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Today's GW2 post can be found here: Assault Knight Power Cores Spiking.

Powerful Bonuses on Gear

Any constructive criticism you could throw my way on this action RPG I've been developing (started over the weekend) would be really appreciated! I'm only a few nights into building it but already I think it's a very fluid/entertaining experience. The items that drop are always valuable with set stats but then have a chance to possess powerful bonuses either for "when struck" or "on attack". For example, you might get the "Raise Dead" bonus on a ring with a 30% chance when hit in combat to raise a skeletal ally. Another example might be picking up a Simple Bow with the "Fire Ball" bonus on it which has a chance to shoot a fireball in front of you that can hit multiple enemies in a line.

Design Philosophy

There are no levels in the game. As you build up experience, you increase your chance to find magical items with bonuses on them. Death's only penalty is a reset to 0 experience, which will hurt your ability to find items temporarily. Armor has defensive bonuses, weapons have offensive, and your two ring slots can have either. Building an interesting character with specials that compliment their stats and play style is quite fun! For example, you might craft really nice rings at the blacksmith with +health and +attack to boost the health/attack of summoned allies. Or you might go with a dagger that attacks very quickly and does low damage, but then make the rest of your gear +damage in order to have insanely high dps at the cost of health and armor. My personal favorite is getting a Big Club with Heal so I'm dishing out big chunks of damage while also healing myself for the same amount.

Each area has a small loot table, so it doesn't take forever to farm at least the basic version of the items you want. Also, bosses give you a very high chance of getting an item with a bonus, so even if you're constantly dying you can still get some good loot.


At first I made the game way too hard, so I've turned down the difficulty significantly keeping in mind that this is the beginning of the game. So if you find it too easy, that's why, and don't worry, it's going to get far harder as the storyline progresses! ;-)

Beating the Game

As of March 17th if you complete the escort quest the background will turn white and you'll have beaten the game as it stands. There is going to be a save feature implemented soon that will record your progress to my server as well.


Yes, I know the graphics are terrible, and I plan on having a graphics artist redo all of my frames in flash. If you are one and would like to take part in this, please shoot me an email!

Thanks for your feedback and I hope you enjoy the RPG,


PS: The game is for PC only with the flash plugin, so if you're on a mobile device it will be blank.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Sounds interesting! I'll give it a try someday soon! I'm a very young programmer just getting into what programming language did you use?

  1. Markco said...:

    Flash Action Script 2 I believe. 3 would be preferred but I want to do some database stuff that's easier in 2. I started off programming when I was 14 with QBasic. It's fun and you'll get a nice job because of it. Stick with it!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yea I did QBasic this past semester and am getting into java now (nothing too serious yet, arrays are about as far as we've gotten) and am probably going to be learning C++ next year. If I wanted to self-teach myself a program over the summer is there any programming language you'd recommend?

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