for double my money!

I have a super old post on runes (same concept).

Also check out my public video called Time to Dye, as it showcases neat tricks while using the forge.

If you're a forum member, consider my video on diversifying with the mystic forge and skill points.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    They are.

    Look at the twitch stream a couple weeks back(maybe more) that focused on sigils/runes. They say it multiple times that 2handers will get 2x slots.

  1. Draco said...:

    I believe it was mentioned on one of the Twitch episodes.

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