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New Announcements Mean New Ways to Make Gold

Every day ArenaNet is making announcements about the upcoming patch in April. Are you paying attention to the front page in order to find out as the news breaks? Well, you should be, as opportunities have been steadily increasing in number and profitability. Several have been mentioned on the forums or on this blog, but you can do a lot of the detective work just from thoroughly reading the breaking news announcements.

From the looks of things, the PvP changes today will not have an effect on the economy. Except maybe, this statement:

"With this release, we are adding new runes, sigils, amulets, and traits outside of the core set. The core set is always open and available to all PvP players. New runes, sigils and amulets can be unlocked for your account with gold; new traits can be unlocked for your character for gold and skill points. These items are purchased directly from the UI. If it’s locked, simply click on it to unlock it!"

This tells me that people will be spending a lot of gold early on after the patch to unlock what they need, as well as skill points. Expect the methods for turning skill points to gold to be more profitable temporarily after the patch. See forum video on skill point diversification when making gold.

Pay attention to the new announcements, avoid jumping to conclusions, and be sure to read the whole post, not just the big, bold highlights.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    During the gossamer scrap dive, I bought about 20k of them at 1.40s ea. Then sold them at around 3s ea. This was really great and I expected this item to recover after the lions arch event so I bought another 20k at around 2.6s ea. The scraps continued to drop in price, especially after the announcement of account bound ascended gear. Do you think it will recover eventually or am I better off selling them now with a big loss but investing that in dyes on the 15th of april?

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