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More Dye Analysis

So dye prices across the board are starting to approach the actual value of unidentified dyes. This is because people know that learning a dye on multiple characters will net them unidentified dyes for each extra one they know. I am not sure that stockpiling 250 of the same dye, however, will turn into 249 unidentified dyes. You might just get the warning message that you already know that dye! So tread careful and don't just stockpile a bunch of the same dye. You're better off buying one for each character you own and learning it once for each of them before the patch. That being said... the price is getting to the point where it's not saving you any money.

Here's the one thing that people are forgetting when it comes to dyes in the future (after they plummet from so many hitting the market at once post patch)....

ArenaNet will continue to release new dyes.

They'll sell unidentified dyes for gems and find new ways to make money from their gem store. You can bet that the extreme rarity of unidentified dyes will make them an easy thing to sell many months from now.

Some food for thought. I've seen people trying to buy unidentified dyes right now to flip later, but that's probably a waste of your time. You're going to be better off buying them when they hit rock bottom just after the patch!

If you don't know what I'm talking about, please read yesterday's post on dyes in April.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I had thought about purchasing the same dye for each of my characters, even when the prices were still well below the one for unidentified dyes. But a hige amount of jnidentified dyes will likely be dropped on the market just after the patch. So eventhough you might get the unidentified dyes cheaper than right now, through the trading post, most likely you will be paying a higher price then you will purchasing them directly on the trading post on patch day.

    Thus i decided no to do it and wait for patch day, figured it aint worth it

  1. Anonymous said...:

    A lot of people seem to be banking on the idea that the unidentified dyes given to everyone that has multiple colours will be the pve version. What if Anet only gives us all the pvp unidentified dye version that cannot be sold - only after using a pvp unid can you sell the dye. This will create a nice supply of all the colours but will keep the unids expensive, which as you point out - they'll sell on the gemstore. I really think this is what Anet is going to do to stop supply from reaching silly levels.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I've noticed that unid dyes are dropping a lot more now than I've ever seen. Couple of guildies said they've noticed the same thing. Does anyone know if there's anything to this or is it just dumb luck?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    My understanding is that you will get 1 unidentified dye per character that knows that dye. So if you have 9 characters, you could potentially get a maximum of 8 unidentified dyes for them all knowing say butter dye. I'd be fairly positive stockpiling 250 of the same dye would do nothing unless arenanet really just wants to nuke the economy.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I really don't think that unidentified dyes will drop below 10-15 silver (the lowest buy prices of the fine dyes) and will only go up in price after the change, so I'm not waiting to get my dyes for my other characters.

    I'm hoping that they don't do the PvP dye trick. I was planning on banking some of the unid dyes in case I needed them for a legendary and don't know if the pvp dyes would work.

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    I think it is very, very likely all the unidentified dyes you get after patch are account bound. They do not want to flood the market with these items. Those were dyes you already used and they just want to give you the opportunity to find new dyes in compensation, not make gold. Based on the number of buy and sell orders before and after the patch, I would say the price of unidentified dyes will never go down again. Buy orders have remained pretty stable in number despite the announcements. Sell orders were at their slowest point for the month right before the annoucement. They annoucement increased the demand and made them dip a little bit, but that increased the price prompting many people to sell their stockpile. Sell orders have gone back to 20 000 but the price has increased despite the additional offer, which means the demand is greater now. The only reason why the price could go down after the patch would be speculators getting disappointed and selling what they bought.

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    "ArenaNet will continue to release new dyes."

    There is technical detail to remember that makes this very obvious: There are 16 million colors our computers can display. ArenaNet isn't even close to reaching that number of dyes in the market.

    Another interesting fact is that we, human beings, see things that are new and rare as beautiful and attractive. So, whatever new colors are released, we will think about them as beautiful just because they are new and if they are also rare, that makes them even more attractive.

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