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New to Making Gold: Where Do I Start?

A lot of people come to this blog with no idea how to make gold. This group can quickly become turned off if I'm only talking about speculating on here. If you're one of these people, fear not! I have much better advice for you than the speculating and investing that has been going on of late.

I recently asked readers who were emailing me that they were succeeding to tell me exactly which articles helped them the most. Here is the first email I got back! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly too :)

"Sure! Most of your stuff is really useful to read and I have been slowly going back through it all just to understand the thought process behind what to look for to spot a profit. The most helpful posts that I have ran across though are (in no particular order) :

Your flipping series - I always knew about buy low/sell high, but I was unsure about how to do this myself. I tried before by just going through markets looking for deal but I really didn't know what I was looking for most of the time. I would flip two or three items in one market and call it good. This helped me figure out what to look for.

50 ITEMS YOU CAN FLIP FOR PROFIT - Even though most of these items can't be flipped right now I started with this list to gain some confidence.

BEST ITEMS TO FLIP FAST IN GW2 - This post pretty much taught me about fast flipping and that you can make a decent amount of gold by doing quick sells in mass. Before I would see just a 1 or 2 copper profit and I would say to myself "Why even waste my time?" Silly me.

CUTTING LOSSES ON THE TP - This was a small quick post and I am glad I found it when I did. I just experienced my first drop in prices on an item. I was thinking about if I should just cut my losses and just get rid of the item or to hold onto it. Never once did I think about buying MORE of it.

250 ITEM BUFFER RULE - Thanks to you and Badaza, I use this trick all the time now. When you are talking about trading thousands of materials, the couple of copper that I would have lost by undercutting becomes piles of silver in my pocket.

And last but not least: 10 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO PLAYING THE TRADING POST - This is a great collection of posts and what I first stumbled on to get me started in all of this. I would suggest this post to anyone that wanted to start using the trading post to make a bit of profit.

I hope this helps!
Yes it did, thank you so much Mark!


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