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Old Strategies Work with New Escape from Lion's Arch

A lot of players use scrolls to get from level 0 to level 20 on new characters along with playing Escape from Lion's Arch to get additional levels from tomes purchased for 100 lost belongings. So it makes sense to play the event instead of leveling elsewhere. Survival is important, so players are likely to buy gear in the level 20-40 range during this event.

I took advantage of this by flipping the best loot available for each level. At 20-25, you can buy masterwork items worth almost double their buy order when sold.

You may recognize the "Shadow" armor from this post on 5 great trading post searches. What surprised me though, and this is new compared to previously using the strategy, is that all these items sold within an hour. That's crazy and supports my theory that a lot of people are leveling in LA, getting tons of gold from it, and then purchasing the best armor possible for their current level.

Look into other markets as well and enjoy the easy flips!


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