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Lost Belongings are the Key

If you're looking for something to invest in this second, you're almost too late. I am investing heavily in the two of the items which you can get for turning in lost belongings from the Escape and Battle for Lion's Arch events. Choose carefully but also quickly, because prices have already shot up 25-50% on these items.

Supply and demand people! Expect prices to climb much more on Monday after every weekend warrior has sold their lost belongings for a profit!

For the forums, I'm working on a salvaging video for getting luck and earning a profit. No, it's not salvaging globs of ectoplasms this time (which never made a profit, just lots of luck).

Did you enjoy the Lion's Arch events and defeating Scarlet? I sure did and I'm looking forward to the next series of patches. Especially the double sigil on 2-handed weapons and jewelcrafting 500!


  1. theswedePK said...:

    Jewelcrafting 500? Shouldnt we be investing in orb and such?

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